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Why Is Obama Still Popular With The American People?

Posted on 26. Jun, 2009 by in Politics

Why Is Obama Still Popular With The American People?

Only One Reason:

The Republican Party!

President Barack Obama’s administration has had lapses of administration failures and frustration during his early days as President, just as all new Presidents have experienced. Time is the greatest teacher for Presidents and their administrative staffs, the same as in all past administrations. This President, however, has taken America and our policies on a sharp left-hand turn in policy. During a once in a lifetime economic slowdown, this President is attempting to re-write much of the American success story. The American media in general is not reporting this hard policy shift, instead dealing with major issues like the first family’s new dog or the latest fashion trend offered by our new First Lady. Errors in judgment are quickly reported and then dropped from all future discussions. The hard right-wing conservative media sources are screaming to their listeners about this overt shift in policy to the far-left with expected results.

The President’s popularity numbers have of course dropped from the inauguration initial numbers, since the President had roughly two full months of nothing but positive news reporting from the election until inauguration day. This policy shift has taken his popularity down but not to the devastating levels that would have happened if any other President of recent history had tried such a sudden shift in governing principles. Yes, the President’s popularity numbers are down, but they are still in a very strong positive all things considered. Why is this? That is the question you must ask yourself.

Why is President Obama still so popular? Several reasons for this popularity are obvious.

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  • Ron White

    I remember reading something on wall street being more liberal than Americans would think. Found it Ann Coulter March 25, 2009 “Gordon Gecko was a democrat” avaiible at her website. You might find it interesting.

  • Ron White

    I think McCain lost because he was/is too moderate and the financial/housing crisis sealed his fate(which was cause by whom: dems like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd-google: community reinvestment act) Also keep in mind most of wall street is liberal and former wall streeters Paulson and Geitner have been in charge of giving $ and regulating their old pals on wall street. The liberal media does not alert Americans to this.

  • nelly

    Is it true that Charles Sullivan was fired from KTF Media Group for roughhousing and inappropriate horseplay?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Nelly,

    I am not at liberty to say why Mr. Sullivan is no longer with KTF Media Group. No one from KTF ever suggested what the reasons were.

  • Nelly

    Do you suspect that Charles Sullivan is behind any of the abusive cranking on here? Is he why you’ve instituted moderation? WHAT HAPPENED TO CHARLES SULLIVAN?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Nelly,

    Your question about Mr. Sullivan is preposterous – he is a fine man and would never consider committing such despicable acts.

    Mr. Sullivan’s email address can be found in various articles on KTF, ask him why he is no longer a contributor.

    Thank you.

  • Deannashm

    This is such biased press, why don’t your print what you want to print, he is a socialist, destroying our Constitution, he wants to penalize the working class with more taxes and more regulation that we need, he wants bigger Govt and less freedom for America, just look at his actions, don’t buy into the smoke and mirrors but since you are the editor you probably can’t print that. Why don’t you go undercover and print it elsewhere anonymously! 

  • Fed up but hopeful

    Obama is popular because the country has been fed a line of biased reporting that clearly is in support of him. They carry his water and do nothing that would be considered negative. The Republican Party is not much better as they would have you believe their side is angelic. Truth be told ALL politicians are liars. They hide behind false statistics and averages of averages. If the media would simply tell the truth we could decide which candidate is less likely to hurt us as opposed to them picking sides and fighting tooth and nail to get them elected. America is in big trouble right now. Unemployment is high, housing prices have dropped so that everyone is in the hole and gas prices continue to rise without an end in sight. My only hope is that we either hit rock bottom and come back stronger than ever or we steadily climb back to where we were 20 years ago. It is a shame to see what America is becoming considering I served so many years in the Army to defend her. God Bless America and God Bless Americans!