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Hillary Allies NBC And CNN Begin The Clinton Campaign Early

Posted on 04. Aug, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics

Our next president?

The news has been out for some time about the upcoming Clinton Lovefest to be sponsored by DNC shills the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and the Cable News Network (CNN). Both stations are getting ready to produce television extravaganzas celebrating the excellence of Hillary Clinton. The unavoidable conclusion that these productions should be a major […]

A Scam ‘From The Get-Go’

Posted on 06. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


Every now and then persistence pays off. After months and months of denial and misdirection, the Obama administration will finally be exposed as the liars yours truly has always known them to be. Testimony this week will practically assure the administration will be held accountable for botching their response to the attack on the U.S. […]

Sandy And The Politics of Presidential Leadership

Posted on 01. Nov, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


Along with the devastation caused by Hurricane and Superstorm Sandy, the nation is being availed of the opportunity to see an American president acting presidential. Barack Obama took time off of the campaign trail to play the part of president that he sought with rare perseverance during his 2008 iteration. It is striking, to see […]

Obama’s Unbecoming Presidential Campaign

Posted on 25. Oct, 2012 by in Analysis, Politics


Who knew the fate of the presidential election would tip on the number of women voting as if their lady parts depend on it? Early on in the presidential race, Barrack Obama’s campaign made the calculation to use young, unmarried, female voters, a group that leans heavily Democratic as a punch card for a second […]

Gamey Changes

Posted on 11. Mar, 2012 by in Analysis, Politics


If you haven’t picked it up yet, Game Change, an expose of the politicking behind the 2008 presidential election cycle, is an interesting look at how elections are won nowadays. While I might have some political issues with Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, it turns out they are both pretty good writers. Their access, particularly […]

Joseph Fosco On New Year’s Wishes And 2011 In Review

Posted on 31. Dec, 2011 by in Analysis, Announcements


Theodore Roe: Good to see you again, Joe. Joseph Fosco: Thank you, Sir. It is always a pleasure to speak with you. TR: Let’s dive right in, shall we? How was your year? JF: I spent the entire year of 2011 living cancer free and I am very lucky to be able to say it. […]