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Who Is Romie Nappi?

Posted on 20. Jun, 2014 by in Articles, Organized Crime

Paul Ricca

Yet another revision of an organizational chart of the Chicago Outfit has been circulating around cyberspace in recent months. I am not sure who the creator of the chart is, however, I can attest that it appears to be strikingly similar to an older Chicago Outfit organizational chart that I saw several years ago that […]

Win Cash Solving ‘Chicago Outfit’ Picture Puzzle

Posted on 17. Jan, 2014 by in Announcements, Organized Crime

Win Cash Solving ‘Chicago Outfit’ Picture Puzzle

I have recently decided to share a photo of some Chicago Outfit hoodlums with my loyal readers who have a particular interest in my work on the Chicago Outfit. The photograph came to me through a very close source of my now late uncle through marriage, Romie Nappi. For those interested in participating, please study […]

Joe “Shine” Amabile And Mondo Fosco

Posted on 08. May, 2012 by in History, Organized Crime


I have authored some difficult articles in my nearly five-years of writing for American News Post, however, this one takes the cake. Those of you who are steady readers of American News Post would be familiar with Theodore Roe, one of my literary contributors here at ANP. Those who are extremely knowledgeable on the history […]

Elmwood Park’s Finest – Nicholas Rada?!

Posted on 07. Sep, 2011 by in Current Events, Organized Crime

Chief Fagiano

On September 1st, 2011, Nicholas P. Rada, 29, grandson of now deceased Outfit heavy Willie Messino, was arrested and charged with a number of crimes in the City of Chicago. These include aggravated false personation of a peace officer and possession of $10.00 (street value) of cocaine. The charge of aggravated false personation of a […]

Sam (Dyno) DeStefano

Posted on 29. Aug, 2011 by in History, Organized Crime


Not quite one full decade into the twentieth century – September 13, 1909 – something occurred that would change the Midwest region of the United States of America for the next 63-years, seven months and one day. Sam “Mad Sam” DeStefano (known as Dyno to his Outfit cronies) was born. His legendary, blood-curdling reputation, replete […]

Helen Vorhees Brach Murdered Over Outfit Greed

Posted on 13. May, 2011 by in History, Organized Crime


This article was very difficult for me to write. This reluctance is largely due to the fact that it paints my father, Armando “Mondo” Fosco Sr., in a very compromising light. While I find this to be extremely painful, I also feel that, once all the facts are on the table, my father’s involvement in […]

Outfit Assassination Target Joe Caccamo Still Fears DiFronzo

Posted on 06. May, 2011 by in Organized Crime

joe c

This article will reveal some of the complications that entered into my life after standing up to The Outfit in 2009. In 2009 I lodged a civil RICO case against The Chicago Outfit. This was done in an attempt to recover a large sum of money extorted from me by this criminal association. U.S. District […]

Mr. Armando “Mondo” Fosco Sr.

Posted on 27. Feb, 2011 by in History, Organized Crime


I have been writing articles for over three years. On a number of occasions readers have asked me to pen something on my late father. Others have asked me to display a photo of him. Today, I decided to do both. Before you begin reading the story below, please know in advance that I have omitted a […]

Rampant In Chicago, Organized Crime Tightens Grip On 51st Ward

Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by in Organized Crime, Politics

The Duff Family, who were dear friends and close union associates of my late relative Jack ‘Romie’ Nappi, are purported to be extremely close with Mayor Richard M. Daley. For those of you that do not know of the Duffs, they are the bosses of a labor union that represents the men and women of […]