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Biden Bumbles – Also, Sun Rises In East

Posted on 02. Jan, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events

Thank God the Secret Service is doing a good job protecting President Obama...

Thank God the Secret Service is doing a good job protecting President Obama...

Joe Biden, the foul-mouthed mental midget that is currently the Vice-president of the United States, went out of his way to prove, yet again, that he has no f*cking idea what he is talking about.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, the man who is second in line for the most powerful and influential job in the entire world had the gall to say that the Taliban, the Muslim fundamentalist movement that formerly governed Afghanistan and protected agencies that carried out terrorist attacks against the rest of the civilized world, is “not our enemy, per se.”

This must be some new definition of the term per se, one which means “just kidding” or “stop listening to me right here, ’cause I’m Joe Biden”, because it is utterly impossible that someone in Biden’s position could even remotely believe the Taliban is not the primary problem in Afghanistan. The monumental stupidity necessary to even premise that thought boggles my mind.

While I sincerely doubt that the term per se has some alternate, Bizzaro World meaning for Joe Biden, I included it in the quote because White House spokesmen have defended this heinous (not to mention serially gonzo) comment by saying that the VP’s point was taken out of context. I even am willing to go one step further to assuage any fear that the thinking people of the world are being unfair to Joe Biden and reprint the entire comment.

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  • Theo for president – 2012!

  • Pagliaccio

    Great piece Theo.  The list of gaffes is as long as my arm at this point, but my favorite gaffe is still when Biden stated how Roosevelt got on TV during the ’29 crash to rally the country.  I predict Biden will be switching places with Hillary Clinton, and Clinton will be on the ticket as Vice President. 

    • Pags,
      I would agree that your prediction is exactly what should be done, but, I doubt it will. 

      • Pagliaccio

        You watch, it’ll happen.  It will be the only chance BHO has of winning, and it sets Hillary Clinton up for a run in ’16….Biden wants Clinton’s job anyhow.

        • I agree with the logic, but will the current administration? we’ll see.

  • Pagliaccio

    Biden in San Francisco:  “the Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl!”