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Chicago’s Assault On The Bill Of Rights (And Our Pocketbooks) Continues

Posted on 29. Apr, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics

As we have explored before, in Chicago your rights evidently mean bupkis. Freedom of the press means next to nothing in a town with a Mayor whose fascination with wannabe Mafioso cred obviously trumps any interest in civil rights.

The Rahmfather’s put the hit out on our right to assembly this time, with the help of his buddies in the 51st Ward. Under the direction of no less than the capo di tutti capi himself, the G8 summit was moved from Chicago to Camp David. President Obama laughed off the notion that the last minute change of venue had anything to do with security, quipping that in Chicago “we know how to deal with crowds.”

Yes, Chicago is famous for “dealing” with crowds.

But I do agree with the President on this one. Chicago’s draconian laws and regulations do give it the power to effectively crush public protests, a reality that Obama and Rahmbo probably do not want the rest of the world to examine too closely. It would make it even more blatantly obvious that the tolerance and freedom these leaders agitate for overseas mean nothing to them when they are confronted with unpopular speech in their own backyards. By sequestering away the G8, the brunt of Chicago’s Nazi-esque political control tactics will escape the notice of the world media yet again.

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  • Great job Theo.

  • Pagliaccio

    Many municipalities from all over the Chicagoland have been training at
    the old Lake County Fairgrounds for the NATO summit.   My sources state they are essentionally preparing for the Chicago cops to overreact and
    all hell is going to break loose.  Also threat of terrorism, domestic and from abroad.