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GOP Social Shortfalls Give Obama Fodder For Reelection

Posted on 13. May, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics

President Obama announcing his support for gay marriage.

President Obama announcing his support for gay marriage.

Barack Obama has stolen the spotlight yet again, and he did it with the joyful help of the Republican party.

The Luddite evangelical fringe of the GOP which has so often torpedoed any hopes of truly Republican (which are inherently Libertarian) social sensibilities made it quite simple for Barack Obama to put out an incredibly milquetoast endorsement of gay marriage rights and have it be a major news story. While everyone should have been reading about how record numbers of rich Americans are giving up their U.S. citizenships to escape our insane tax system, instead a sentence uttered on Good Morning America became the center of a week-long news-grabbing media circus.

The president’s statement did nothing to further the cause of gay rights at all. He even went so far as to assure the American people he believes gay marriage, a civil rights issue, is something for states to decide. This is a far cry from the president we have seen over the last three years, a man who believes that the federal government should have their hands in everything from light bulbs to farm labor. C’mon, people. It isn’t like federal involvement in throwing out intolerant state-based marriage laws is a foreign concept, either. Loving v. Virginia proves that.

I personally doubt the president was ever against gay marriage, but his finely-honed politician’s spinelessness allowed him to stow the belief when it was politically expedient. Now, however, when he has absolutely nothing else to campaign on, and popular sentiment on the matter of gay marriage has finally shifted in favor of not capriciously stripping gay Americans of the rights straight people enjoy, it is time to bring out the social agenda. And, when it comes to this topic, the DNC easily rules the day.

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  • Pagliaccio

    Theo – The man is going to lose.  The Dems are already “overhyping” this “evolution” that has taken place, which really wasn’t an evolution because BO had prior epiphanies in the past which coincided with the political climate at the time.  There are so many problems with this administration I won’t waste time getting into it, and there is a lot of green on the table until Nov.  Lets see how next weekend goes, and the summer, and if Israel hits Iran before the election and how BO responds to that mess…..