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An Open Letter To Judge Robin Stuckert and States Attorney Richard Schmack

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Toni Keller

Toni Keller

Do you recognize the beautiful 18-year-old girl in this photograph? Her name is Toni Keller, and she was the victim of a horrific series of crimes. Toni was tortured, raped, murdered and immolated, and you both cut a deal with her killer.

Her picture was the only item that former DeKalb County, Illinois, States Attorney Clay Campbell left on his desk the day he cleared out his office. He did this to remind you both of your responsibility to find her killer and make sure he received a full measure of punishment for his heinous crimes.

But what did you do, Mr. Schmack, when Mr. Campbell asked you to review the case before he left office?

Nothing. You did nothing.

Had you bothered to do your job, Mr. Campbell would have certainly made it clear that YOU now carried the burden of insuring justice be served to William Curl, the man who perpetrated these crimes – the man who brought Toni’s still-warm remains to the coroner’s office in a Jewel grocery bag.

Instead, Mr. Schmack, you allowed William Curl to plead-down, maintain his innocence and potentially walk the streets of DeKalb again in 34 years (counting time served). Judge Stuckert, you could have interceded as well, but instead you turned your back when, in a heartless act of docket-clearing brevity, you rendered irrelevant the unimaginable, torturous hell Toni Keller suffered three years ago. In carrying out your mockery of justice you both miserably failed the very people who elected you to protect their families and preserve justice in this county.

But the greatest insult was to come, wasn’t it Mr. Schmack? During your fumbling, ineloquent press conference, the world listened as you callously lied, coldly stating that the state had a weak case against Curl.

The ugly truth is that there is a great deal of physical evidence and much witnesses testimony. How could this mountain of evidence be considered weak? Curl returned again and again to the scene of the crime, interacting with law enforcement, even going so far as to even pretend to be helping police search a fire pit in Prairie Park.

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