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ATTENTION PUBLIC: Melrose Park Clinic – In Melrose Park, Illinois – No Longer Holds A Valid License To Do Business As A Medical Corporation In The State Of Illinois!

Posted on 25. Apr, 2010 by in Announcements, Organized Crime

The following is a public service announcement:

WARNING – please be advised former patients of Melrose Park Clinic that any scheduled doctors appointments you have are officially canceled. The Melrose Park Clinic’s license has been suspended in conjunction with the recent suspension of its operator, Joseph L. Giacchino’s Illinois State medical license. Read about suspension of the clinic’s license here (this is a screen capture from the State of Illinois Division of Professional Regulation website).

Those of you that are in need of a new doctor’s office because of Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino’s self-destruction as a physician, please contact Loyola Hospital’s physician referral center at (708) 216-9000. In my opinion, Loyola Hospital contributed to creating the monster in Mr. Giacchino in the early 1980s when they decided to not report a serious crime committed by Giacchino to the proper authorities. I believe Giacchino’s crime was not reported because of the effect it would have on Loyola’s bottom line. Therefore, I feel Loyola Hospital deserves the experience of dealing with the recent medical concerns of Giacchino’s now former patients.

Approximately one-year ago Dr. Demorest resigned without notice from Mr. Giacchino’s clinics, most likely due to moral outrage over the dangerous patient abuses of his boss. In light of recent matters, it is obvious that Dr. Demorest made a very wise decision.

I would like to thank the authorities for finally stepping in and dealing with this situation. Hopefully this is just the first round in a slew of attacks against clinics that sell their patients pain medication.

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  • Jeff

    I always told my wife that I thought Dr G was a creep!

  • Taintpainter


    Have there been any repercussions from the Outfit since your personal efforts have yielded some staggering effective results against Giacchino? Have you received any threats in the wake of what has happened?

  • Tom J.

    Hey Joe ,
    How old is Mr G and his bride …..?

  • well its about TIME !!!!!!!!!! Thanks be to GOD !

  • nicole

    dr. g has been a good dr. he maybe inethical at times but ppl that are actually in pain are suffering now. i intend to continue seeing him!

  • Steve

    Unrelated but I saw the Loon Cafe just closed.

    Wonder where JD will hold court now? Any thoughts?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Tom,

    Mr. Giacchino was born on 01/01/1947.

    According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, Mrs. Giacchino (nee Maria Luisa Gil) is 32 years old.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Taint,

    Unfortunately, at this time I am not at liberty to discuss the matter you are addressing. Thank you.

  • diane

    what about his legitimate patients? how do we get our medical records?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Diane,

    Contact Dan Murphy with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations. He is the lead investigator on the Giacchino case. He will help you with your needs. You may reach Inspector Dan Murphy through the following phone number: (312) 814-4500. However, you must ask specifically to be routed to Inspector Murphy’s Des Plaines, Illinois, office. Thank you.

  • Kaley

    What happens if you cannot see dr Demorest i was seeing him prior to seeing Dr Giacchino and Dr Demoroest refuses to see patients who were seeing Dr Giacchino i know i have tried to see him several times and he has always refused me as i am a patient of Dr Giacchino not only that but he does not except public aid either

  • butt

    I am not suggesting anything about you or the doctor, but let me ask you something: Did Giacchino ever violate confidentiality of the doctor-patient variety, re: you?

  • Deetz


    I don’t always agree with you, but it’s kind of, umm, good to see you basking in schadenfreude what with Rudy Fratto going away and Dr. Giacchino going down.

    Congratulations to you.

    All you need now is old age or the US Government to take down the DiFronzo’s.

    I’ll pass on commenting on Cerone who is probably reading this blog more and more as his compatriots are getting their comeuppances.

    God bless.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Butt,

    The answer to your question has been addressed in various articles on this publication. Thank you for your readership.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Deetz,

    Mr. Giacchino’s behavior is the reason he is no longer a doctor. Rudy Fratto’s behavior is the reason that he will be going to prison this July. I pray that the DiFronzo’s are one day held accountable for the murders they have committed. And Cerone (the lawyer) is guilty of influencing his father to order Outfit hits on people that were murdered, therefore, Mr. Cerone should be held accountable for his sins as well.

  • mr mutorcs

    Justice will be served! Nice news about dr evil. Lol.

  • cindy

    i agree with diane what about the maybe few but real pin patients if demorest will not take us cuz we are former giacchino patients what do we do. we should not suffer for giacchinoa actions or people who abuse their meds

  • nicole

    Amen Dana and i hope all the best 4 u and ur family! the good dr will hopefully b able 2 help all his true pts again soon!

  • Ray

    I do not know what your problem is and I cannot speak for anyone but myself. I am 68 with chronic back pain and Dr. G has helped me manage it. Get a life. Vendettas are not good and that is all this is.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Naive Readers,

    Please understand that Mr. Joseph Giacchino, Jr, has committed many infractions, which is why his license was suspended indefinitely. The fact that KTF Media Group has spent 10% of their efforts covering Giacchino does not change what Giacchino has done as a doctor. Thank you.

  • Joseph Fosco
  • concerned patient

    I MUST AGREE WITH RAY’S COMMENT!! it is obvious that this is a personal vendetta against Dr. Giacchino to try and destoy his career because of a bad personal history

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Concerned,

    No one is trying to destroy Giacchino’s career. It is destroyed. And he did it all by himself.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Yeah,

    Thank you for that.

    Please call (800) 662-HELP.

  • Concerned Patient

    Not that it matters, because you and I do not know eachother and are not anything special to one another, but I just wanted to say that I am not meaning to attack you or say that what you have been through was easy, but just that it was a personal matter between you and Dr Giacchino. I can only speak for myself, but I feel that I need to defend my Dr. only because to me, he was a great man and has helped me tremendously! I know that Dr. G has court coming up and for myself and all his other patients who never had “personal” probelms with our dr, will be hoping for his return. I know in my heart that whatever is meant to be will happen because hopefully the REAL issue is in the lord’s hands and he will handle it properly.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Concerned,

    Sounds good. We will see how Giacchino’s hearing goes. I think the Lord will keep things the way they are and not allow Giacchino to practice medicine.

  • cindy

    i have to start agreeing with people that think U have a bad vendetta but my god to say people have no pain after surgery is stupid!!! i have had 4 on my spine and suffer every day with chronic pain. i do not care dr g or drug addicts they are not my problem pain is and he treated it FAIRLY u need to worry about pedophiles or child abusers etc

  • Joseph Fosco

    KTF Media Group is worried about pedophiles as much as we are worried about drug pushers. The State of Illinois took Giacchino’s license away – I had nothing to do with it. If Giacchino had refrained from violating regulations and laws, he would be in practice today.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear RES,

    I forgive you, for you don’t know what you are doing.

    Please call (800) 662-HELP.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Debate,

    Everything on KTF is public. Thank you.

  • Anthony Anonymous


    Remember me, I used to post last year. Any updates on your case with the outfit?

    I drove past the loon cafe the other day. It looks like the place is no longer in business. Did you know about that? Where do you think the boss’es new hangout will be?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Anthony Anonymous,

    My civil RICO complaint against the Chicago Outfit and associate Mr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr., was dismissed for statute of limitations issues. According to the court, I waited too long to file. I could have appealed it because I alleged that I was under duress, which is why I did not file it sooner. However, I was recently intimidated again, thus decided to abandon the process.

    Yes, the Loon Café has closed. Be sure that Johnny DiFronzo is somewhere in the area slurping down his Vodka’s – before driving home illegally (intoxicated). I have not learned of his new watering hole, however, I am likely to find out soon. It is hard for Johnny DiFronzo to go unnoticed for long, no matter where he is.

    Thank you for returning to KTF Media Group.

  • wow

    Attention Everyone :

    This is Giacchino’s current wife, lol:

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Yeah,

    On behalf of KTF Media Group, thank you for your participation in the thread.

  • Joseph Fosco

    My name is Joseph Fatso,
    i have absolutely no life, and i have a target for Dr.G.. thats why im wasting all my time and energy on such a subject.
    Since Dr.G and i had our fallout all im trying to do is ruin his life. Ive wasted so much of my personal time and life on this matter that i havent focused my attention to the “real” problems around me. Im just a fat loser, who soon will be in hot water myself..
    thank you for your readership.

    on behalf of Dr. G’s patients WE HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL FATSO FUCK!

  • the ghost of fart on a horsey boner

    Dear Dana,

    I don’t believe you.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Readers,

    Yet another crank left a comment as if it were I, at 9:58 AM today.

    In addition, we heard from “Dana,” who informed us that Giacchino was reinstated. However, after conducting a quick review of Giacchino’s status on the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations website, it would appear that Giacchino is in fact suspended. Thank you.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Readers,

    Earlier I was considering the idea of holding comments for moderation because they are becoming vulgar and out of control. However, I might reconsider as it actually sheds light on the frame of mind of Giacchino’s drug starved patients. Think about it – when is the last time any of you saw such inappropriate responses from patients? The funny thing is that these patients believe their doing G justice. Lol.

    Former patients of G, please call (800) 662-HELP! Thank you.

  • the ghost of fart on a horsey boner


    Dana and some of these other readers obviously know you and apparently don’t like you. I’ve noticed some tidbits in the threads about your behavior in restaurants, that name you were called in the John Kass article, and now here we have these cracks about your weight.

    I’m wondering how you’re planning on handling this onslaught. Suspending comments disenfranchises most of your well-meaning readers, so what are you going to do about the likes of potty-mouth Dana?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear The Ghost,

    It is unfortunate that convicted gangsters thru the media have been able to further victimize me – perhaps John Kass gets off on pleasing gangsters the same way some of our crooked politicians in Chicago do – perhaps not. It is unfortunate that I am victimized by purported patients in pain (who have no more medication), of a twice suspended doctor. The victimization that I speak of relates to unsubstantiated accusations lacking factual meaning, unlike the verified information that I report against criminals of all sorts. Nevertheless, I can live with it because I know the truth. However, contrary to your argument, I believe that I owe it to my well-meaning readers to prevent them from reading vulgarity and other inappropriate dialog. I wish to point out that moderating the comments is not disenfranchising my valued readers. Again, it would be protecting them. KTF’s viewers would be able to leave a comment, however, like many other reputable sites; there would simply be a brief delay before the comments post. Obviously, the comments loaded with obscenities would not be displayed whatsoever. I believe I owe it to my valued readers to implement this screening mechanism. However, I will take a little more time to consider it. Thank you.

  • the ghost of fart on a horsey boner


    Well, if you do proceed with moderation, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I will miss Harlem Playboy, whose comments will obviously not make through the moderation process, as they are usually strange digressions stemming from his mental caricatures of what are actually very dangerous mobsters. Either that or they are rants against my non-existent persecutory comments that he thinks are aimed at him. Harlem Playboy, I will miss you, dearly.

    Joe, are you going to discuss any new developments with the Outfit?

  • Ron

    Hey Debbie,
    Wow, big accomplishment! You made some comments without using 4-letter words or potty language. We should open a bottle of champagne or something!

    How’s Jerry? (Respond with appropriate language only, please.)

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Dana,

    Giacchino is not a lung doctor. Why would your husband’s lung doctor not treat him for his lung related needs?

    Again, please call (800) 662-HELP! Thank you.

  • debbie

    Hey Ron, I can use any language i chose!!!Worry about yourself and not me!!If you want to know about Jerry ask him your self.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Readers,

    I am sorry the good have to suffer consequence with the bad.

    I have decided to hold all incoming comments for moderation. For the first time in KTF’s 2-year history, some viewers have started to misbehave on the threads to alarming rates. I am not surprised that these offenders are an extension of Joseph Giacchino, Jr. – for obvious reason it makes sense (disturbed ones, please call 800-662-HELP).

    Valued readers, please continue to submit comments thru KTF’s threads, and know they will be posted very soon.

    I made the decision to moderate the comments out of respect for my valued readers. I was not happy that vulgarity and identity theft on the threads was creating an uneasy experience for you. As Publisher of KTF Media Group, I have a duty to protect my readers from harassment related matters – I have addressed the matter.

    I have removed the most vulgar content. However, I have left a great deal of the tolerable comments on the threads, as I am a major supporter of freedom of speech.

    On behalf of KTF Media Group, I thank you for your continued support. I look forward to delivering news to you for years to come.


    Joseph Fosco

  • Bob T

    This moderation thing pisses me off. I miss reading all the windbag’s comments. (Even though I like to call for you to remove them sometimes!)

    The comments are half the reason I come to KTF, and without them, it makes the whole thing less interesting.


  • Team Dr. G

    Does anyone know what happened with Dr. G’s hearing today? When is he going to get his license back? I hope its sooner than later.

    He is a good helping doctor. His office staff is horrible! But I love Dr G!

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Bob,

    The comments will be displayed; however, you will have to wait a little bit. No big deal. Thank you for your involvement in the threads.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Team Dr G,

    Giacchino had two hearings today. One was in the morning at the Illinois building. The other was in the afternoon at the Daley Center.

    During the first hearing, the State of Illinois announced that nearly 20-witnesses would be called against Giacchino. I believe only one actually testified today. It is expected to take a week or two to finish.

    In the afternoon hearing, Giacchino paraded in his high-powered lawyer, who is a former judge on the same floor the hearing was held today. Apparently, the court was not impressed with Giacchino’s attorneys. The court refused to grant Giacchino’s request to have his medical license reinstated while the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations prosecutes him.

    Giacchino is washed up and will not be able to harm another person ever again by prescribing medication.

    For those of you that are unwilling to accept reality, please call (800) 662-HELP.

    Thank you.

  • erin

    How do I get my medical records?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Erin,

    For advice on obtaining your medical records, please contact Illinois State Investigator Dan Murphy. He could be reached at (847) 294-4952.

  • Mandi

    I was an employee of this establishment…for a very short time. I knew within hours of my first day that this place was messed up. Dr G would swear and put down the nurses in front of the patients and tend to personal matters when there were patients that have waited hours to be seen…one was in the exam room for almost 2 hours while Dr G was on the phone with his mechanic- screaming at them for his truck not working properly…I have yet to be paid for the hours I worked. Anyone know how to resolve this?

  • Dear Mandi,

    I realized that I overlooked your work hour’s matter. Please email me directly and I will advise you on it. My email address is

  • erin

    thanks for the info on my records. I stopped seeing him a while ago, but I need the records!

  • matthew

    dear joe,
    I wrote to you a while ago, while i was a patient of dr. g. He refused to see me a while ago and am now glad he did, I appologize for what I wrote to you, although my email address was changed to write to you but the old one is my primary email address. everything I wrote to you was true, about the doors being open and hearing patients talking with dr.g. Im sorry for doubting you, he is not the best doctor and left me hanging with nowhere to go and dealing with no meds on no notice, nice guy. I just wanted to say you were right and I would testify against dr.g. for what he has done, which is not following the HIPPA act or any laws. thank you, i will read more as this comes out.

  • marie

    This doctor seriously messed up my daughters boyfriend and is ability to use feel anything in his fingers due to botched injections he gave to him in his neck, and now has constant pain and I hope he will never be able to practice ever again anywhere, that they take away his medical license. The clinic has refused to also turn over his medical records so his new doctor can see what it was that this doctor injected in him. He should sue this quack

    • Dear Marie,

      Please contact me thru my personal email address, I can make a referral for an attorney for your friend.

      Regarding a need for old medical records via Giacchino, please contact Illinois Inspector Dan Murphy for help. You may reach Murphy at (847) 294-4952.

  • Sick Camper

    They told me $50 in CASH for the medical records…

  • Sick Camper

    Oh and then rudely hung up on me..after making a reference to Dan Murphy.

  • Michael

    I am not posting to promote or denigrate Dr. Giacchino. But I do wish to say a few things.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Giacchino’s for several years. I am self-employed and do not have medical insurance. I have had 2 back surgeries, and continue to have regular lower back pain. I cannot afford surgery out of pocket, and even if I could the recovery time would put me out of business. In this case, Dr. Giacchino was very helpful in getting me functional on a day to day basis. Yes, I was prescribed narcotic meds, and yes, I am fully aware they can cause dependance and addiction. However, being able to work without pain has saved my engineering business. Many medications, both narcotic and non-narcotic, require a period of “stepping off” in order to stop taking the medication safely and without withdrawel. I believe steroids and anti-depression medications are 2 examples. While being treated, I had no reason to expect to have 6 days to ween off my meds and fully expected that when and if the time came to get off the meds I would be allocated an appropriate amount of time to step off them.

    Now, if Dr. Giacchino is been found guilty of something and the “powers that be” feel his license should be revoked, I am perfectly fine with that. However, to do so without putting something or someone in place so that those of us who are legitimately ill can either continue our medication, alter the medication to something more “appropriate”, or step us off properly is irresponsible and potentially medically dangerous.

    In regards to seeing another doctor, I have so far contacted four pain specialists and 3 of them have outright refused to see me. The one I was able to make an appointment with could only get me in in early July…and for those of you who were complaining about Dr. Giacchino’s $210 fee, this place (located in Elgin, IL) wants me to cough up $250 BEFORE I even show up for the first appointment! So, I guess I’ll have to go through withdrawel, which is medically dangerous and extremely unpleasant. I just don’t feel that it is medically or morally responsible to put people, at least those of us who have legitimate, verfiable medical conditions, through that because the doctor they happened to be seeing somehow screwed up.

    In closing, my older brother has had 12 back surgeries. At one point, he was accidentally taken off his pain medicine suddenly and completely, while being hospitalized, and wound up having a seizure. At the risk of being dramatic, I can only hope that isn’t the case with me. In these cases, an interim doctor should be assigned by whatever organization has removed a doctor’s license, so that people can be properly weened off both pain meds and other meds that may have been prescribed in the way that every medical professional I’ve ever spoke with has told me should be done.

    • Dear Michael,

      The State of Illinois seems like whom you are blaming. You are free to file a lawsuit against the State if you wish. Good luck.

  • Pete

    Michael some very good points why don’t you contact Dr G with your concerns as it appears to me that he and his actions alone have put you in this uncomfortable position.

    And on the other side of coin what if one if G’s narcotic abusers caused a car accident or commited a crime while abusing narcotics.

    Surely the Medical board made a prudent decision based upon Dr G’s behavior and the fact that there appear to be a number of addicted abusing patients involved with this MD.

    Isn’t withdrawl less dangerous that continued abuse of drugs? I highly doubt you will find any medical professionals that would argue to keep the patients medicated and ignore the behavior of a rogue MD.

    Only once have I received a narcotic for pain/swelling of a sports injury and was given ONLY a 10 (500mg ea) day supply and instructed if to make another appointment if I was still in pain. (I only took three pills and discarded the others and iced the injury away)

    Narcotics are NOT meant to be daily pills like vitamins and this idea of “pain management clinics” are only cleverly disguising drug abusers and there greedy enabling MDs.

    Yes back pain and back surgery sucks as many in my family have battled with bad backs – not one with or without having surgery sought out medicating long term with narcotics. Maybe you were steered in the wrong direction?

  • Michael

    Thank you for the advice, however, it’s a bit ridiculous. I’m not “blaming” anyone. You clearly have very personal feelings involved in this situation, and seem to passive-aggressively attack anyone who has anyting positive to say about Dr. Giacchino. You claim you are not calling people junkies, but then advise any poster saying anything positive to call 800-Help…a substance abuse helpline. I didn’t advise you to contact a psychiatrist about your ridiculous obsession with Dr. Giacchino, please don’t advise me of something equally ridiculous.

    If Dr. Giacchino did something wrong, or medically improper, then he should pay the appropriate price. His patients, however, should not. To remove a doctor without any notice to the patients, in a way that does not provide for some sort of continued care, is medically and morally irresponsible. If continued care equates to being properly weened off of medications, in a way that is medically appropriate, so be it.

  • Jane

    The reason narcotics are so addicting is that they cause the release of dopamine which is a chemical in the brain that makes us “feel good.”

    Dopamine (may be spelled wrong) is also be released during exercise. Which is why many who kick drug habits turn to endurance related sports – a much safer healthier way to get the same “feel good” feeling.

    If I was going through withdrawal I would hit the sauna or steam room and start a (few times a week then eventually daily) exercise regimen of walking, swiming, running or biking.

    I would also include in my diet lots of bananas, sweet potatoes and others foods high in potassium.

    The more you attack the situation with diet and exercise the less negative effects will be experienced.

  • Michael


    “why don’t you contact Dr G with your concerns as it appears to me that he and his actions alone have put you in this uncomfortable position.”

    Why don’t I contact Dr. G? For one, his license has been suspsended and would therefore be of little assistance, outside of possibly getting a referral. For two, I posted here because I thought the reason for this board was the free exchange of opinions and thoughts? Not to mention I think for any situation it is best to have all applicable information. Why do any of us post anywhere? To express what we think and feel.

    “And on the other side of coin what if one if G’s narcotic abusers caused a car accident or commited a crime while abusing narcotics.

    Surely the Medical board made a prudent decision based upon Dr G’s behavior and the fact that there appear to be a number of addicted abusing patients involved with this MD.”

    I am not debating whether or not Giacchino should or should not have been suspended. That is for the state of Illinois to decide. As I previously stated, if Dr. G. did something or medically wrong, then he should pay the price. For all I know, the board did indeed make a prudent decision.

    “Isn’t withdrawl less dangerous that continued abuse of drugs? I highly doubt you will find any medical professionals that would argue to keep the patients medicated and ignore the behavior of a rogue MD.”

    Your statement implies all his patients are abusers, or that’s it’s worth the suffering of the legitimate patients to catch the “rogue doctors” and the “abusers”. The former simply isn’t true. The latter may well be true, but that doesn’t mean something can’t be instituted such as an interim doctor to at least step off legitimate users in a safe, medically responsible way…at least for those of us who have long-term, medically verifiable conditions.

    “Only once have I received a narcotic for pain/swelling of a sports injury and was given ONLY a 10 (500mg ea) day supply and instructed if to make another appointment if I was still in pain. (I only took three pills and discarded the others and iced the injury away)

    Narcotics are NOT meant to be daily pills like vitamins and this idea of “pain management clinics” are only cleverly disguising drug abusers and there greedy enabling MDs.

    Yes back pain and back surgery sucks as many in my family have battled with bad backs – not one with or without having surgery sought out medicating long term with narcotics. Maybe you were steered in the wrong direction?”

    Thank you for the medical advice, but my guess is you’re not a doctor. To state that there are no legitimate reasons for long-term pain medicine is blatantly wrong, and a bit naive. There are 10’s of thousands of people in the US alone who have chronic, long-term pain-causing conditions and who are not operable or treatable without pain meds for one reason or another. Certain pain medications are DESIGNED to be taken long-term. I mean no offense, but you clearly are not very informed about this topic. I am very glad you and your family have not ever needed long-term pain management. Consider yourselves lucky.

    While I’m sure there are some bad apples, I think your comment that all pain-management clincs are drug pushers in disguise would be offensive to most said clinics and the doctors who populate them.

    Jane, thanks much for the constructive and informative advice. Lord knows I need to work out more, and I was actually planning on something along those lines (Tai Chi, to be exact). I had no idea Potassium would help so I will give those foods a shot. Thanks again.

  • Pete

    Michael you are right this is an open forum (for others also – like me for example) and I am not a MD but again I have seen a number of my family members deal with varying degrees of back problems – some requiring significant surgery others not.

    None of them saw long term medication/narcotics as a pancea. And went to great lengths to aviod taking meds.

    And the only reason I have ever heard of someone taking narcotics long term was for elderly patients waiting to have a hip replacement where the MD gave them a prescription for pain and let the patient decide when they could no longer tolerate the bad hip – then elect to have the hip replacement.

    And I am certain there are other instances where long term (by that I mean a FEW months not years and years of medicating) narcotics/pain meds are used and necessary.

    I am certain of this – many of Dr Gs patients will not find another (legitmate) MD to liberally prescribe 120+ days worth of narcotics simply because the patients claims they are in pain.

    And certainly no Md will merely prescribe meds so that Dr G patients can be weened off of their narcotic addiction sort of like trying to sober up by having another drink.

    MDs have an obligation to weed out/decipher patients “faking” it to receive meds. There is a reason med school and residency takes years and years – there is a great responsibility that comes with being a MD.

    Find me one MD in this country that can give you a legitimate reason for post dating a script. You won’t (it’s illegal) and for that reason alone everyone of his patients will be looked at very closely by any MD they see.

    Based on what this MD has done I would certainly seek another opinion/options rather than another MD to simply prescribe more meds. Best wishes.

  • Michael


    Nearly all of your comments deal with whether or not Dr. G. was in error. I am once again not disputing this. Which part of “If Dr. G. has done something wrong or medically inappropriate, he should pay the price” are you not hearing/reading? And if he did do wrong, improper things it doesn’t mean that every single thing he ever did was medically incorrect, nor was every single patient he ever had a “drug abuser”.

    Your stance that those taking narcotic pain meds for legitimate reasons (although, I guess for you, there really aren’t any) should not be weened off of said meds is in my opinion, and the opinion of every single prescription description I’ve read, and every doctor I’ve ever spoken with, including my neurosurgeon, wrong. I’m guessing you’ll assume he was a drug pusher as well. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point.

    Best wishes to you as well.

  • james kunatz

    When you say that pain killers are not to be taken on a daily basis. That is wrong and that doesn’t make a person a drug addictic either dependent yes. you see people with chronic pain have to have some type of relief and btw the goverment and the fda are the people that signedoff on vicodine not the dr’s they arte just the messengers. And Why do you the that they have pain doctors as specialist to treat what is a decease. you people do the same thing with people that have alcohol problems you never recgonise it as a decease. And what about the number one Killer in this country Ciggaretts thats WMD’s but they are sold everyday without so much as a hint that your killing alll of us with them there is no diffrence in what your say here. You not going after them lobbiest that line the pockets with money and votes why not!. And then you say we have to ware our seatbelts like as if you realy care about us Not! Because your police will beat the crap out of us at the drop of a hat. nobody care’s and what your doing is a bunch of bunk…

    • Dear James,
      To me it sounds like you have some questions for Vladimir Lozovskiy, Staff Attorney, Medical Prosecutions Unit, Department of Professional Regulations. You may reach Mr. Lozovskiy at (312) 814-1691.
      On behalf of KTF Media Group, thank you for your readership.

      • Matthew Jimmy

        Nothing will help James. He’s currently being shuttled between McHenry, Lake and Cook County’s jails for, you can guess, various dui, burglary, assault, missing court dates, driving while license revoked … all while abusing medications and alcohol. I’ve talked to many of his former friends that have unfortunately given up on him, there is no hope. Sad, he’s one of those that truely believes it’s always someone elses fault.

  • Linda

    To Michael: I have read all of your posts and completely understand what you are saying. I have been a patient of Dr. Giancchino for the past year. Prior to that I was a patient at another Pain Specialist. She relocated to Indianapolis so A friend referred me to Dr. Giacchino. There are Pain Specialists/Clinics everywhere that treat patients with chronic pain. Pain Specialist treat these patients with long tern controlled substance therapy. Whether it is Norco, Oxycodone or the Fetynal patch, there are many circumstances in which a person requires pain medication in order to function each day. In my case, I’ve sufferered from 2 strokes, have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar and cervical spine, osteo arthritis in my knees, hands, feet, ankles and hips. My former pain doctor told me that I have the joints of an 80 year old person and I am 50 years old. She said when I am in my 60’s I am going to be on a moderate does of Morphine to get through my day. Oh yes, I would love to avoid pain meds. I have tried. My body hurts like hell. I cry in pain. I manage my medicine very well. Now, I have to find another doctor before I run out. Mr. Fosco, there are people out here that really need help and are really suffering. And don’t tell me to direct my questions or concerns to someone else. I hope you are happy. Think about me tomorrow morning when I’m in extreme pain and pray to God I find another doctor before I run out of medicine. The withdrawals for me aren’t as easy as they are for others. The vomiting and wrteching can cause my blood pressure to rise. I hope I don’t stroke. Linda Romano

  • Ray

    I have been a patient of Dr. G. for almost 2 years. I suffer from chronic migraines due to a car accident which left me comatosed for two weeks six years ago. Unfortunately, narcotic pain relievers are the only meds which enable me to function most days. Dr. G. instructed me to take as little meds as possible; just to a point at which I can function. I stopped using pain meds for two weeks straight twice while being under his care just to see if my body became dependent; both times I had no withdrawal symptoms. By following Dr. G.’s advice, I was able to squirrel away some of my meds so I’ll be covered for a few more weeks but after then, I’m SOL…

    Dr. G. was always professional with me and was the proverbial book of knowledge when asked questions. He flat-out refused to prescribe to me some of the medications I read about and suggested and gave me clear reasons as to why they weren’t for me (too strong in most cases). The fact he lost his license perplexes me.

    • Dear Ray,
      Perplexes you? Go to one of Giacchino’s hearings at the Illinois Building, you will experience a completely new feeling of being perplexed.

  • Jamie K

    Hello, Mr Fosco it seems to me that you have some kind of obbsession with Dr G. I have been going to see Dr G for almost 2 years and w joke all the time when he comes in the room. But nothing was serious. He was always joking. We also would have conversation about his new son that was born and how his wife was doing. He is just a down to earth doctor. I have been in his office when he has had to put people out because they can’t pass a urine screen or when they are all over the computer going to different doctors getting narcotics. So where you get that he doesn’t follow regulations that’s bull. He has helped me be able to play with my children and get up without having pain. So all these people on here it was good when he was helping you and I can almost promise you were the ones that were abusing your persriptions and now your mad. So everyone needs to back off of him and his wife. what does her past of being a center fold have anything to do with what is going on. Cause I can almost promise everyone on here has shit that they are not proud of. So why don’t you let hime deal with what is going on and stop trying to make him out to be the bad guy cause if he was so bad then why did you keep going back???????????? And for Mandi if it was such a bad establishment to work for then why did you stay for so long cause I know what MA you are. You stayed working for him for at least maybe more than 7 months. Why didn’t you leave when you thought that. It’s all fake and all of you need to leave him alone. I hope and pray he gets is license back cause he has no reason to be going through this. So Dr G if you read this I pray for you and your family everyday and hope to see you soon in your office… And for Mrs G you keep writing those notes and stay strong.

    • Dear Jamie,
      Obsession? Yes! I am Obsessed with bringing a criminal to justice, a criminal that has done many bad things to my family.
      Pleas e know that I was not under Giacchino’s care for ‘pain management’. My issues with Giacchino pertain to extortion. However, I was aware of his illicit practice of dispensing and prescribing large quantities of narcotic pain medication. My sources helped me learn about it – as my relation with Giacchino ended shortly prior to his pain centers grand opening.

  • Concerned Friend

    any new news?


    I just want to say Dr g had saved my LIFE ! I went to alexian bros hospital cause i was suffering from cancer & i did not even know hat was going on? As i had 2 tumors growing behind my lower adominal area ,my testical was larger than a baseball ! As later i had found out i also had cancer in my chest. After alexian bros hospital had 2 doctors look at me & the just sent me out the door with vicodin .As i was waiting for a response to what was wrong with me i recieved a phone call from alexian bros hospital, telling me they think i am suffering from STD = FAIL !!!!!  I refused to go back since i knew they were way off ,as my chance of living was fading away before my eyes as i had been in pain for 1 year while trying to ignore it. I was suffering in a very painful way ,i could not even talk to my friends & family do to the pain i was in ,nor did i want to see another doctor.3 more months passed as the cancer was spreading more . I had went to see DR Giacchino he had checked me out & was 100% posative i had cancerno need for testing = other doctors had failed to properly test me. So thanks to DR Giacchino he had been responsable for saving my life ,he had told my friend to not let me go home,straight to the hospital. I was suffering from joint pain,disc desease,pain in my back & cancer+ much more do to my lifestyle. Now i am still seeing a doctor ,your talk of DR Giacchino & all this mess had made my life much harder to get a doctor to prescribe my pain medication as they look at me as i was a just another drug addict thanks to your articals. So to make my point Dr Joseph Giacchino saved my damn life ,if it was not for me seeing DR G i probably would have had no chance in hell as to having a chance to life . So while i was in the stages of being treated by DR J G his license was suspended & i suffered thanks to people who say he is a drug dealer=here i am a person with a problem facing death from cancer & he was properly treating my pain ,you are part of the reason a legit patient from melrose park clinic had to suffer.I should have looked here a long time ago to tell you thanks for being part of the problem,y i had  to suffer. News groups/reporters are the dirt we walk on ,with all this crap you feed to people.He has pushed people out the door & told them to never come back do to people failing a drug test b4 my eyes. So everything you think you know is not 100% correct !!! PS. I hate people like you & i am sorry if you take this the wrong way ,i wais i could have put you in my shoes & let you feal my pain !!

    • Dear AKA,

      Bad people do good things in addition to the bad things that make them bad people.

      Write a letter to the State of Illinois telling them you want Giacchino to have his license back and be sure to let them know what Giacchino did for you.