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Magnafichi, Coconate & Pete DiFronzo

Posted on 15. Jul, 2013 by in Podcast, Sports

Pete DiFronzo

Pete DiFronzo

This is Mike Mags with today’s ANP Sports Podcast. Today’s show went well until Frank Coconate called Pete DiFronzo’s office and talked to his daughter (ANP would like to point out that Pete DiFronzo is an Outfit guy and brother to Chicago Outfit boss John DiFronzo).

Our Sports Podcast might be back (not sure with who) on Thursday, July 18, 2013.

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  • funkster

    Oh my god classic!

    • Thanks Funk…

      • funkster

        I think Mags is gonna body slam Frank soon.

        • LOL

          • funkster

            I will say that Frank has a steel pair trying to call Pete lol

          • F,
            He seems fearless.

    • Mike Mannheim

      Classic? That was stupid. Obviously, they are trying to get outfit publicity, but there’s gotta be a different way to do it. Joe, hopefully you are able to keep Mags. He’s very knowledgable at sports and who better to have than a former outfit bookie on your show. Keep up the good work Mags, especially during baseball season. We all know how boring baseball is

      • funkster

        If it bothers people that much, maybe a separate Outfit themed podcast can be recorded. Personally, I am more interested in that aspect of the show.

  • Mike Mannheim

    It’s a shame were gonna lose mags. I really enjoyed the podcast untill frank started acting like a j@goff the last couple weeks. He doesn’t even know anything about sports. It’s clear now, why they brought frank on. Mags totally got set up by ANP

    • M,
      Losing Mags has not been made official yet. Have some faith in me.
      P.S. No set-ups by ANP

  • Antiliar

    OMG guys! Let Frank have his own show where he can be a fool. The guy doesn’t know when enough is enough. Ugh!

    • Dear Anti,
      After listening to the portion of the show where Frank is addressing Pete DiFronzo’s stepdaughter, I cannot help but wonder if he could have reached Pete if he would have been a little more calm and not so excited and forceful. However, there still would have been a conflict as to Michael’s position on the matter.

    • Mike Mannheim

      Frank is a complete j@goff. They should put him by himself

  • Antiliar

    Regarding the Zimmerman trial, he was charged with 2nd degree murder and manslaughter. Originally the Sanford, Florida, police decided it was a clear-cut case of self-defense and released him. Trayvon Martin’s family was angry over what they perceived as a failure to charge Zimmerman so they hired civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump and began several online petitions: one, for Zimmerman to be charged, and two, for Sanford to fire the police chief and replace him with a black one. The chief turned in his resignation but it was refused, then a short time later he was fired and replaced by a black chief.

    After that the Florida governor appointed a state attorney with a history of over-charging, Angela Corey, to file charges and create a case, which she did. She ordered Zimmerman’s arrest and charged him with murder. Mark O’Mara agreed to defend Zimmerman and a legal fund was created. A jail conversation was recorded that showed Zimmerman telling his wife to use some of the money for personal purposes. The judge was angered over this and he and his wife were penalized.

    Before the trial began O’Mara complained that prosecutors were hiding evidence or releasing it very slowly. Recently the IT person who worked in the state attorney’s office confirmed that the prosecution was doing this. He was fired and is now suing them for wrongful termination based on the whistleblower law.

    During the trial the prosecution’s own witnesses supported Zimmerman’s claim that he shot Martin in self-defense, and they denied that he had any hatred or racial animosity toward black people (Zimmerman’s maternal grandfather was black, he took a black girl to his prom, he tutored black children, and he fought for a black homeless person who was abused by the police which resulted in the firing of a police chief). The defense was able to prove to the jury that Zimmerman, as a neighborhood watch volunteer, kept an eye on the neighborhood because of a rash of burglaries.

    When Zimmerman saw Treyvon Martin he said he was acting suspiciously and was walking between houses while it was raining. He called 911 and gave a description to the operator (NBC News showed an edited version of this call that made it seem like Zimmerman was racially profiling Martin; NBC later fired the staffers who did this and Zimmerman’s attorneys are suing NBC), and the dispatcher told him “we don’t need you to do that” with regard to following him. The dispatcher later testified that this was a suggestion and they are not allowed to give orders, so there is no law against ignoring dispatcher suggestions.

    Zimmerman said he went to look at a sign then walked back to his car when Martin jumped out in front of him and asked, “What’s your problem?” Zimmerman said he didn’t have a problem and Martin punched him in the nose and broke it (the break was not confirmed since Zimmerman refused to go to a hospital, but it had the appearance of a broken nose). Martin then pushed him to the ground, straddled him, and started repeatedly punching his face and slamming his head into the cement sidewalk. A phone recorded one of them yelling out “Help!” at least two times. Witnesses said they heard the scream for help several times and believed they came from Zimmerman.

    The fight moved to the grass and according to Zimmerman, Martin saw his gun and told him, “You’re going to die tonight,” then reached toward it. Zimmerman grabbed it first and shot Martin in the heart. He told him, “You got me” and died minutes later.

    The majority of legal observers believed it was a clear case of self-defense. A few believed there was manslaughter, but per the jury instructions the killing did not fit either. Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz believes that state attorney Corey should be disbarred, and O’Mara has filed six sanctions against the legal team for how they impeded discovery and other issues. Most legal observers concluded that Zimmerman was charged for purely political reasons.

    Following the decision Attorney General Eric Holder said he would continue the investigation against Zimmerman, but the FBI already interviewed 47 people who said that Zimmerman was not a racist. The FBI can only show a violation of civil rights if it can establish that this was a hate crime, and for this to occur it would have to prove racial animus. Even the Sanford police denied that Zimmerman was a racist so there is simply no way the Justice Dept. can show that he violated Martin’s civil rights. It is clearly political theater.

  • Logic6903

    Joe–I thought you were going to address Mags meeting John Gotti on this episode? Certainly that wouldn’t have the same type of animosity this did. I think you know as well as I do that the success of this website is based more on Mags than Frank.

    • Logic, I am sorry for not getting to it. Will do tomorrow. J

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