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The Planning Of An Outfit Hit Caught On Tape

Posted on 29. Jan, 2011 by in Organized Crime

If any of you have questions, please understand that counsel and investigators have instructed me to be very limited with my answers on some of the details pertaining to this matter.

Does anyone know if Joe Messino, his father William “Bill” Messino, Jr., or any of their close contacts had any recent and/or suspicious interactions with the newly late George Markopoulos (age 67) who was murdered recently by sustaining a blunt trauma to the head prior to his saloon (the Horseshoe Inn) burning down because of arson? The Horseshoe Inn was located in Schiller Park, Illinois, near O’Hare. I know that Mr. Markopoulos was tightly connected to extremely close sources of the late Willie Messino, Sr.

Readers, please be advised that American News Post is offering a cash reward for credible and helpful information relating to all matters listed above. Thank you.

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  • Elmwood Parker

    Hurray for Joe Fosco! Glad to see someone stand up to that punk. I have been reading your articles for a long time. I never doubted your claim about Messino stalking you. I hope he goes to jail.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Elmwood,
      Joseph Messino is less than the dirt under a bum’s fingernail. He will be brought to justice soon. Thank you for your kind words.

  • to joe
    joe messino is a bitch, he is a wannabe who still runs around picking on the weak, i know he cant fight and he probably has weapons on him because of that reason…my advice, a coward like him needs to be stood up too the ol school ways, forget abou the police his bro will sabotage that, so catch him on a dark night and in a dark alley and give him what he deserves…use your imagination…keep your eyes open

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear The100…,
      I appreciate your vote of confidence. However, I will not lower myself to his level. Thank you.

  • 100cigar will def b waiting to see a pic of this punk, so we can all get a good look, cmon joe use your resources, im sure you can dig up an ol mugshot of this clown-jerkoff…

  • Mr. Rubbishbeard



  • Mr. Rubbishbeard

    (Dear Joe, sorry about the dramatics with the all-capital letters. I will try to avoid doing that again, but please understand the degree of *SHOCK* that I experienced by watching this video–especially around the 2:50 mark where the vehicle begins to drive in *REVERSE* toward the house.)

    What town did this occur in?

    Oh, and Joe, I used the Cook County Assessor’s Office website to pull up and image of Messino’s Frank Park residence, and, boy oh boy, did it look like the kind of place where a CRAZY person would live (in my opinion).

    Anyway, Joe, good luck with this. Do you know if Messino is aware of this latest article?

    • Mr. Rubbishbeard

      Sorry, I meant “FrankLIN Park” residence.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Mr. Rubbishbeard,
      I am sorry, but for security purposes, I am unable to give you the name of the Cook County suburb where the home is located.
      I do not know if Mr. Messino is aware of the article as of yet, however, he seems to follow the threads and articles, so I am sure that he will be aware of it soon enough.

  • Mr. Rubbishbeard

    Dear Joe,

    Please post a photograph of Mr. Joseph Messino of Chicago, IL, so we can see what he looks like. Thanks.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Mr. Rubbish…,
      I will try to find one.

  • Mr. Rubbishbeard

    Dear Joe,

    Joseph Messino is 32-years old, and now lives in Chicago, IL. His middle initial is “M.” Mr. Messino is not currently listed in the White Pages, unfortunately. Thank you.

  • I.P. Address

    (YOUR COMMENT HAS BEEN MODIFIED – please cease and desist with violating the Illinois State law of harassment by wire. Thank you, American News Post).

  • Merlin Tenderpony

    This is terrifying, Joe. Lucky for you that your relatives has these cameras in place, huh? I realize that you’re limited in what you can discuss, but let me ask you if there is stuff going on behind the scenes regarding this prowler. Has he tried to contact you either directly or via a proxy of some kind? What does Michael Magnafichi make of all this?

    Please don’t hesitate to update your readers.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Merlin,
      So far, I have not heard from Messino since he called me on my cell phone last month threatening to murder me.
      I have not updated Michael with this information.

  • f@rt on a horsey b*ner


    This is F*CKED up.

    How are things going for you? Are you in a safe location? I sure hope so.

    Speaking for myself (and your other mature, sensible, regular readers), I hope this article serves as a deterrent for Mr. Messino.

    Stay safe, my friend. Stay safe.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear f@…,
      Thank you – I hope it deters Messino as well.

      • NickyJ


        Reports are that another body was found in the Horseshoe Inn in Schiller Park. This is becoming a very interesting case…

        • Joseph Fosco

          Dear Nicky,
          Please share details. Thanks.

          • NickyJ

            Not sure where in the building the 2nd body was found and it has not been determined who it was. Autopsy scheduled for today. This does not seem like a random act of violence. I think they were targeted.

  • Harlem “Uncle Junior Soprano” Playboy

    Joe, I am so very terrified of Joe Messino that I may wet myself! If only Nick Gio were by my side to hold and protect me! I wish I was wearing my lucky pair of Z. Cavaricci’s, as well as my lucky leather jacket with the Italian boot on the back! Oh, whoah is me!

  • a friend

    I heard that a female tenant was missing so I would think it is her. On December 12th. at 5:47pm I stated that Tony Catalano did frequent the Horshoe on Irving Park rd.I wrote it in the WERE Anthony Catalano And Michael Defilippis Soldiers In Giacchino’s Drug Empire.I wonder if their is any connection.

  • Logic

    I heard once that Joe Messino stole a car and parked it in his driveway and was caught. Is this correct?

    Also, though Joe Messino doesn’t retain clout with people in the know, Biagio and Clement Messino retain a great deal and therefore Joe Messino is very dangerous.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Logic,
      Joe Messino’s father is controllable and would take orders from Johnny DiFronzo. However, his son Joe is definitely not smart enough to understand how to take an order that he is not agreeable to. People like him are called insane. It’s a good thing that he is not as tough as some people think he is, physically speaking. However, insanity mixed with weapons is a deadly combination.
      I know nothing about the stolen car incident, but it certainly sounds like something an insane person would do.

  • Special Quest Explorer

    I am so proud of this video capture Joe! I hope you find the best resources to use this video in order to bring this deviant to Justice! Yes, the reason I inquired about Messino’s address is because I wanted to Google map a picture of his house, and I did! Messino is a nothing! When I had asked about getting a picture of him, I had never meant I would go near his home in order to get a mug shot. Perhaps, through resources and other readers on here, we all can come up with a high school picture or something! In the mean time; keep up the good work Joe Fosco!

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Pat,
      Unfortunately, my attorney and investigators advised me against answering your question, as I have unfinished legal business to attend regarding the individuals. Thank you.

    • EyeintheSky

      Suspect description: approx 6ft-250lbs-Big frame-dark hair cut close-dark eyes. I realize this does little to set him apart. I have not observed any tattoos or distinctive features. I am working on a photo which has not proven easy despite having seen him over the last few days. The previous post by Lonestar has been confirmed. I have observed behavior by the Piazza that suggests he may be dealing out of the parking lot.

    • EyeintheSky

      Suspect description: approx 6ft-250lbs-Big frame-dark hair cut close-dark eyes. I realize this does little to set him apart. I have not observed any tattoos or distinctive features. I am working on a photo which has not proven easy despite having seen him over the last few days. The previous post by Lonestar has been confirmed. I have observed behavior by the Piazza that suggests he may be dealing out of the parking lot.

  • pat


    i realize that this is a serious situation, but i’m wondering how this particular threat compares (in severity) to threats you’ve received in the past–for example, how does it compare to the initial chicago outfit threat you found out about through the f.b.i., or the rudy fratto courthouse threat? and wasn’t there also an additional threat that you received at a courthouse when you were attending to giacchino or scavo-related matters? if i remember correctly, you either didn’t know or didn’t share the identities of your harassers with your readers.

    i know that you probably take them all seriously but have you ever gotten the feeling that one may have been more serious than others?

    have you been able to live a normal life in the wake of the joe messino matter, or are you simply holed-up somewhere waiting for this to either blow over or become resolved in some way?

    take care.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Pat,
      Unfortunately, my attorney and investigators advised me against answering your question, as I have unfinished legal business to attend regarding the individuals. Thank you.

  • Special Quest Explorer

    Hi Joe, I hope that people who see this will come forward if they have something that can be of service. I have a question on this 2pm timing. Joe Messino for one reason or another, obviously did not work at his towing place that winter’s day. Do you think he will try to get out of it buy using the towing place as an alibi? Did you say that atleast 2 people were spotted that day? If 2 people were spotted the day of this video capture, Joe, I might wonder if that person can be found as another co-worker at the tow place, that is employed by Joe Messino? A record may be possibly obtained on this other person, who possibly can be revealed! If your police detectives working on this case for you, may be able to do this for you, Joe?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear SQE,
      I am sorry but I am not allowed to go into various details about who is in the footage. And, I would not know how to begin speculating about any manufactured alibis that Messino would try conjuring up. All I will say is that large numbers of defendants unsuccessfully attempt manufacturing alibis quite often. A landmark example is the alibi that Joe Lombardo tried manufacturing when he claimed that he was reporting his wallet stolen at the police department when the Seifert hit was being executed.
      Lastly, from what I understand Joe Messino is rumored to work nights. Thank you.

  • Special Quest Explorer

    Well, today Joe Fosco, I did an internet search for a tow truck service (Jefferson Park) owned by Joe Messino; and sure enough, I found it. I search also for a local woods nearby and found woods only 5 blocks away. I found the Edgebrook woods, Caldwell Woods and Indian Woods!
    I did this search because the thought prompted me to, after remembering a psychic telling once, that Tony Catalano body was in a used car shop! Many times, I have wondered about used car dealer shops, auto parts and salvation yards for cars ever since then!
    I only Google Mapped this tow truck place just to look at its picture on the internet and plan to do nothing further but that!
    My other reason for concern is because; just this week I spotted a parking lot dispute between a patron and a tow truck from Evanston! This rebel patron went and sat inside the car that was latched to the tow truck! Several people in this lot came to the rescue to let this poor parking lot patron g! He finally did! I can’t imagine Joe Messino doing this! I feel patrons should know there is harm that can happen to them, if they’d try the same argument in a lot with him!

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear SQE,
      What is the name of Messino’s tow firm?

  • Special Quest Explorer

    I wasn’t sure if you would allow it! Here it is; J&B Towing
    located at: 5534 N. Elston Ave, Chicago, Ill, 60634. (You can Google map it to see a picture)
    Thanks, for allowing this!

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear SQE,
      Can you send a link to the site that shows the photo of the place?

  • Special Quest Explorer

    It is also listed as; J&B Towing Recovery! there are more listings, they are; Tower Auto Rebuilders LTD. If you enlarge the picture it shows a tow truck driver in a truck that says Mongoose, 1st class towing. (of all things LOL!)

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear SQE,
      According to the Illinois Secretary of State (, only one of those company names links back to Messino; through his father; J & B Towing Recovery; and it was voluntarily dissolved on September 30, 2010.

  • Special Quest Explorer

    This is crazy, the picture came up the first time! Here is what I googled; Joe Messino Tow Truck service in Chicago. This is a picture from google map of the url link when I googled the address of 5534 N. Elston Ave,Chicago! To see it, please refer to google map if this link doesn’t work!

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear SQE,
      Interesting place. Thanks for sharing.

  • Special Quest Explorer

    I guess the ocean is a good place to start. LOL!

  • Special Quest Explorer

    This Valentine’s Day is a special day to remember for Tony Catalano’s High school frined’s, because it was the last time they saw him at a wedding and shared a dinner and drink with him! The picture in his tux that is on line on some of his missing person websites, was taken that day! Also, happy Valentine’s Day to Joe Fosco and everyone!

  • Handsome Fella

    Wishing a happy St. Valentine’s day to Joe and all the regulars including: Special Quest, Logic, Black Angie, Green Angie, The Don, Horsey, Father Guido, Vin, Vic, Bob T, Harlem and Mr. Jingledonkey (THAT M*THER) LOL LOL.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Handsome,
      Thank you.

    • f@rt on a horsey b*ner

      Dear Handsome Fella,

      Thanks for including me in your Valentine’s Day address. And thank you for not including Teets.

      Oh, yeah, and before I forget, this goes out to my wife (if she is reading this):

      I sing it to her every Valentine’s Day.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Being a survivor (so far) of the deadly wishes of the Chicago Outfit that have been made against me recently, which should have caused my death by now, I ask my readers to remember the men that lost their lives 82-years ago today in Chicago at the hands of Chicago Outfit killers. I could imagine how it felt those men to experience the fear of being on the other end of such a deadly force.

    They are:

    Peter and Frank Gusenberg
    Albert Kachellek
    Adam Heyer
    Reinhart Schwimmer
    Albert Weinshank
    John May

    Please keep these seven men in your prayers today, and offer prayer to their family members and loved ones who surely suffer today from this tragedy of so long ago.

    • George

      I had an acquaintance who’s great granduncle was Bugs Moran. Moran’s niece never talked about him. She was alive 10 years ago. I don’t know about now. My acquaintance never really looked into Moran’s life.

  • Special Quest Explorer

    I found this link on Messino from a Tribune Article! I am shifting back and forth on my thoughts Joe Fosco, about; which is the murderer? Joe Messino or Dr. Giachino? The Dr. had motive for Murdering Defillipps because of his name on a pill bottle, found in DeFillipps car, dated wrong. Plus, a court date coming up for him? On the other hand Messino was a well known enemy of Tony Catalano? Perhaps, Tony went to visit Defilipps the day of his dissaperance and was shang-hide near the Defilipps condo? Then, later that year, the same killer came back? But, which one? I see Joe Messino as with less lucrative living standards then the 2 boys of foul play? Mesino did own that Tow truck place on March, 2009, right? I just can’t see Messino or any pertraitor returning a car the next day? And lastly, someone on here asked if could it were be possible that because he mentioned “The Horse Shoe Inn” may be the reason it was burned down. I say yes, again, it was to teach us a lessen! I and others never once seen Defillipps hang in any of these places or knew Tony knew him! However, Tony may have had special business on the side with him! Tony’s tanning salon was on the south side, he should have just got on the expressway by his house that morning? Joe Fosco, based on your sources, what is your opinion on the comparison of the 2 supects in all of this?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear SQE,
      Based on my sources and other information, I allege that Giacchino hired Bill Messino, Jr, who in turn had his son Joe Messino knock down Catalano and DeFilippis for different reasons.

  • Teets

    Hey Handsome Fella and Horsey,

    Why don’t you pick on someone else?

  • Proscuitto e Buffola Mozzarella Fresca

    Dear Mr. Fosco,

    They show ‘jimmy the man’ in this clip around 1:07. He is one intimidating-looking individual. This is a very interesting piece:

    • Nick

      That clip on Marcello is 100 years old.

  • Mr. Jingledonkey

    ha ha… “Bill” Messino LOL LOL (that MOTHER!)

  • Special Quest Explorer

    Joe, did anyone ever find out why John Spira disapeared? Did they ever find out who the body was that was found in Herreck woods of Dupage County? I still think Messino is a serial killer! He did that to the HorseShoe Inn! People in the neighborhood are going to be sitting ducks when the new casino opens up this summer?

    • Allenjames

      Who, did they, & why?

      • Pagliaccio

        for God’s sakes don’t wind her up…..

  • Special Quest Explorer

    Joe, I found one of your older articles in facebook when I was exploring to see if Joe Messino’s picture would appear there! Then of course, I hav’nt a clue what he looks like anyway!

    This intersting article of yours was from KTF regarding; The Casino, opening in June. And also, how Organized crime may have an influence there! Can you bring this article back up among your feeds along with other stories in the future on the casino being in Des Plaines! I think a lot of issues may be of interest to not only police higher ups, that hang out and will in the casino in the future; but, of course as well as any locals that frequent the local lounges like Giannotti’s, ect..! It’s a great article and subject!

    One last reason Joe, I think Messino will do something to someone because he is “Pure Evil!”

  • Just a confused reader

    Dear Mr. Fosco,

    The thing that I am having trouble understanding is why would someone who is the grandson of one of your close friends want to hurt you. In previous threads, you’ve talked about your relationship with Willie. It sounds like he was a really close friend and almost like an uncle to you. Furthermore, it appears as though you were quite fond of Willie.
    Joe is the grandson of Willie, correct?
    Why would the grandson of your good friend want to hurt you?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Just a…,

      Perhaps this will shed some light on things for you.

      Yes, Joe Messino is the grandson of Willie. It is impossible to understand the decisions of a crazy person. However, I attribute Joe’s willingness to hurt me on a few old matters that are actually quite petty. In the late 1990s, I was out with Joe’s brother Bill and a few other people one night having some cocktails. An argument broke out over the bar tab (we all had consumed a great deal of alcohol that night) and Bill Messino wound up catching a punch in the face by someone in our group. The next day, Bill told his grandfather that I caused him a punch in the face. I was sitting right next to Willie when the crybaby told this tale to his grandfather. Willie had nothing to say about it because it was petty and he did not understand how I was to blame for it.

      Another time (just prior to the previous incident), I was attempting to buy a saloon with Willie in Elmwood Park. All of a sudden, Willie’s son Bill falsely claimed that he and his sons wanted to buy it first. However, they needed the money from Willie to buy it. The entire deal fell apart for unrelated reasons, but Bill Jr concocted in his feeble mind that I attempted to cheat him on the purchase of the saloon, which was never purchased by any of us.

      Another time, a week after Willie’s death, Willie’s now late son Chris surprised George Colucci and I at our usual Sunday breakfast spot at Our Kitchen in Elmhurst, Illinois. It was nice to see Chris, Chris and I never once had a bad experience, until then. On the way to our cars, Chris asked me if I had any money for him. I quickly said, “No, why would I have money for you?” Then Chris handed me a prewritten note with instructions indicated on the note for me to call a phone number. I took the note, got into my car, drove off and crumbled the note before throwing it out the window. I never saw Chris ever again.

      Another time (in 2004), I was at the Melrose Park Clinic when I bumped into Billy Jr (Willie’s son), who immediately went into a tantrum upon seeing me. He falsely cited that I owe him and his son Joe a stinking $700.00 pertaining to a legal fee on a complicated traffic case regarding his son (Joe) from a few years prior to then. He claimed that the attorney did not do a good job and I was supposed to reimburse him and his son the stinking $700.00 (which Willie paid). The entire time he yelled at me in the Melrose Park Clinic, we had a service counter between us. He was so visibly upset that I was forced to leave out of the back door of the clinic to avoid any physical complications. I remember Dr. Giacchino’s reaction as he witnessed this disturbing confrontation. Giacchino later told me that he could use Billy Jr as a hit man if he ever needed one. Giacchino gets a sick enjoyment out of bad thoughts and violence.

      My friend Willie knew that his son Bill was no good. He disowned him a number of times. Willie also knew that his grandson was no good. He disowned him a couple of times. Willie permanently disinherited his son Bill and grandson Joe. However, I believe Willie might have helped Joe purchase one of his tow trucks before he died. And that was definitely the last thing Willie did for Joe. Willie did it more out of pity because he knew the kid was troubled. It allowed Willie to go to his grave knowing that he tried to help.

      Unfortunately, most people have been unaware of Willie’s negative feelings towards his son Bill and grandson Joe, which is why a number of people show them respect.

      I do not hold anything against Willie for his kids and grandkids actions. Willie was my good friend.

  • Merlin Tenderpony

    Hey Joe,

    I am just curious how old you are. The reason I ask is because you hang out with people of many varying ages. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m just trying to get a clearer picture of how you fit into the whole Elmwood Park nexus. Thanks, Joe.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Merlin,
      Unfortunately, some questions I will not answer on the threads, including my vital information. I will tell you that I am under 50 and over 30. Thanks. Joe

      • Merlin Tenderpony

        Well, I hope you are still doing American News Post when you are 50. It is my favorite website. The threads are good, too. (An open forum would make it easier for other readers to converse, though. Just my 2-cents!)

        • Joseph Fosco

          Dear Merlin,
          Thank you for the compliment. Unfortunately, I am unable to open the threads because of egregious abuse concerns.

          • Merlin Tenderpony

            Can you elaborate? It would be interesting to know what goes on behind the scenes at ANP.

            Do you receive harassing comments on a daily basis? Are you aware that you can ban an entire IP address range?
            You should consider contacting Internet Service Providers, and, if you can demonstrate patterns of nuisance from any of their customers, the ISP’s will either terminate the harasser’s Internet service or perhaps issue a personalized warning, threatening legal action or service termination, at least. All that can be accomplished without an attorney.

            WITH an attorney, you can always use subpoena power to trace the IP address of anyone that spreads libelous information about you or harasses you. Then you can sue for damages, as well.

            With an actual message board format, you would be able to closely scrutinize comments and posts because all users would be required to formally register and have their registrations approved by you. They also have to use a REAL email address. In my opinion, the only reason this blog is not as big as other OC sites like Jerry Capeci’s is because there’s no formal message board and comments are heavily moderated, sometimes not appearing in the threads until HOURS after they are submitted. It makes it difficult for people to correspond with each other and share information. (Jerry Capeci has made a lot of money off of what he does, and is something of a celebrity nowadays. There’s profit potential in ANP.)

            But, having said all that, I do understand the thinking behind ANP’s moderation program.

            For some reason, Mr. Giacchino seems to have a lot of influence over younger generations who would know how to perpetrate cyberbullying crimes. (I hope you realize that you are definitely a victim of cyberbullying, based on what you have said.) I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these individuals think they are doing Giacchino’s bidding by harassing you. Perhaps some of the other targets of your civil RICO case have gone as far as to order their younger associates to harass you via the comments section, as well.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear Merlin,
            Thank you for your note. I will carefully consider your suggestions.

          • The Don

            Just a Confused Reader, The son & grandson of Willie Messino are Elmwood Park wannabes. I would like to offer one other important explanation to support all the other numerous reasons. These two men, father & son, think that by threatening & trying to throw fear into Joe Fosco that they will somehow win the approval of John DiFronzo and possibly be taken into the Elmwood Park Mafia Group. John DiFronzo & Capo Joe Andriacchi don’t care about these two individuals and will never let them get close to them. Sure, they’ll look the other way if Joe can truly be scared, but in reality, DiFronzo has no respect for either of them and they will NEVER come close to ever being on the same level as their grandfather, Willie.

  • Hugh Jass


    Does Willie have another son, a half brother/sister to Chris, Billy, Bridget?


    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Hug…,
      Yes. He is Peter Basile. He is an Outfit associate, some even say ‘made’, although I am not sure. I have met him a number of times. Willie had a good relationship with him. He is older than Chris, Billy and Bridget. Last, I was aware; Pete was working for a car dealership in the southern Cook County suburbs. I will let you know the name when I think of it. I am sure it was a Dodge dealership. However, this information is roughly 10-years old.

      • The Don

        Joe, Peter Basile was a soldier/collector for the Cicero group. I don’t know which made guy he worked for. I believe he became an informant.

        • Joseph Fosco

          Dear The Don,
          Welcome back. Really, you believe Pete is an informant. Interesting. May I ask why/how?

          • Merlin Tenderpony

            James “Duke” Basile was an informant. He was a made guy, too, I believe.

          • The Don

            Joe, I knew he was an informant because I was told about it 13 years ago. If you type in his name you will see were he was identified as an informant in a complaint about Laborers-Liuna around 1997 or 1998.

          • The Don

            Merlin, Peter ‘Duke’ Basile was not a made guy. There were at that time and in the past around 60 to 75 active made guys at any time on the street. Trust me, he was not one of them. He worked as a soldier/collector under one of the made guys in the Cicero group. Also, if you stop and think about it, if he were made, then Nicholas Calabrese would not have been the first made guy to publicly flip. It was known that he was cooperating back around 1997.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear The Don,
            In all the times I have been in Pete and Willie’s company, I never heard Pete referred to as “Duke.” “Duke” seems to be James, not Pete.

  • Hi Joe Fosco, How are you today. Here is a crime stoppers number for the suburbs; 1 800 699-stop. To anyone that has something relevent to bring to the States Attny, it’s at 5555 W. Harrison. Down Town, Chicago. Please, keep us all informed of any Joe Messino criminal attacks! We all need to stick together!

  • father guido

    Merlin and Don, I do not believe that James Basile and Peter Basile are one in the same…maybe Joe can confirm. The dealership for Peter Basile was Mancari, most likely or the one in Midlothian, Bob Watson, I think. James Basile entered witness protection in the late 1990’s and was connected with Joe Nick’s group, at a low level. James Basile was involved in the robbery attempt at Belmoral.

    • The Don

      Father Guido, the guy who was a soldier/collector for Joe Nick’s Group (Cicero crew) was named James Peter Basile. He is the guy who became an informant in the late 1990’s. If there is another Basile who owns a car dealership, I have no idea.

      • Joseph Fosco

        Dear The Don,
        You seem to contend that James Peter is Willie’s son, Peter. Willie’s son worked for a car dealer last time I was aware. He did not own the dealership. It was something, Lake, or Maple or North. The name of the dealership that Pete worked for was not the name of a human being. It might have been River Oaks. North Oak?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Father,
      In all the times I have been in Pete and Willie’s company, I never heard Pete referred to as “Duke.” I am confident that James and Pete are different people. And ‘Duke’ seems to be James, not Pete. I do not deny that Pete could be tied to Mancari, but the names of the dealerships that you mentioned does not contain the correct one.

      • The Don

        Joe, I do not know if the James Peter Basile was Willie’s son. All I know is that there was a guy named James Peter Basile who became an informant. Therefore, most prorbably The Peter Basile you’re talking about is someone different.

  • In further, I would also like to offer this information for anyone seeking places for help if they have been victimized!
    U.S. Department of Justice
    Drug Enforcement Administration
    Keith Williams
    Special Agent
    230 S. Dearborn S. Street
    Suite 1200
    Chicago, Il. 60604
    Telephone (312) 886-2856
    Fax; (312) 886-1085
    Also try:

    • Einsteincalc

      Victimized how? What do YOU consider victimized?

  • Here is a number for victims of violent crimes and a support group for families of Homicide victims;

    1 877-846-3445 press #5.

    For another good Crime Hot line call The States Atty’s hot line at;

    1 773-5454.

  • Sorry! that’s 773 869-5454 for the States Atty’s Crime Hot Line.

  • lonestar

    Joe Messino let the bank take his J&B towtruck…its no longer a business. he now drives a dark blue WM recovery truck…its not really his, he just pays the payments. The business is located at 9420 West Byron Schiller Park , IL 60176, same location as Big City towing. He usually hangs out at the piazza cafe at addison and forest preserve, if you people want a good look at him during the day. be warned, he does carry a knife on him at all times.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Thank you! This information is very helpful.

  • Machinery

    Out of Buissness
    Change name game.
    Keep up the good work J&F&Co.

  • Please be advised that recent rumors suggest Joe Messino is living on a third floor apartment located on the 3700 block of North Harlem Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, directly across the street from a café called Café Cappuccino. Thank you.

  • Einsteincalc

    This vehicle was seen in Addison parked in front of  mike’s mom male friend’s home.

    • the clown

      whos mike? where in addison

      • I believe the Mike referenced is the murder victim that I contend was killed at the behest (allegedly) of Dr. Joseph Giacchino.

  • Allenjames

    At what point dose he jump from the car naked, & light fire crackers?
    How dumb/crazy is this clown? Or is that video having probs, did he drive back & forth like that?

  • Joeozark

    LOL, thats isnt Messino’s vehicle

    • I never said it was owned by him.

      • Barbidoll

        Willie Messino’s birthday was January 17, not January 7. There is really no way anyone could tell who was driving the car. No positve identification could be made from that tape, and you’re correct in saying that the car was owned by someone else. There is no way Joe Messino would be commsiioned by the Outfit to kill you. You’re title of the article is highly inaccurate and only done for sensation, in my opinion. no offense.

        • Dear Barb,
          You are dead wrong about Willie’s Birthday. I sang Happy Birthday to him at enough of his Birthday parties over the years (with Johnny DiFronzo and others) to know when he was born.
          I have documented eyewitness accountability of Joe Messino in the truck on the day indicated in the article (Willie’s Birthday). In addition, I have other footage far better (via other cameras) that does a great job of showing what is explained in the article. However, witness identity issues related to the additional footage would be the reason I did not publish it. In other words, I do not want to breach the privacy of the innocent (witnesses appear in the other footage).
          I never said Joe Messino does or does not own the SUV in question. I have said that he was driving it at the time the footage was captured.
          As far as your other information, based on your incorrect data regarding Willie’s birth date, I question your judgment. Apparently, accuracy is not your best virtue.
          However, thank you for reading my good work and please keep supporting American News Post with your readership. Again, thank you.
          No offense taken.

  • gfhjghfj

    I just got of the phone with Joey, he wanted me to tell you your a closet homosexual. (just passing the message)

  • Heavy D’s Nuts

    Sounds like you are looking for a love connection. I don’t think Joey is gonna like the idea of you cheating on him.

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