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The Bonfire of the Hypocrisies

Posted on 11. Oct, 2016 by in Analysis, Politics

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump

American politics has been building toward this for a long time. American presidential politics are now uncharted and turbulent waters. The key to Donald Trump’s success in the primaries and in thrashing the mainstream Republican Party, which sank without a ripple apart from the hundreds of millions of dollars it had squandered to pick up […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC – Cook County Judge Marino Target Of Smear Job?

Posted on 06. Sep, 2016 by in Current Events, Politics


It is rumored that a source who serves various agencies (news/law-enforcement) as an informant on matters involving political and police corruption in Cook County, Illinois, is a close confidant of Cook County Judge Lisa Ann Marino.

Elmwood Park Illinois’ Egregious Erosion of Public Trust Via Village President Skip Saviano

Posted on 11. Aug, 2016 by in Current Events, Politics

Angelo ‘Skip’ Saviano

Elmwood Park might be the most corrupt village in all of Illinois. When a village becomes known as a den of corruption, it is a difficult stain to remove. Even when the perpetrators of the backdoor dealings are low level employees or shady contractors, the damage done to the community’s reputation cannot be easily repaired. […]

Joe Fosco Show: Lord Black Shares View On Donald Trump

Posted on 01. Oct, 2015 by in History, Politics, The Joe Fosco Show

Joe Fosco Show: Lord Black Shares View On Donald Trump

Today’s show was recorded at Lord Black’s Bridle Path estate in Toronto. We met in his library, the grandeur of which attests to Lord Black’s love of the written word. It is truly a sight to behold. His Lordship was a gracious host. We discussed several topics, including the 2016 U.S. Presidential race. His views […]

Second Circuit Court: Cross Is Secular

Posted on 31. Jul, 2014 by in Current Events, Politics

People praying to a secular monument

On Monday there was another victory for the Christian right. A three-judge panel of the Second Circuit Court decided that that Ground Zero Cross is a “historical artifact,” and therefore deserved to be included in the government-funded National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The panel also had the temerity to write that “the actual purpose […]

Theo’s Twit Of The Week: Chuck Hagel

Posted on 15. Jun, 2014 by in Current Events, Politics


This week’s Twit is part of a complex prisoner exchange involving President Obama’s reputation and a tasty post-employment book deal. We Will Never Forget… Chuck Hagel Oh, it was to be a lovely story. Set against the idyllic backdrop of the White House Rose Garden, President Obama, flanked by Jani and Bo Bergdahl, sang the […]

ANP’s Roundtable: Elmwood Park & Sports

Posted on 17. Jan, 2014 by in Politics, Webcast

John Wasilenko

Hello everyone! This is Joe Fosco with ANP’s Roundtable discussion with co-host Frank Coconate for January 17, 2014. Today we touched on the Elmwood Park, Illinois, elder abuse case regarding the infamous Police Sergeant John Wasilenko and covered a great deal of sports-related news matter. Michael Carter, who is a native of Chicago and lifelong […]

Is Elmwood Park President Saviano Trying To Blackmail A Resident To Thwart His Run Against Crony Silvestri?

Posted on 10. Jan, 2014 by in Current Events, Politics

Angelo ‘Skip’ Saviano

On January 6th, 2014, Elmwood Park, Illinois, Village President Skip Saviano behaved like a spoiled brat as he failed miserably in serving the Village of Elmwood Park as a responsible, professional and respectful host of the bi-monthly village board meeting. As the meeting began, Saviano swiftly and conveniently relied on his hired mouthpiece, Village Attorney […]

Roundtable Discussion With Coconate & Fosco

Posted on 23. Sep, 2013 by in Politics, Webcast

The morbidly obese man is Outfit bookmaker Carl Dote, and he is being hugged by Illinois State Representative Marty Moylan

Hello everyone! This is Joseph Fosco with ANP’s Roundtable discussion for Monday, September 23, 2013. For those of you who are not familiar with our show, you missed some excitement recently. I suggest that you catch up by simply reading the last few pieces published on American News Post, which can be accessed simply by […]

Hillary Allies NBC And CNN Begin The Clinton Campaign Early

Posted on 04. Aug, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics

Our next president?

The news has been out for some time about the upcoming Clinton Lovefest to be sponsored by DNC shills the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and the Cable News Network (CNN). Both stations are getting ready to produce television extravaganzas celebrating the excellence of Hillary Clinton. The unavoidable conclusion that these productions should be a major […]