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Novorossiya: Putin’s Manifest Destiny

Posted on 02. Dec, 2014 by in Analysis, Current Events

Little Green Men

It began with the ouster of Viktor Yanukovych, the President of Ukraine and personal puppet of the Kremlin’s current autocrat-in-chief (everyone’s favorite Virile Vampire) Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. In what was either a brilliantly-timed stratagem or absolutely perfect stroke of luck, the whole world was watching as the Euromaidan movement reclaimed the Ukrainian government in the name […]

Second Circuit Court: Cross Is Secular

Posted on 31. Jul, 2014 by in Current Events, Politics

People praying to a secular monument

On Monday there was another victory for the Christian right. A three-judge panel of the Second Circuit Court decided that that Ground Zero Cross is a “historical artifact,” and therefore deserved to be included in the government-funded National September 11 Memorial & Museum. The panel also had the temerity to write that “the actual purpose […]

Theo’s Twit Of The Week: Chuck Hagel

Posted on 15. Jun, 2014 by in Current Events, Politics


This week’s Twit is part of a complex prisoner exchange involving President Obama’s reputation and a tasty post-employment book deal. We Will Never Forget… Chuck Hagel Oh, it was to be a lovely story. Set against the idyllic backdrop of the White House Rose Garden, President Obama, flanked by Jani and Bo Bergdahl, sang the […]

Hillary Allies NBC And CNN Begin The Clinton Campaign Early

Posted on 04. Aug, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics

Our next president?

The news has been out for some time about the upcoming Clinton Lovefest to be sponsored by DNC shills the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and the Cable News Network (CNN). Both stations are getting ready to produce television extravaganzas celebrating the excellence of Hillary Clinton. The unavoidable conclusion that these productions should be a major […]

Detroit Falls

Posted on 21. Jul, 2013 by in Analysis, Current Events


Somewhere between 18 and 20 billion dollars. That’s the estimate for Detroit’s debt burden. The Motor City, built with the blood and sweat of blue collar autoworkers, has been systematically plundered by kleptomaniacal politicians and thieving unions.  They promised money for votes and cut horrifying deals to line their own pockets, under the impression that […]

The Military Gives Egypt A Second Chance At Democracy

Posted on 06. Jul, 2013 by in Analysis, Current Events


It is an ages old problem.  When is the right time to strike against those who would rob you of your freedom?  Do you wait for the other shoe to drop, while the secret police are already breaking down your door, or do you preemptively drive into action, breaking the social and democratic rules you’ve […]

Russian Intransigence Continues

Posted on 26. Jun, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


If his goal is to avoid U.S. prosecution and thoroughly annoy his former bosses, Edward Snowden couldn’t have chosen a better place to go than Moscow. Russia, still mired in wet dreams of Soviet-era world power, is always anxious to find a reason to mess with the United States. The Russians must have found a […]

A Tolerant Pope Checked By An Angry Vatican

Posted on 02. Jun, 2013 by in Analysis, Current Events


I’m not a real big fan of the Roman Catholic Church, but even I’m a bit intrigued by the new pope, Jorge Bergoglio. During his career Bergoglio has admitted that priestly celibacy is not a matter of faith, decried the practice of denying baptism to children born out of wedlock, vigorously campaigned for the rights […]

Rosen, The AP And Da President

Posted on 23. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


The evidence keeps piling up. For several years a small but vocal group of Chicagoans have railed against electing a prominent Chicago politician to the presidency. Any politician who can survive, nay flourish, in Cook County should be suspect. Now, in Barack Obama’s second term a bevy of scandals have appeared and the normally complacent […]

A Scam ‘From The Get-Go’

Posted on 06. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


Every now and then persistence pays off. After months and months of denial and misdirection, the Obama administration will finally be exposed as the liars yours truly has always known them to be. Testimony this week will practically assure the administration will be held accountable for botching their response to the attack on the U.S. […]