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ATTENTION PUBLIC – WANTED: Information on Carmen Michelle Rivera & Taino Consortium Corporation

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Carmen Michelle Rivera

Carmen Michelle Rivera is a person of interest who allegedly operates multiple business projects in the Chicago area, Florida and Puerto Rico (as her primary locations). It is purported that Rivera often appears as a wealthy entrepreneur/investor, with supposed interests in major condominium development projects in Florida. It is further purported that Rivera has other business holdings […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Extraordinary Information on Louis “Lou The Deuce” Pagano, of Ferrara Candy Company, Wisconsin Attorney Frank Bastian, and Dallas Fox of Merrill Lynch

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Louis ‘Lou The Deuce’ Pagano

The sad events that you are about to read in this article (and hyperlinked exhibits below) are based on information entered into the public record, via the Circuit Court of DuPage County, Illinois. Said entry is a Reformation Claim, which was filed by Thomas A. Pagano, against his son, Louis “Lou The Deuce” Pagano. The […]

Bill Cosby Files Demurrer And Sanctions! Finally!

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Bill Cosby-15

Those of you who turn to American News Post/ANP for news, please note that we very recently published a piece in support of the prolific comedic actor Mr. Bill Cosby. It is our position that no credible evidence has ever been offered to support the wild allegations that have been leveled against Mr. Cosby. For those who […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Chicago Attorney Arthur “Art” Engelland! Fraudster? See Update At Bottom!

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Public: Please be advised that Chicago attorney Arthur “Art” Engelland is presently being prosecuted by the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois (ARDC). The ARDC has indicated that in 2010 Engelland collected well in excess of twenty-thousand dollars from a client named Nick Canini. Said funds are now the […]


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Dr. Joseph Giacchino and Dr. Paul Madison (lower right)

WARNING: Embattled Dr. Paul Madison of Indiana and Illinois, who now runs the Riverside, Illinois, based Melrose Park Clinic (once owned by the now unlicensed and disgraced Dr. Joseph Giacchino of Illinois) and is facing federal felony charges on alleged insurance improprieties, is now being called into question on something new. ANP wants to know […]

June And Rebirth

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In my opinion, the month of June is a time of renewal. As spring cleaning comes to an end, we head into a balmy, friendly season that allows us more freedom to experience all of the wonderful things that nature brings. Old relationships are renewed against a backdrop of swimming pools, boat rides and barbecues. […]

Cook County’s Judge Bastone Retires Again

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Soonie Bastone

Judge Robert Bastone, one of Cook County’s most controversial appointed judges, is retiring. Famous for his closeness to numerous Chicago Outfit heavyweights, Bastone has decided to enjoy his generous 6-figure annual pensions instead of continuing with his job of basically running Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans’ office. His Honor was initially put in power […]

Public Announcement On A Cold Case

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Cook County Democratic Party Committeeman Charles Hernandez

ANP is looking into a cold case on the 1981 homicide death of Billy E. Williams, who was a resident of Cicero, Illinois. Mr. Williams was 31-years of age at the time of his death. Please view the video footage for details. Click here to read an investigation report by Bart & Associates Detective Agency […]

Win Cash Solving ‘Chicago Outfit’ Picture Puzzle

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Win Cash Solving ‘Chicago Outfit’ Picture Puzzle

I have recently decided to share a photo of some Chicago Outfit hoodlums with my loyal readers who have a particular interest in my work on the Chicago Outfit. The photograph came to me through a very close source of my now late uncle through marriage, Romie Nappi. For those interested in participating, please study […]

Kudos to Appellate Court Of Illinois For Affirming Dr. Joseph Giacchino’s Revocation

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Joseph Giacchino

For those of you unfamiliar with Joseph Giacchino, whose Illinois medical license was revoked in 2011, please insert his name into the American News Post search bar. There you will be able to peruse many detailed articles illustrating of the quality of the person known to many as Dr. Joseph Giacchino. However, at the risk […]