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ATTENTION PUBLIC: Extraordinary Information on Louis “Lou The Deuce” Pagano, of Ferrara Candy Company, Wisconsin Attorney Frank Bastian, and Dallas Fox of Merrill Lynch

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Louis 'Lou The Deuce' Pagano

Louis ‘Lou The Deuce’ Pagano

The sad events that you are about to read in this article (and hyperlinked exhibits below) are based on information entered into the public record, via the Circuit Court of DuPage County, Illinois. Said entry is a Reformation Claim, which was filed by Thomas A. Pagano, against his son, Louis “Lou The Deuce” Pagano.

The Reformation claim in question pertains to a family trust fund that allegedly allows a son to hijack a significant portion of his father’s financial holdings, as a way to prevent his potential inheritance from possibly being compromised sometime in the future by the father’s current spouse.

Please click here to review the Reformation Claim

Please click here to review the Pagano Family Trust Fund

Warning: Do not read these documents immediately after eating food in order to avoid vomiting.

Attempts were made to interview “Lou The Deuce” and Frank Bastian, however, both individuals refused to comment. In Dallas Fox’s interview, Mr. Fox stated, “At this point I am no longer a trustee on the Pagano Family Trust Fund.” However, Mr. Fox does continue to manage investments for the trust.

Anyone with more information on this matter, please contact ANP.

Thank you.

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  • telegramsam

    Are these Pagano’s related to the Genovese capo, Danny Pagano? I’ve heard that Danny Pagano had partial interest in a Resturant with John Matassa.

    • Joseph Fosco

      No relation whatsoever.

      • I lived in Oak Park. When Ferrara Pan candy company was in Forest Park, Illinois, there were always rumors that the company was a money laundry that was unexpectedly successful. My dad was a cop. This was around the time Sammy Giancana was killed. I went to high school with Sammy Battaglia Jr. It was all just the culture for that neighborhood. Accardo, Infelise, etc. I bought a house next door to a person, I think the name was Rocco DeGrazia. A hood. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrara Pan had links with the group. Local color. Very long ago.

  • Joseph Fosco

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