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ATTENTION PUBLIC – WANTED: Information on Carmen Michelle Rivera & Taino Consortium Corporation

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Carmen Michelle Rivera

Carmen Michelle Rivera is a person of interest who allegedly operates multiple business projects in the Chicago area, Florida and Puerto Rico (as her primary locations). It is purported that Rivera often appears as a wealthy entrepreneur/investor, with supposed interests in major condominium development projects in Florida. It is further purported that Rivera has other business holdings […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Extraordinary Information on Louis “Lou The Deuce” Pagano, of Ferrara Candy Company, Wisconsin Attorney Frank Bastian, and Dallas Fox of Merrill Lynch

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Louis ‘Lou The Deuce’ Pagano

The sad events that you are about to read in this article (and hyperlinked exhibits below) are based on information entered into the public record, via the Circuit Court of DuPage County, Illinois. Said entry is a Reformation Claim, which was filed by Thomas A. Pagano, against his son, Louis “Lou The Deuce” Pagano. The […]


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Dr. Joseph Giacchino and Dr. Paul Madison (lower right)

WARNING: Embattled Dr. Paul Madison of Indiana and Illinois, who now runs the Riverside, Illinois, based Melrose Park Clinic (once owned by the now unlicensed and disgraced Dr. Joseph Giacchino of Illinois) and is facing federal felony charges on alleged insurance improprieties, is now being called into question on something new. ANP wants to know […]

Cook County’s Judge Bastone Retires Again

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Soonie Bastone

Judge Robert Bastone, one of Cook County’s most controversial appointed judges, is retiring. Famous for his closeness to numerous Chicago Outfit heavyweights, Bastone has decided to enjoy his generous 6-figure annual pensions instead of continuing with his job of basically running Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans’ office. His Honor was initially put in power […]


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Jack And Lou’s Restaurant

This Public Service Announcement is for those familiar with the Melrose Park, Illinois, based restaurant named Jack & Lou’s, located at 2001 North Mannheim Road and/or 1929 North 19th Avenue (possible satellite location). In the spirit of justice, American News Post appeals to the community in seeking information on the following 6 allegations: 1) Allegations that […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Purported Founders of Terrapin Coffee Appear Frauds?

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ATTENTION PUBLIC: Purported Founders of Terrapin Coffee Appear Frauds?

WARNING – According to very close sources of Robert and David Meyers (from the Coralville, Iowa area), both men have purportedly swindled Chicago-based business consultants during a foiled attempt to gain massive support for their alleged scheme known as Terrapin Coffee. The two suspects are brothers in their late 30s, whom have been purportedly selling […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Dr. Hollie Sobel, Ph.D., Is Named In A Disturbing Complaint

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WARNING – Dr. Hollie Sobel, Ph.D., an Illinois based physician who helps children with psychological issues, was recently named in a Professional Regulations complaint filed last week with the State of Illinois. According to the complaint, it is alleged that Dr. Sobel inappropriately elected to refrain from reporting a cigarette burn on the hand of […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: DCFS Boss Erwin McEwen Disregards Taxpayers And The Law?

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WARNING – Director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services currently employs a Child Welfare Advanced Specialist named Saju Philip. He operates out of the DCFS Skokie, Illinois, office located on the 8100 block of North McCormick Boulevard. Mr. Philip is also considered a caseworker for DCFS with the Division of Child Protection. […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Joe Messino Threatened Joseph Fosco’s Life

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ATTENTION PUBLIC: Joe Messino Threatened Joseph Fosco’s Life

The following is a public service announcement: WARNING – Joseph M. Messino, aka, Joe Messino and Joey Messino, age 32, who according to public records resides at 2507 Oak Street, Franklin Park, Illinois, is to be considered armed and dangerous. In addition to Joe Messino having a significant criminal history, he suffers from acute mental […]

ATTENTION PUBLIC: Park Ridge Police Chief Frank Kaminski’s Dept Caused Damages For Local Family

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The following is a public service announcement. WARNING – Park Ridge Police Chief Frank J. Kaminski: On or around November 23, 2009, an emotionally-troubled person from a Cook County suburb, approximately 10-miles away from Park Ridge, Illinois, contacted your police department over a telephone to report an alleged domestic crime that supposedly took place seconds […]