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ATTENTION PUBLIC – WANTED: Information on Carmen Michelle Rivera & Taino Consortium Corporation

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Carmen Michelle Rivera

Carmen Michelle Rivera

Carmen Michelle Rivera is a person of interest who allegedly operates multiple business projects in the Chicago area, Florida and Puerto Rico (as her primary locations).

It is purported that Rivera often appears as a wealthy entrepreneur/investor, with supposed interests in major condominium development projects in Florida. It is further purported that Rivera has other business holdings in the United States and Puerto Rico, which include gold bonds. She claims to represent the Taino Consortium Corporation, an investment firm in Hialeah, Florida.

Among her alleged victims is an Illinois man, Peter Nichols, who claims that Rivera duped him out of $6,500.00. “She [Rivera] has promised some of her investors various returns that eventually proved to be impossible,” said Nichols. “She has made promises of huge guaranteed investment returns along with promises of cash grants of $100,000 in a Shark-Tank fashioned presentation to obviously lure victims/investors.”

Nichols also stated that he regretfully cultivated an investor for Rivera from the Niles, Illinois, area prior to realizing that Rivera was an alleged con artist.

American News Post is seeking any and all information on Carmen Michelle Rivera and Taino Consortium Corporation. Please reach us via our contact page by clicking here.

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