Monday, 19th February 2018

Tea Party a Bit Weak?

Posted on 16. Apr, 2009 by in Politics

The Boston Tea Party is one of those iconic moments in the history of the American Revolution that every child learns about at an early age and continually revisits during his or her studies of American history. “No Taxation without representation,” was the battle cry of those protesting the Tea Act, a violation of a […]

Reaction To International Women’s Day Agitating

Posted on 23. Mar, 2009 by in Current Events

International Women’s Day is a day generally geared towards celebrating the social, political, and economical achievements of women the world over. And in observance of this day to celebrate women, L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, chose to run a story extolling the virtues of household technology in changing the life of women. The question was […]