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God Bless Those Who Give: In Honor of Officer Richard Francis

Posted on 07. Jul, 2008 by in Current Events

God gives life and life is taken away. As we all know, life can be a beautiful thing. It can be beautiful if it involves love, caring, and giving. Life should include helping others and receiving help when people need it most. There are desperate times and there are magnificent times. On God’s Earth we […]

Giving To Our Children: Resurrection Health Care

Posted on 24. Jun, 2008 by in Announcements

Our children may be the most beautiful gifts from God we have on this earth. We love them. We love them unconditionally. We love them when they’re sad, we love them when they’re mad; we love them for what they say, and we love them for what they pray. My son is 4 years of […]

A Curriculum in Family: St Mary of the Angels School

Posted on 10. Jun, 2008 by in Analysis

We search our entire lives for the answer. We observe. We calculate. We plot. Do we know for what we are looking? We base our answer upon our experience, whether first or second hand. We read, then we listen, then we read again. Do we have the right information? Are our sources sufficient? Do we […]

Commitment, Action, and Results: Father Michael Pfleger

Posted on 03. Jun, 2008 by in Analysis

God has been there for us. God will be there for us. God will be here for people long after we are gone. These simple statements call us to realize what an impact our God has on our existence and the environment in which we live. Environment is an interesting word. It includes many places […]