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Dr. Madison’s Avenue To Trouble: Giacchino’s Melrose Park Clinic

Posted on 28. Jun, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Melrose Park Clinic

Melrose Park Clinic

Upon calling the Melrose Park Clinic recently, American News Post learned that it very well might be business as usual at the clinic. A female individual that answers the phone at (708) 343-2500, identifying herself as an employee of Melrose Park Clinic had indicated that a physician by the name of Dr. Paul Madison is now seeing patients for pain management. Melrose Park Clinic has purported that Dr. Madison is indeed the same Dr. Madison that works out of Water Tower Shopping Center located in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

After picking up this lead, American News Post conducted a cursory review of Dr. Madison’s name via Google and found impressive remarks on a Dr. Paul Madison, specifically relating to the doctor’s educational background. Some would say the remarks are too good to be true.

His website, painfreechicago.com, lists his academic credentials. Please read the information here. This online mini-biography states that Dr. Madison completed an internship, residency, and fellowship at the prestigious University of Chicago Hospital and Clinics. Supposedly he is board certified in Pain Management.

It seems like Dr. Paul Madison relies heavily on naming the prestigious University of Chicago as part of his training in the medical field. Impressed with Madison’s self-reported educational background, I decided to learn more. It intrigued me that a physician with a significant history affiliated with the University of Chicago would risk his career associating himself with the practice of the twice suspended and disgraced Dr. Joseph Giacchino.

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  • Big Kev

    Dr. Madison i hear is just like Dr.G.Gives out pain meds and viagra to anyone.

    • patstanek

      you are wrong, as a patient i know different, your comment was “you Hear” be careful who you listen to.

      • Jay Jones

        Dr.Madison does give out pain meds just like Dr.G I know for a fact I’ve been there so I know.

        • dmt

          :) hello world, combat veteran who is disabled over 40 broken bones total. He did not put me on meds hes trying to help me through operation. Defend my good dr.

          • Dear DMT,
            During the Christmas Holiday in 1933 roughly 600 inmates were released from a Nazi concentration camp called Dachau. This release was done as a part of a pardoning action. Despite the release of 600 detainees from the Dachau camp, whose lives were spared, I cannot forgive Hitler for the millions of Jews that he managed to murder during the Holocaust. With this sentiment in mind, I am unable to ignore the numerous serious allegations against Dr. Paul Madison (and his cohort Joe Giacchino, Jr) simply because Madison has done right by some of his patients. Nonetheless, I am happy for you.

          • lori meer

            Dear Joe: Thank you for all the time you have put into the Dr. Madison events. However, he IS still practicing. Nothing will bring my Son back. It seems nothing stops Dr. Madison. I would appreciate it, if you would remove my post from 2 years ago and the following one with my name mentioned in it. It is time to let my Son rest in peace. Thanks again! Lori Meer

  • hahahaha

    (YOUR COMMENT WAS MODIFIED – no name-calling allowed. Thanks, American News Post)

  • julie

    giving my sister pain meds when she has chronic hep c and an addict for 25yrs to pain meds

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Julie,
      I am sorry to hear this. I will send you an email to further address this problem. If by chance I do not have your correct email, please drop me a line at jfosco@americannewspost.com. Thanks.

      • julie

        yes correct email thank you!!!

        • Joseph Fosco

          Dear Julie,
          I am not going to publish your other comment. However, I did read it. Thank you.
          Please respond to my email, via email only. Again, thank you.

    • patstanek

      did she tell dr. that she was an addict? the dr. can only do so much with the info he is given, an addict will get it no matter what, don’t blame Dr. help your sisster

  • Scott P

    I had a bad experience with Dr. Madison. Here is my experience: My first appointment with Dr. Madison was fairly easy to book. Upon arriving, I waited over an hour to see the doctor. I gave him and the office a copy of my medical records from past doctors about my disc bulge and degeneration in my back. He gave me his diagnosis and scheduled me for a saturday nerve block. I received a call a few days later from the pharmacy that the doctor instructed them to “not dispense.” Upon calling the office they said I appeared on the states drug monitoring system. I made a follow up with the doctor and waited 10 minutes to see him. He walked in and told me that he could have me arrested for going to multiple doctors and receiving medications (narcotics). He told me that I ought to “get my shit together.” I told him I was confused as there has never been an overlap in seeing doctors. He told me that the DA redflagged me. He left the room saying he was going to do more research about me to straighten things out. After 45 additional minutes I walked to the front desk and said I had to go because I had a class 15 minutes later. She said he cannot be contacted because he’s in a meeting! He left the middle of my appointment for a meeting. I stood in the hall waiting for him to walk out the meeting room. Finally he waltzes out 5 minutes later and said, “I can’t help you(treat you).” I was shocked at first because of his rude demeanor and for writing me off as a criminal. The least he could have done is walked in earlier and told me that he couldn’t treat me and maybe referred me to another doctor. Think twice before seeing this doctor. You can see his false report online as having done his fellowship at UofC, which is a lie. Apparently he’s taken over Dr Giacchino’s pill mill. He even told me that he’s been called in by the DEA. Don’t believe he told me to “get my shit together,” contact me, I have him audio recorded on my iPhone.

  • Letty Cieslak

    My name is Leticia Cieslak and I’m a 56 year old women who undergone two major knee surgerys and a resent stomach surgery about six months ago that went well.. I seached for a certified specialist not to far from home and he met all the requirements.. Dr. Madison is a humble man that treated me like a person with understanding and put me on a program that is working
    … After ten years of dealing with unbelieveable pain for the first time I can pick up my grandchildren and stand on my feet longer.
    Dr. Madison…Thank you for giving me my life back. It means so much. Leticia Cieslak

  • Paul

    I began treating with Dr. Madison in 2006 after injuring my lower back. I received 2nd and 3rd opinions from two orthopedics, both of whom wanted to jump right into a fusion/lamenectomy.

    Dr. Madison was always an advocate of trying minimally invasive procedures before delving into invasive and unreversible surgeries such as fusions. His philosophy/approach seemed very sensible/responsible.

    If you’re looking to investigate fraud, corruption, etc, you may want to look into Dr. David Spencer from the Lutheran General Spine Center. I have, what I believe to be, very compelling evidence that Dr. Spencer is less than honorable and complicit in corruption!!! I would be happy to share this with you any time!

    Of course, the above statements about Dr. Spencer are only my opinion, and should, in no way, be construed as libelous or in anyway defamatory!

    • Please send me a synopsis on Dr. Spencer. My email address is JFosco@AmericanNewsPost.com. Thank you.

    • kelly

      i had dr bernstein and i could tell him till i was blue in the face i was in pain and he never listened so i stand by you .Dr Madison treated me kind,friendly and really wanted to get to the main factor in all of this …i am in pain . Thank you doctor madison for being there when i need you .

  • kimberly bronkema

    Dr. G has been a God sent ,my back has been degenerating for years, i cried when he was suspended, because he was the only doctor that took the medical card, public aid.Now im seeing Dr. Madison which he is an angel too.Its not fair that people are trying stop these doctors from helping me and others ,finally we have someone who will listen to us and take care of us.I have upmost respect for the care they have giving me, my back  is still hurting but now i can move some what without excurcating  pain. maybe some people should mind there own business and stay out ours!!!!Kimberly Bronkema

  • M m

    He is again prescribing meds to addicts, http://hissingkitty.com/complaints/falsely-arrested-at-cvs/, that’s a link to the issue…the person in question is my cousin, there is no motorcycle accident, he’s an addict and needs help, not dr.s like this

    • Dear MM,
      The problem is that we are unable to prove that your cousin is allegedly faking a painful accident related to a motorcycle. In addition, as long as he maintains the alleged false story while visiting Dr. Madison, his doctor is not violating any laws.

  • Lawrence

    Dr. Madison has been nothing but kind, professional and understanding to my condition.  He is clearly very educated and worthy of his position. I was in a serious car accident last year and I am very fortunate that he was put before me.  Other doctors should take note and hope to be as great as he.

    • Parents thought a clown by the name of Pogo was a great person.

  • Jkunatz

    my name is jim and i have ben seeing dr maddison for two years. And he is very strict in how he prescribes meds

    • Guest

      what do you mean, what type of meds

  • Jo

    I’ve been going there for 2 years now..wonderful people.. dr M is a great man.. personally I don’t know why you continue to bash them..its quite rediculous. You really need to get a life…

  • patstanek

    dr madison is one of the finest dr.s if met in my 51 years he takes care and actually listens to you i take offense to those who speak trash about him if you are not a patient or don’t know him personally stay out of it. he has taken wonderful care of me and although i will never be 100% again the pain is at least where i am not on my knees crying, and by no stretch of the imagination am i a prima donna who cant’ handle pain but this was a pain that no human should endure. so for those speaking out of turn about this fine man i suggest against it. to my Dr. and his staff Happy New Year and God Bless…i am on your side till the end of time.

  • Lori Meer

    I am the mother of a now dead patient of the Madison Clinic in Mich. City. He died of a morphine od on July 4th, 2011. My son was bipolar, and psyschsopranic for 20 years. I am still in schock and am amazed my son was always able to get more pills despite his history. My son was told in front of my grandson that he would die if he kept taking the pills, yet he left with another prescription. fI now see this is a learned statement used by the Dr. to protect himself from patient liability. I wanted to picket the Mich. City office with signs and yet I am still too numb to do much. Dr. Babu in Laporte, IN was also my son’s doctor and I would have thought that somehow there was a network to link my son’s illnesses that could have been seen by the clinic who prescribed the morphine. My son was also proclaimed physically disabled after a neck injury 3 years before, which is why he got the pills in the first place. I questioned all of this only to be told to mind my own business and by doctors that my son was over the age of consent and I had no input to the matter at hand. Tomorrow I start a support group for grief, only to hope to start moving forward. Thank you for listening…

    • Ms. Meer,
      There might be a solution. Email me. JFosco@americannewspost.com.

    • Jay Jones

      I am sorry for your loss and you are right Dr. Madison should’ve known what other medications your son was taking. As much as I know of how much of a piece of shit that man is you can’t put all the blame on him. He may have given your son the gun but he didn’t pull the trigger. But this case proves my point your son knew what would happen if he took the pills Madison shouldve known and not prescribed but he doesn’t care because he is a drug dealer. Its only a matter of time before he loses his license and I might go to the DEA with the recordings I have with both Dr. G and Madison. No doctors office charges 300 bucks actually i think people pay more. I had a discount myself but once I went to a legit doctor thats when I realized what kind of people Madison Dr.G and the rest of the staff.

  • Sherry Mauritz

    11 Years ago I was in a really nasty car accident and well for years I went with out anything but Tylenol and Motrin, In 2010 I got Pregnant with my Second child and couldn’t even pick him up after a while I was in so much pain. My neck all the way down to my Lower back Hurt. Dr Madison gave me the ability to be able to live a semi normal life and now am able to play with my Children with some relief. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a Doctor who truly cares about their patients well being and Quality of Life.

  • i have been seeing dr. madison prior to his indictment. Its very hard to find fault wit someone that is so profesional and actually looks at ur MRIs or ct scans etc before coming up wit a plan. i have had 3 fusion surgeries before i found out dr. madison was in my net. U only get a two week script, unlike the 30 day supply from other pain mngt doctors. i agree with Madisons tactics. its not easy to manage someones pain because we r all different. we take pain in different ways. i have been treated for bulging discs and degenerative spine and have been being treated by doctors for this for over 7 yrs. ive met alot of doctors. ones who will try the same methhod over and over regardless if it worked on the patient and dr. madison is a kind of person that if it didnt work the first time we wont keep charging ur insurance for the same procedure. i have 3 FAILED back surgeries. here is a doctor that isnt afraid to prescribe the right pain meds for the right problem. some of these ppl making remarks dont realize that over yrs of treatment ppl develop a tolerance for medications and thats part of the reason the pharmacies carry oxy 10s, 30s, 80s etc. besides the pain levels. small allegations in my opinion.

  • Jay Jones

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Madison for years and I know that place is just a pill mill. Him and Dr. G don’t give a shit about anybody that walks in those doors. What kind of legit doctors office charges $300 to see a PM doctor. I’ll tell you a crooked one. I don’t know how this place is still open. I know for a fact Dr.G still calls in scripts over the phone. I had two major surgeries and was recommended to this guy and I was clueless about the whole ordeal. After awhile I didn’t care because I was in pain and needed something to numb the pain but after going to a different PM doctor who heard of Madison and Dr. G knows they are just dirtbags and I agree. I have recordings of Dr.G calling in scripts for me and him telling me what I need to do to keep getting meds from Madison. I never saw a doctor who wears a basketball outfit to work. My last visit I saw a couple young kids in there and when I say young kids I mean 18 19 or even 20 thats how young they were. I talked with them and they told me straight up they were there just for pills they aren’t in pain or anything. Guess what they both got scripts of Roxicodone 30mg 180 a month 4 refills. That place needs to get shut down because I’ll tell you what those two kids are either drug addicts or will be addicts soon and those are powerful pain killers right there that could kill them.

  • Jay Jones

    They are just drug dealers. I had the same thing happen to me my roommate stole my meds all I had to do was get a police report Madison refilled it. There are legit PM doctors I see one now costs me 25 dollars a visit he monitors my meds and since changing to a legit doctor they show you ways to ease your pain but still have meds for breakthrough. Finding a PM that will write you scripts is easy they are everywhere. It feels good to actually go to a clinic where it doesn’t seem like I’m in a building filled with crackheads and young drug dealers. Edgar he’s a POS too

  • yoyo

    Here’s an idea, people who take responsiblity for themselves. If they
    don’t like a Dr. or agree how he/she manages their practice, they have
    the freedom to change physicians at anytime. People who are so worried
    about what other people are doing and generalize a very broad subject
    (author) threaten to eliminate that freedom.

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  • Troy Winter

    I see I’m on the tail end of this but Wow. It sure is easy pointing out everyone else’s problems.They invented a machine that tells exactly how much pain someone is in. Oh they haven’t until they do how about worrying about yourself. Worried about overdose. Make narcan over the counter. Cheap,safe,easy to use. No then you can’t blame your own problems on everyone else. What about alcohol,smoking. Hell let’s get them all. McDonald’s food being so unhealthy. Cars they kill a ton of innocent people every year. Prohibition worked so well let’s just call it the war on drugs. We need to make a whole new generation of crooks wealthy. Start spouting statistics that are put together by a totally biased orginization. That will scare everybody into a war on drugs.We can in prison everybody we don’t like. We can have more cops that we can hire even though they a hair away from being criminals themselves. Here a clue an addict is gonna do something to ease their pain anyway they can. Pain meds,Heroin,Acohol,Gambling,Sex and on and on. At least in a doctors office they are’nt going into gang infested environment, to buy god knows what from god knows who. Grow up take responsibility for your own actions. Look at you have developed a business on dwelling on what everyone else did to you. How about pointing out your own failures. How to correct them and how not to repeat them. After reading these articles I need to take a shower. All the grease and oil you use squirming around blaming everyone else for your actions yuck.