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The Castle Difference? Defiance!

Posted on 30. Jun, 2010 by in Organized Crime

When Betty Loren-Maltese and I first discussed her writing for American News Post, I related to her that I felt that ANP could be a useful tool for getting her story out. This avenue of communication, outside of the influence of the mainstream media, gives her free reign to talk about the rough and tumble politics of Cook County. Now people have a window in to her life experiences, and she has a way to give her views in an unobstructed manner. Betty has penned a number of great articles on a variety of hot topics in the Chicago area. I am very proud of her.

Recently, Betty received some good news from a Chicago area car dealer Tony Castle. Betty was offered a job in car sales at the Castle dealership in North Riverside. I thought it was a great opportunity for Betty to make some money, which would help her complete her unjust criminal sentence that requires her to pay the government a great deal of money. Most of us know that convicted felons make up a sizable portion of the workers in automobile sales. I am not in the business and I personally know of a handful of felons that sell cars, or run the finance office at dealerships. I am not condemning the idea of employing felons. On the contrary, I believe it is a noble cause, allowing a rehabilitated person an opportunity to do legitimate work.

On Monday, June 28, 2010, I caught wind that Betty’s business endeavor with Tony Castle was terminated. Betty explained to me her disappointment, remarking bitterly that she did not understand Castle’s decision to cease and desist in doing business with her. Apparently, Betty was informed that Castle was suddenly concerned about her public image, relating to her criminal case in Cicero (as if he just found out about it). The reason sounded odd to me because Americans love giving convicted felons second chances. Just look at actor Tim Allen and entrepreneur Martha Stewart.

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  • Rob

    I thought Castle was an old party liner – he always seems to be shooting dirty looks at people he hardly knows.

  • just wondering

    How terrible for her…Yes it is very tough to get a job when you have a felony conviction and to be misled…shame on those people.

  • Ana

    Mr. Castle is your typical car dealer sales person FULL of s__t! Betty, keep your head up, SHAME on people like TONY.

  • ellen

    What a load of crap! I hate politics, liars and a**holes who make promises and then leave you in the wind. Betty needs to kick some A** and take names!

  • mike

    What a total coward! Hey tony, Ever hear of the FBI. I didn’t think so. They protect people like you. Don’t know why, but they do. Give Betty her chance. Be a man!