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An Interview With Gangster Michael Magnafichi

Posted on 09. Apr, 2011 by in Organized Crime

Joseph Fosco and Michael G. Magnafichi

Joseph Fosco and Michael G. Magnafichi

In recent days I had the rare opportunity of interviewing a purported ‘made’ member of the Chicago Outfit, although, I did not ask him to confirm his ‘made’ status as a Chicago gangster. His name is Michael G. Magnafichi. From what I understand, Michael has been retired from the Outfit for at least 10-years.

Please understand that every single declaration, accusation and insinuation made against others in this interview are merely allegations and should not be considered as facts until proven in a court of law. Thank you.

JF: Good afternoon, Michael.

MM: Good afternoon, Joseph.

JF: I think starting at the beginning would make sense. Where did it all begin?

MM: Jack Cerone the old man, not his stupid son the lawyer, made arrangements with my father, who worked for Jack, to have me drive him around. I was a teenager.

JF: How old are you now?

MM: I will be 50.

JF: How long did that gig with Outfit boss, Jack Cerone last?

MM: Until the old man went away to prison in 1985 or ’86.

JF: What else were you doing in those days?

MM: I was a bookmaker for my father and his friends.

JF: Who was your dad?

MM: Lee Magnafichi

JF: You seemed to inspire your father and his friends with your ability to golf.

MM: You could say that.

JF: You lost your father a while ago.

MM: My dad died of lung Cancer. He died right before New Year’s Eve in 1989.

JF: Just in time for the New Year. That is especially sad. I am sorry.

MM: Joseph, it was a long time ago. Jack the lawyer insisted that I spend New Year’s Eve with him at Brookwood Country Club. I was insulted that he would be as inconsiderate about the loss of my father to suggest that I join him at a party.

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  • Horsey F@rt

    Mr. Magnafichi, sir, thank you for doing this interview.

    I was wondering if you could tell us a little about your dad, Lee, who, by all accounts, was a very respected man in the Outfit. What kind of guy was he, and why is so little known about him?

    (I’d also like to advise you to be wary of any comments submitted by a user named “Harlem Playboy” … if Joe hasn’t blocked him, that is.)

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Horsey,
      Thank you for the question. Please understand that Michael is certainly not in the position to answer any questions in this message thread right now. However, the questions will be addressed in the follow-up interview scheduled later this month. Thank you.

      • Horsey F@rt

        Ok, Joe. Great interview, by the way.

        • Joseph Fosco

          Thank you.
          If you think of additional questions, please insert them into the message thread here and they will be addressed in the up-coming follow-up interview.

  • jc

    LOL as I read these threads the subtle comedic undertone to some of them never ceases to amaze me….JF it seemed as though for awhile you had backed off DiFronzo only to open up on him again the last several weeks…It hasnt escaped me that Joey A has never been a target of yours…Though your knowledge is mostly concerning the old Elmwood Park guys it hasnt escaped me either that when mentioning Cicero you speak of Sarno often when in reality there is no way you can’t know that Jimmy Inendino is the real power there…It seems like whatever your agenda is with stories like this–and I most definitely believe they are truthful–one of the by products of them is unwittingly or not you are helping DiFronzo project an image that he is just an old man who is not at all a threat to anyone…With each article you help to lend veracity to that train of thought as obviously a man as powerful as the FBI says he is may beg to differ with you in a way much more forcefully than the indirect death threats that you have written of in the past. Conversely it is also possible that you HAVE to keep the spotlight shining upon you as it is that which protects you as any move to silence you would bring too much heat…I think SQE needs to investigate this one pronto….:) Quick question though is the deceased Penachio related to the Penachio from Melrose who got into that DUI accident a couple of years ago that killed that woman on the Eisenhower????

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear JC,
      I appreciate your intelligent perspective. Please understand that my agenda is to spread awareness on organized crime in Chicago, as I know it. I agree that in some ways my articles, coupled with DiFronzo’s reaction, which is not to react (with deadly force), helps him look feeble. However, feeble or not, the murders that he committed and/or caused in the past do not have a statute of limitations. It is my sincerest hope that DiFronzo pays for his crimes of yesteryear. Thank you for your comments.
      Oh, the Penachio that was issued a DUI is the son of the man that I mentioned in Magnafichi’s interview.

      • jc

        It never made sense to me that the U.S. Atty’s Office did not even attempt to indict DiFronzo in the Spilotro murders when they were successful in indicting AND convicting the others who were allegedly involved per the testimony of Nick Calabrese. They must have known that in some way that indicting DiFronzo would have in some way compromised Nick Calabrese’s credibility in some fashion thereby potentially jeopardizing his credibility in other matters….not that the G would ever use false testimony or anything lol…Perhaps the Govt was attempting to incite things in hopes of causing Cicero or DiFronzo’s disenchanted and disavowed old Elmwood Park Crew to make a move against him??? Wasn’t Joe Lombardo grumbling something about DiFronzo’s good fortune when in the MCC??? On the other hand why would Cicero want to knock him down if DiFronzo is detached from them and allows them to do whatever the hell they want?? Such an act would bring too much heat and would be counter-productive. I find it hard to swallow that he is even a dry snitch though regardless of his good fortune in escaping indictment…As with any good disinformation the truth is often interspersed with some lies and bullshit so that they become indistinguishable from each other and to a large extent I think Calabrese did quite a bit of that with Uncle Sam’s blessing..He also said Rocky Infelise was there at the Spilotro murders though the FBI supposedly had Infelise under surveillance somewhere else. He said Louie Marino was there also but he was not charged either and I believe he is still in the joint…It is interesting…Perhaps the G was attempting to take advantage of the over-abundance of ill will on the street towards DiFronzo in hopes that a more valuable witness would step up against him out of jealousy for his good fortune??? If they haven’t gotten him yet I doubt that they will do so now…

        • Joseph Fosco

          Dear JC,
          They could have indicted DiFronzo after the Family Secrets case was over. It would be irresponsible of the U.S. Attorney’s Office if they tossed the DiFronzo case aside in “hopes” that a mystery witness emerges sometime in the future. The man is a killer and maintains the ability to order future Outfit hits, whether he plans on it or not. A man like DiFronzo is a serious risk to human safety and should not be on the streets.
          Unfortunately, you could be correct, if they have not indicted him by now, they probably will not indict him ever.

          • The Don

            Joe, usually when there is a big beef between made guys from different crews like what happened in the case of Chiaramonti & Magnafichi, a sit down is required and some sort of resolution is proposed/ and or ordered. Are you telling me that no sit down occurred BEFORE it was decided that Chiaramonti would be knocked down? Was Chiaramonti ordered to make some kind of restitution but refused? That would make more sense before a knockdown would be ordered. As you said, a dead man can’t make payments. I know you said Michael wasn’t involved in the murder and that it was Fratto. I’m sure that was the case, but at the same time I doubt that Magnafichi had no idea Chiaramonti would get knocked down.

          • Joseph Fosco

            I was not told about a sit-down.

          • The Don

            Black Angelo & Joe, I have checked with two very reliable high level Outfit Associates who do business directly with made guys & sometimes Capos. It has come to my attention that there has been one unusual comment made more than once on these threads about Cicero offering to ‘make’ Marco D’Amico. First of all, when a guy belongs to a particular Crew and in this instance to a very prominent Boss, no Capo from another Crew would offer to do something of that nature. Marco has been with the Elmwood Park Crew for over 30 years. It is unrealistic and would make no sense for Sarno to offer to ‘make’ Marco. Marco belongs to DiFronzo. This isn’t I.B.M. or some other big Corporation where people change jobs. According to both sources, sometime after Cerone went to jail in 1986, Marco was indeed made by DiFronzo. That’s one of the reasons why he’s a confidant of DiFronzo. Also, as a side note, not every made guy in the Outfit knows for sure when or if a guy was made. Sometimes they have to asume by his stature in the Outfit. Not all making ceremonies had a lot of other guys present all the time. So, in conclusion, Marco belongs to Johnny and is ‘made’. Why, You ask? Because Johnny, the Top Boss, said so, that’s why. Who’s gonna say he isn’t? Some jealous guy within his Crew or some nobody from another Crew? That’s pretty much the reality of it.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear The Don,
            Purporting to know everything has not been my style, so please forgive me when I affirm that Marco is not ‘made’. And according to Marco, Cicero offered to ‘make’ him recently, which he turned down. I will not name the other solid source that I have on this matter. Now that I named Marco, what difference does it make who the other source is? Marco is very much in operation as a bookmaker today, contrary to popular belief. Tony Dote is fronting for him. Marco’s exposure to Cicero likely comes through this situation.
            The only guy jealous of Marco in Johnny’s crew would be Fratto. I happen to know that Michael looks up to Marco almost as much as he adores Joey A. And, Michael is the first one to feel bad that Joey A dislikes Marco. In fact, I will add more of Michael’s comments about Marco to the transcript of the interview above. Unfortunately, I had to edit a great deal of information out of the interview because it was extremely voluminous. Eventually, I do plan to display all of the content.
            It is best for readers to read my lines, apposed to reading in between them. I do not state messages between the lines. I say it like it is. Unlike anyone here, I put my name on my statements. I am as straightforward as it gets, with nothing to hide. There was only one Wizard of Oz, who hid behind a curtain that everyone thought was mighty and he turned out to be a coward.
            I remember that you claim to be disenfranchised from your Uncle Joe, but if you should make up with him, please inform him that Dr. Giacchino does a good job of purporting your uncle as a blabbermouth and a know-it-all. From what I recall, Giacchino mentioned on several occasions that he had maintained contact with Joe Lombardi for keeping up on gossip. Please understand that I do not suggest that Giacchino is correct, I am simply pointing out what he said about Lombardi so you could try to put a stop to it if you wish.
            As always, thank you for your contributions to the threads.

          • The Don

            Joe, I was not suggesting that Michael is jealous of Marco. The only Lombardi I know is Joe Lombardo who is in prison. Thank You.

  • Carmen 1492

    Hi Joe, Decided to join into this very interesting blog, can you please tell me if you know anything about the “42 gang”, I heard so much about them going up in little italy, if you have any info can you tell me who they were.
    Thanks again for your very interesting articles.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Carmen,
      Thank you for your question. Some of the others here on the comment threads could probably help you. I will address it as well later in the week.

    • The Don

      Carmen 1492, The 42’s became the nucleus of the Chicago Outfit during the 1950’s & 1960’s. Men like Sam Giancana, Sam Battaglia, Fiore Bucciere, Phil Alderisio Willie Daddano, Charles Nicoletti, Sam DeStefano, Frank Caruso, Rocco Potenza, Romie Nappi all came from Taylor St. and were members of the 42 gang. The first to be taken in was Sam Giancana who was very well liked by Paul Ricca, the Top Boss of the Outfit at that time. After Giancana, the others followed as( Mooney) the nickname for Giancana, brought them all into it. These men and others from Taylor St. were the power base for the Outfit which at that time became the most powerful Mafia group in the country. The men from the 42’s were a unique breed of toughness & loyalty. These men were good earners and were extremely loyal to Giancana. The Outfit of today does not compare to the Taylor St. era. Comparing the Outfit of today to the Taylor St. 42’s would be like comparing the Black Eyed Peas to the Beatles in the music world.

      • Carmen 1492

        Don, Thank you for that info, I remember when I was very young, I was walking with my father on Taylor & May St, where the Survivor’s Club was, I saw a man yelling at a couple of guys, my father told me his name was “Needles”, and that he was a mean and powerful guy. do you know who that man was?

        • The Don

          Carmen 1492, I’m not sure but there was an older made Outfit Guy named Paul Needle Nose Labriola. It could have been him but I very well could be wrong. Three of my Uncles came from Taylor St. I always liked going there. There’s a lot of history in that area. The other two Little Italies in the city are also interesting areas, Grand Ave. & 26th Street. I remember all of my uncles telling me about the rivalry between Taylor St. & Grand Ave. They are only maybe two miles apart but they were two distinct worlds. That teen age/ young adult rivalry continued even among the older men who belonged to the Outfit. Generally, the Taylor St. men were in one large ‘extended’ crew and the Grand Ave. guys were in another crew. Many of the Grand Ave. guys went further west on the North Side and ended up living in Elmwood Park or nearby. A lot of the history of the Elmwood Park Crew has it’s roots in the Grand Ave. area. Maybe you heard about guys like Tony Accardo, Jack Cerone, Joe Gagliano, John DiFronzo? They all came from Grand Ave. When the Taylor St. men moved further west, they generally ended up in Melrose Park or nearby. I remember the Italian American rivaly between Elmwood Park & Melrose Park, very similar to the same rivalry between Taylor St. & Grand Ave. in the older days. Melrose Park, like Taylor St., was always considered a little tougher area than Elmwood Park & Grand Ave., not better, just a little rougher. Nothing could equal a good old fashioned Melrose Park beating. That would make a man out of you quickly! Anyway, it was nice chatting with you.

          • Carmen 1492

            The Don, I spoke with my mother, she reminded me who most of the guys were in the neighborhood, “Needles” was Lenny “Needles” Gianola, she said he was well respected, but feared on Taylor Street. I met Tony Accardo, my dad grew up with him so I knew him well, I met Cerrone, Joe Gags, Ralph Machucci, all from my days on Taylor Street, (my dad like to bet on horses, later in life I met a lot of guys from Melrose Park and they were nothing like the Taylor Street guys. The few decent guys from Melrose were Nick Palermo and Chuckie Nicoletti. I was told that Aiuppa disliked Taylor Street guys. I also met a few guys from Grand Ave. like Joe Lombardo and Jimmy Cozzo, both were always nice and friendly. I have to say that the nicest man I met was Chuck Nicoletti, he was soft spoken, dressed well and always a gentleman. My mother told me a lot of interesting stories that I had forgotten about over the years, I guess Taylor Street was a great place to grow up in!

  • Black Angelo

    JC also don’t forget Nick Calabrese said under oath Pudgy Matassa was made with him in 1983. When in fact Pudgy was made in 1989 with Solly DeLaurentis. The two remain close to this day because of this fact.

    As for Marco being made if Joe has a source that says he is “Not” Made. We must take that with a grain of salt.. Not that Joe’s source is bogus but in this day in age misinformation is a plus in confusing the general public and gov‘t (but with them it does not matter because PERCEPTION IS REALITY). For the record Joe has a good source for a lot of things pertaining to the Outfit past and present.

    Even if Joe’s source in the Marco matter was Donny Scalise, Big Moe or Tony Dote I would take it with a grain of salt. And that would even enhance my misinformation argument. And Marco is certainly not the type to go around admitting he IS Made. The stature of Marco (as the Don mentioned) is their.

    And to Top it off “IF” Johnny DiFronzo blessed Marco. Johnny is smart enough to not have many witnesses “witness” said making ceremony. This is an insulation issue. And if the Cicero/ Sarno story is true. Marco must of laughed in his face or been happy that a guy Sarno is so in the dark about his status.

    But Fat Sarno and or Jimmy I would of had to know Marco’s status in the Outfit. Frank Calabrese Sr certainly does.. he told his son so. Pudgy Matassa also knows Marco’s status. And if Johnny DiFronzo dies before Marco.. everybody will know his rank.

    As for Joey A not liking Marco. This is very very believable and this probably relates to Marco’s status and the hierarchy Johnny has set up “just in case” something was to happen to him.

    But caring about a situation in to which a 78 year old guy like Joey A (who is worth 15 million in assets) does not like a 75 year old guy Marco D (who is worth 12 million in assets alone) is like feeling sorry or interested in a feud between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. NO ONE CARES.

    The Joey A – Marco beef may also go back to when Marco was part of Cicero in the 1960s/70s and got alot of rank via Obrien and then got the Elmwood Park Social Club (over him) in 1986 because of Obrien. Joey A would not be the first guy to get “the shaft” from Obrien. He purportedly gave Lake County to Joe Nick & Rocky Infelise.. when Victor Spilotro was supposed to inherit that after N*gger Joes regime in the mid 80s (albeit Victor became Made because of Obrien).

    Obrien also put Angelo LaPietra (another Cicero guy) in at 26th street. The Caruso’s and Roti’s where aware of this Obrien tyrannical system in place and witnessed it firsthand. NOBODY INHERITED ANYTHING WHEN OBRIEN WAS IN CHARGE. So alot of people had ill will towards others because of their great fortune in life.. i.e. Being apart of Obrien’s Tyrannical system to not being apart of it.

    It’s also ironic Joey A does not like Marco in that… Marco probably has more guys kissing his ass in the Outfit than anyone. And its not even that, but a lot of street guys have MAJOR respect for him. And anyone “in the know” knows if you have the streets .. Their in lies the power.

    Marco has had alot of good fortune though. He was loved by two heavyweights Obrien and Johnny DiFronzo. But I would be remiss if I did not tell you Marco created his own fortune by making millions for those 2 said individuals. Inasmuch Marco was a hell of a earner and is certainly not greedy.

    What do you know about Midwest Distributing Company that was once a power in Rockford ?? That was Marco’s and William Daddono jr’s company (behind the scenes).

    And why is Fratto jealous of Marco ? He should have the utmost respect for him. Marco is taking care of his Cigar Chomping Roseanne Barr gutter mouth of a wife while he is away.

    As for Michael Magnifinchi.. he seems well an “okay guy” but suffers possibly from “self pity”.. Michael is like the Charlie Sheen of the Outfit. Except he is not “winning”. No pun intended.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Marco is not ‘made’.
      I doubt that Marco and Billy Jr were truly partnered in that Rockford venture.
      If your information about Marco talking care of Ma Barker were correct, Rudy would have more reason to be jealous of Marco. Rudy is jealous of anyone that has a lot of money, especially if the person is an Outfit member or associate.
      Michael as the Charlie Sheen of the Outfit is great. lol

      • The Don

        Joe, I will repeat, Marco was ‘made’ by DiFronzo sometime after 1986. I do not believe Sarno tried to ‘make’ Marco recently. That is illogical unless Sarno is completely stupid which I doubt. I did not appreciate the ‘directness’ of a previous thread. I thought we had an understanding.

        • The Don

          Joe, why did you write that last paragraph that has nothing to do with me on that previous thread? What was the purpose of it?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Black,
      And, the theory of intentional misinformation about Marco’s status as being ‘made’ is silly. Information on Marco’s status, whether he is ‘made’ or not has absolutely no bearing on anything in Marco’s life and I agree that Marco has a great deal of respect on the street. Need I point out the kind of people who are on the streets? Show me a person that has a great deal of respect from better places than the street and I will be impressed. Every person that I know personally, who is impressed with Marco is either a convicted felon or some other idiot. Perhaps people misunderstand me and believe that I am impressed with these Outfit guys and members who are scumbags. If so, they are very wrong.

    • The Don

      Back Angelo, Marco was ‘made’ sometime after Cerone went to prison by DiFronzo. He is a close confidant of him. When he was made, it could have been only him, Johnny & Pete. Not every making ceremony is a big talked about thing within the Outfit because of obvious security reasons. I doubt Victor Spilotro was made. I believe he was a soldier who belonged to Grand Ave. Mooch Eboli was the underboss/right arm to Lombardo during the 1980’s in the Grand Ave. Crew. I do not believe Sarno would offer to ‘make’ Marco. That doesn’t make any sense at all and is actually laughable. Marco belongs to Johnny and Sarno or anyone else will never change it. The Outfit is not like some legitimate corporation where people get fired or they quite and go work for another Boss. I think the Sarno story is some kind of joke. It has to be.

      • Black Angelo

        Kim Fratto aka “Ma Baker” Get out of here lol that is truly hilarious and very fitting. And maybe Feeble headed Rudy Fratto is jealous of Marco for having alot of money and assets. And if that is true he needs to get over that. But Marco is taking care of Kim financially.

        What Rudy needs to worry about is that his old lady is not blowing the thousands on booze, cigars and other bizarre activities.

        As for convicted felons and people of that ilk in Chicago that pay homage to Marco you are correct on that pt. But Marco has always had that kind of following going back to the early 70s. Jimmy Light also has a following like that too, but Marco’s is larger.

        And The Don I stand corrected Victor S did belong to The Mooch out of Grand. What through me off was Victor S for many years starting in the late 70s through the 80s was known as the “prostitution king” of Lake County.

        He was with Lumpy, Mooch, Tony C and company but got permission under N*gger Joe to operate brothels in Lake County. Victor also lived in Lake County for many many years. And I agree with you on the Sarno story about “asking Marco about making him” that has got to be some kind of fairy tale type story.

        That story is Very Laughable.. especially given the fact Marco was a Cicero guy when Fat Sarno was in diapers. That puts things into perspective I would say.

        And JF only “respectable” people in Chicago Society that I can think about that would associate with Marco or via his fronts. Is guys from the CME or CBOT that love to gamble. Marco I’m told has a guy down their as one of his contacts for high stakes types.

        And all of Marco’s daughters are married to wealthy men. I believe one daughter is single and living off him by spending his money at Oak Brook establishments or down in Florida.

        But I would most defiantly consider his son in laws to be respectable, law abiding and not of the Outfit ilk at all and wealthy on their own merit and entrepreneurial drive.

        But outside of family I would go with the degenerate gamblers down on LaSalle st lol. That have real BIG money to spend. Those types gravitate towards Marco and his entourage.

        And yes i’m sticking buy Michael Magnifichi being the Charlie Sheen of the Outfit lol. Way to many similarities across the board.

        • The Don

          All the Taylor St. men who were convicted felons had tremendous respect & a fierce loyalty to Sam Giancana. That’s what you need to have if you want to be somebody in the Outfit. The minute you don’t have the respect from the other felons on the street, then you end up like Paul Castellano from New York. Marco or any powerful made guy in the Outfit shouldn’t be faulted for having the admiration and respect from the other men who happen to have felony convictions. That’s the life they chose, so, they might as well be as good at it as possible. Also, being a convicted felon for gambling is ridiculous and nothing to be ashamed of. The only reason why any Outfit guys get convicted for gambling and have to do some time is because the crooked government didn’t get a big enough piece of the action. Morality has nothing to do with it. Please, if anything, let’s all at least be realistic on these threads.

          • The Don

            Black Angelo, if anybody can possibly bring the once proud Outfit back to even being close to what they were 30 or so years ago, it would be Marcello, or as he is referred to ‘Jimmy the Man’ or ‘Jimmy Light’. When DiFronzo dies and Andriacchi is too sick to do anything, the once proud Elmwood Park Crew could come more alive and the Outfit could be completely unified in the same direction like it used to be. What is the relationship between Marcello & Marco? I’ve heard a few good things but I don’t have a lot of detail. They were both out of action until 2003 for Marcello and I believe around 2004 for Marco. I think Marcello has a fairly decent chance of winning his Appeal. How old is Marco? I believe is about 8 years younger. Am I correct? They are a lot alike.

  • Hi Joe Fosco, This article is very interesting. I was watching a DVD of the movie “Ghotti” last, and unfortunately the introduction of being a “Made Man” is not something I have learned in this lifetime. Now, referring it back to you article, I wish very much I was there to do this interview myself to ask Mike what does it take to become “Made Man”? As the movie implied “You know the Rules!) What are the rules? If only I could have asked him that question. Yes, I know that Ghotti was New York and not the Chicago Outfit! I wish I could ask him to describe how it felt and what he did to reach that goal. I hope you have a second interview with this man, someday! Thanks, for the interview. SQE!

  • Mickey D

    Had the misfortune of getting involved with Joey A’s son in a business venture outside Chicago. What’s the deal on Joe Jr.? Joey A always seemed like a stand up guy. How can his son turn out to be such a weasel?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Mickey,
      If it is any conciliation, Joe Jr is not a blood relation to Joe Sr. lol

      • Mickey D

        I was wondering about that since Joe Jr just turned 40 and Joey A was serving his time between 1968-71…..guess that’s why he was never in the family business…any idea who the real Poppa was/

        • Joseph Fosco

          Dear Mickey,
          I know who the real poppa is. At this time, I am not at liberty to reveal it. Too bad, because it is very interesting.

          • Mickey D

            Sorry you can’t talk about it currently…..probably a great story

          • Joseph Fosco

            Not as sorry as I am. GREAT story!

  • Dom

    Joe, is Marco D’Amico as ruthless as Bob Cooley described him?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Dom,
      I honestly do not know what Bob Cooley said about Marco. I did not read his book.

  • Black Angelo

    The Don, Marco is 6 years older than Jimmy Light. And the relationship between Jimmy and Marco is very good.

    They go way back to the Cicero days. When they use to hang out at the old Nicky MGM Lounge. Marco also bought his first home in Cicero around 1960-61.

    Marco in fact knew his father Sam. Don’t hold me to this but I believe Sam use to collect juice loans for Marco every so often around late 60s/early70s. I would have to double check on that.

    Anyhow Jimmy and Marco where locked up together at Pekin and Milan. Jimmy got out 2 years before Marco and purportedly relayed some messages to Johnny DiFronzo and his brother Guy.

    Marco is super paranoid about surveillance and pretty sharp so he did not have guys come in from the streets to visit him at Milan to relay messages (like Jimmy or Frank Breeze Sr.).

    But Marco does trust Jimmy Light with valuable information related to the streets.

    And yes Jimmy is like Marco in many ways. Both are real men of men. Both men have thick Chicago accents. And both have loyal followings amongst street guys, tough guys, capable guys if you will.

    I also know both men utilized their juice operations to gain footholds in legitimate businesses.

    Marco got the green light in the 1970s to loan any amount of money without approval from higher ups and also run his own dice and high stake poker games wherever he chose in the city. Obrien approved all this.

    To my knowledge the D’amico franchise has not been stopped. The enterprise per say has been on going for some 32 years. It did not stop when Marco went away in 1994.

    Marco and Jimmy are also are very generous with their money and finances. They let others eat per say.

    However I would not take Jimmy’s or Marco’s kindness for weakness. Marco is in fact ruthless. Jimmy is more cunning per say but as ruthless if boxed in.

    Also I believe JF has touched on this before but there is no feud between Johnny DiFronzo or Jimmy Light.

    That bozo that writes for the Sun Times one Steve Warmbir is way off base most of the time… as is that Goofy fella named Kass that writes for the bankrupt Trib.

    From what I hear Johnny D actually liked when Jimmy was on the streets because moral is good and Jimmy has good organizational skills.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Kass is welcome to be the office assistant here at ANP if he ever needs a job. Unfortunately, Warmbir is incapable of contributing anything useful to ANP.

  • South

    JP and others. With all the talk about Jimmy and his keen skills the Galioto group is never mentioned. Are they in the game at any level and if so do they have similar skills?

    • The Don

      Black Angelo, I know there was some tension between Elmwood Park and Cicero about 10 or 12 years ago. Part of the tension was with the Hatch – Magnafichi situation and there were some other concerns I heard about. I know there was some speculation about DiFronzo never being indicted and how he had Elmwood Park pull back to a certain degree. Well, we’ll see what happens in the future. I mean, after all is said and done, The Outfit guys have to earn. I personally think that the entire Outfit ( which would be the rest of Elmwood Park, the extended Cicero Group, the 26th street crew, the Grand Ave. crew and the Chicago Heights crew would be better off without DiFronzo. He’s not really doing anything for them. It’s become a little like the rich are getter richer and the middle class Outfit Guys are getting poorer. Anyway, it doesn’t affect me so I really don’t care. But, looking at the situation objectively, if you don’t have a couple of Top Bosses with a vision to want to make the entire enterprise expand and be successful, then it becomes a situation where there are only a couple guys on the top level who have everything, especially legitimately, and they don’t care about all the rest. This is what happened with Castellano in New York. However, unlike New York, DiFronzo is smart enough to have his own elite crew to protect him.

      • Black Angelo

        The Don, Yeah I can agree with you to an certain extent. It does seem like the richer are getting richer. But the Outfit has always had wealthy mobster’s, soldiers and associates. Even street bums that still hustle or commit burglary’s, robberies, home invasions seem to have assets.

        And the juice loans that was put out in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s have allowed the Outfit to get a foothold in a many of legiitmate business that are commercialized to this day.

        The owner of a certain business, restaurant, beef stand, strip club or hotel is really never the real owner. You know what I mean.

        But DiFronzo is certainly know Castellano. Fuck Castellano was sort of like an Accardo type (before Accardo moved to a modest home).. Living in a big fucking mansion while all the rest lived modestly. Accardo was a idiot for living like that. And the Irony is the general public, books and Former Feds thought Giancana was a spacone or showboat.

        Bullshit Giancana lived in the same modest Oak Park house all his life. He was just boss after Appalachian when a lot of heat was starting to be put on the mob and especially the Outfit. But you never saw Giancana brought up on Tax Invasion charges like Accardo.

        And they like to say Accardo use to tell his men “keep your head down.. Don’t make waves” lol.. that’s a fucking joke !

        But if your still getting hit with Tax invasion charges in this day in age like Rudy Fratto. That just shows you the stupidity of that man. Fratto has always lived beyond his means. A spacone if you will.

        But the guys on the fringes seem to have the most money. Relatives of dead mobsters and some that are still alive.

        There is a lot of guys out their that would probably be willing to buy memberships to become made. But are they willing to go to PRISON ?? NO. These are the politician types..

        These types of individuals rather go to bars, lounges, restaurants and clubs while wearing the pinky rings and masquerade as gangsters..

        They couldn’t do 10 years in the can if push came to shove. Starting at the age of 53.. Solly Delaurentis did 16 years on his head now that is a man .. A real gangster. And he doesn’t even wear a pinky ring in public.

        But Johnny DiFronzo he can only do so much. I know some guys feel Quote on Quote “dried up”. But he has gotten guys restaurants, beef stands, real estate deals, car dealerships and jobs, and café’s. Bananas DiFronzo lives very modestly in a 3 bedroom apartment.

        Sure he has property in Wisconsin, Florida and some farms in rural Kane and McHenry counties. But DiFronzo does not live “High off the Hog” and a lot of guys on the streets respect that.

        Sure he’s worth 30 million, but he drives a modest truck. He doesn’t dress real flashy. But he doesn’t have to look the part anymore. He’s not a car dealer anymore. DiFronzo is not a Joe Nick or Castellano type building castles for themselves.

        I’m sure Johnny doesn’t mind guys living “High off the Hog” but you better be able to back that up with your tax returns or have a day job to show for it.

        Johnny Bananas went to work at a car dealership for some 30 years. He could easily afford to live in Oak Brook, Inverness, South Barrington or Darien and get away with it. But he chooses to live modestly.

        • Joseph Fosco

          Johnny was claiming 400k a year in income over 30-years ago.

        • Joseph Fosco

          Joe B was in the dining room of Horwath’s Restaurant many years ago (obviously), when he attempted to light one of his English Oval cigarettes (mini cigar). The manager came over and told Joe, “I am sorry; it’s a house rule – no smoking in the dining room.” Joe put the cigarette down and said, “I respect house rules.”

        • The Don

          Black Angelo, you make a lot of good points, especially, concerning Accardo. Concerning DiFronzo, you’re also right, that despite the fact he’s probably worth at least over 20 million, if not more, he is not flashy. Also, because of the way the Outfit is structured, the Top Boss always has his own crew with the extension of the crew he came up with, along with being partners with the other Capos. Those New York Bosses isolate themselves and go around with one maybe two bodyguard/ drivers, and then some strong guy with a powerbase of men get upset and shoot the Boss and his one driver and that’s the end of it. That’s exactly what happened to Castellano. That wouldn’t happen in Chicago. The Bosses are too strong with powerbases. Anyway, it seems that guys like Sarno & Marcello, if he wins his Appeal, and other guys similar, are more motivated to control things on the street like real gangsters, whereas DiFronzo seems to not care about it too much. I also get that impression from reading about Michael Magnafichi and how he has basically been deactivated for 10 years and complains about not being well off like in the past. I wonder how many other Elmwood Park guys feel that way. However, I could be wrong and DiFronzo might have things under complete control and be more involved than anyone thinks is possible. He is a very interesting Boss. I know Joe Fosco hates him and calls him a mass murderer (which he is), but in reality he really is no more of a killer than Joey Auippa. His methods of killing in the past are a little bit questionable from what I’ve heard and read, but in the final tally, murder is murder. Another intersting Capo who is ‘hungry’ to get things done is Caruso from 26th Street. Those guys are similar to the extended Cicero Group. Do you have any idea who is the Capo of the Grand Ave. Crew? I heard there was some new guy there. It looks like the old North Side/ Rush St. Crew doesn’t really exist anymore and you and Joe are probably right that Matassa and anybody left became part of the Elmwood Park Crew.

          • Black Angelo

            Yes Johnny DiFronzo is a unique boss. He likes things streamlined. He likes a system and likes insulation via a hierarchy system. If he dies in the next 10 years. I think I might know who would be the next boss.

            And yes New York has a strange system. Those guys have no parameters, Their structure seems based on greed on climbing on ones back to get to the top.

            A Mob Boss in NY is currently testifying “against” the person he made a Boss in his place if that gives you any insight to the disarray or treachery of their “Thing”. Very Bazzar.

            As for 26th street. Toots seems to be undisputed. Toots never wanted the LIFE for his son “The Prince of Bridgeport” jr. but said events in The Prince’s life have led Toots to groom him in the “family” business. Toots has another son and daughter but their college kids or done with college.

            Ray Tominello is a guy Toots relies on. Frank Calabrese jr probably does some things for him out in AZ also.. so I here.

            In Lumpy’s old beloved stomping ground of Grand Ave. Just by the mere fact he took trips to Paris and Italy with Lumpy in 2002 and was his driver after Legs died. I would say Chris Spina has to be calling the shots down their. Joe Kong I believe has symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

            Jimmy I is “could” be the true power in Cicero. But he spends most nights at his trucking company. I would say a guy who has always remained behind the scenes who always has kept Joe Nick’s franchise rolling is John Credidio. Jimmy I and Credido are both really just business guys.. That wanna make money.

            They probably could give two fucks about organization or structure. I would not be surprised if Johnny DiFronzo though Pudgy a bone (with meat on it) and gave him Cicero.

            After all Pudgy has his head stuck up Solly D’s rear end these days a lot. So Pudgy may be weighing “heavy” on Cicero these days and insulating his pal Solly.

          • The Don

            Black Angelo, The Grand Ave. Crew under Lombardo was very powerful. They were very tight knit and Lombardo was close with DiFronzo. After all, they both came from the Grand Avenue neighborhood. Cozzo was a top guy with Lombardo but I believe he’s been dead for a couple of years. I know for a fact that Melrose Park use to be and probably still is Grand Ave. territory.I believe Centracchio who operated in that area was also with Lombardo. Years ago the West Suburbs Crew was run by Teets Battaglia and was part of the extended Taylor St. Crew. The epicenter was Melrose Park. However, after Teets and Alderisio died, Lombardo became the Capo. Since he lived down by Grand & Ogden, the new epicenter was there and hence the name of the crew changed from the Melrose Park crew to the Grand Ave. Crew. The lineage is the same. Did you that? Same thing happened with the Taylor St. Crew. After all the Taylor Street guys were basically gone, the new epicenter of that crew developed a little further south by about 16 blocks and became the 26th Street Crew. Years ago when Giancana was in power, Skids Caruso actually belonged to the Taylor St Crew and ran his franchise there at 26th street. The roots of the 26th Street Crew originated from Taylor St. Angelo LaPietra was originally with Fiore Bucciere who became the Capo of the Taylor St. Crew when Giancana became the Top Boss in the Outfit. The lineage of the Street Crews in Chicago is a true history lesson, and I know it well. The names of the 6 Crews during the Giancana years were called: Taylor St., North Side/ Rush St., Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, Cicero & Chicago Heights. During the Auippa years, the 6 Crews were called: 26TH Street, North Side/ Rush St., Elmwood Park, Grand Ave., Cicero & Chicago Heights.

  • Black Angelo

    Here’s the way I look at it. Sure their will always be something to complain about if your not making the income you think you should be allocated to and or anointed to. But at the end of the day your gonna have to be a man and take the bull by the horns and (a) take it (b) invest more wisely or C find a black market racket that is lucrative.

    For Instance take Frank Calabrese Sr. he was born with certain go-getter workaholic instincts. If they let that man out of prison today “penniless” I bet in a couple of years he would have vast amounts of profits from what ever the hell racket he had going on.

    Some guys are just born for the LIFE the long haul others just wanted to ride a wave. And you cant ride waves in Organized Crime with a speed boat. You need a cruise liner. It’s a job most men start at a very young age.. Lets say 25 years old.

    So if these guys get a long run for lets say 30 to 40 years. If you invest wisely and stay cagey you can see the “fruits of your labor” by the time your 40. Hopefully you become a made guy by 50 if that is your hard on.

    Take Marco D’Amico for instance he started out when he was 20 years old. He didn’t do any substantial amount of prison time until he was 58 years old. That is almost 40 friggin years on the streets bringing in vast amounts of income.

    So much money you don’t know how to spend it. You cant buy enough houses for everybody, you cant find enough things to invest cold hard cash in and you don’t know where to bury it all. (as a side note a lot of people would enjoy that problem lol).

    No fool wants to go to the friggin CAN. But every job has its “occupational hazards”. When you join the Outfit that is one ! So it is what it is. But if your savvy financially sound mobster the prison time is worth it.

    Look at Curly Peluso.. He claims he has not been involved in Outfit affairs for 10 years. But all he was was a bookmaker (I think he collected juice loans also) and he is worth millions (still is).

    But I recall on the DOJ tapes he thought it was strange that Frank Sr (when he was talking to Frank Jr) was strange for trying to keep his franchise afloat ! But Frank Sr. is cut from a different cloth than a Peluso.

    And mobsters in the Outfit can be “dried up” and make come backs ! Rocky Infelise in the early 1960s got dried up real real bad by Mad Sam DeStefano and the Outfit. Mad Sam burned down Rocky’s joint. They cut off all his loans on the streets, snatched his agents from him and didn’t give him shit. In 1964 inasmuch Rocky was shelved.

    But Rocky was a warrior and hunkered down and started pushing herion and cocaine and being a street hustler.. He did some prison time for dealing and by the late 1970s Rocky was back and in true form. He made it into Joe Nicks inner-circle and before you knew it he was back on top. It just took 15 years.

    I know Jackie Cerone liked to call him “Huck” as JF has mentioned before. But at least Rocky was self made and showed a lot of perseverance when he could of called it quits and went into self pity/ suicidal form in 1964.

    Hell Cerone road coattails (joe b coattails) to the top. Cerone was not a hustler. He was a successful mobster granted. But if he would of got shelved or dried up he might have been suicidal.

    • The Don

      Well, You’re right. I suppose it’s easy for Magnafichi to sit back in self pity and not do too much about it. It’s always easier to blame someone else than look at yourself. However, Joe & Magnafichi make it sound like DiFronzo has forbid him to do anything on the street. But, if you look at Marco or even Fratto, before he went to prison, DiFronzo did not stop them from earnin. I basically agree with you. Since I don’t talk to my uncle anymore, it’s hard to get an accurrate read on the situation. There’s a definite discrepancy of stories. If you look at Marco, Pete & Fratto, before he went away, they were earning in the usual combination of illegal & legal money which is the specialty of Elmwood Park. Then, when you listen to Magnafichi, it seems like big bad selfish DiFronzo & Andriacchi have dried them up and there’s nothing he can do about it except follow orders. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but I do agree with you, that the Outfit is no place for cry babies and prison is just part of the job description. You overlooked answering my question. Do you know who is running the Grand Ave. Crew and who is left? Like I said, I heard there was a new guy there.

      • Joseph Fosco

        Today, Albert Vena is running Grand Avenue in Joe Lombardo’s absence. Aside from Porky, Alby (spell?) is probably the most deadly person on the street today.

        • Dom

          Joe, Porky? Who is that?

          • Joseph Fosco

            My old acquaintance, Porky, was the Germans partner. I never knew him to be anything but a nice man. However, his reputation is incredible. His name is Freddy Pordyla. The only reason he is not ‘made’ is that he is polish. I could write a few articles about him, but I am too afraid to do that.

          • Joseph Fosco

            I am worried that mentioning Alby today, as the boss of Grand Avenue will increase my chances of being killed. Anyone in law enforcement that reads this please be aware of my concern.

          • Joseph Fosco

            For some time now, I had furnished photos of Porky and Alby to all of my loved ones and neighbors, instructing them to call the FBI immediately if either of the two are ever seen for any reason. In one weekend, Alby and Porky are capable of killing as many victims as John Gacy murdered in a decade. The DiFronzo brothers have access to Porky. And ‘others’ have access to Alby (as well as Porky).

          • Dom

            Joe, why would you mention these guys if they’re that dangerous? You can’t be that dedicated to this website.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear Dom,
            When you have lived in fear of dying for a decade, with conformation of death threats from the FBI, you might understand how dedicated one would be in attempting to bring his or her potential killers to justice. For that reason, I am very dedicated to justice! This site is merely a tool that I could use to communicate with all the relevant parties. For those of you that find it amusing, good for you.
            I am not writing a book about old useless stories, with the main objective of ‘protecting’ the living gangsters, who could kill me. I am writing about the real killers in our community that must be stopped now. If all of us stand up to these creeps and contact the FBI to tell what we know, we would stand a chance of getting rid of them. Frank Calabrese, Jr, who John Kass is honored to know, has not done one thing to stop the murderers who are on the street today. Instead, he writes about his father, a man that could not harm a fly at this point. Frank, Jr, if you are reading this, I dare you to do something productive for humanity, not profitable for your lavish needs, tell the FBI everything. Write a new book and tell the public what they need to know about the killers on the street today that you are protecting right now!

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear Dom,
            With my connection to Conrad Black, I could write and publish 20 books right now. He told me that he would just about bend over backwards to help me. What would I gain? A quick 100-grand? Do not get me wrong, these days I sure could use an extra 100-grand, since the Outfit financially devastated me. But, what would 100-grand do for me when there are killers on the street today that could kill me? My immediate concern is remaining alive. I have put a great deal of effort in remaining on this planet. Some of you know I was diagnosed with a serious form of Cancer last year – a year ago this month. I beat it. And I will continue to beat the Outfit! I plan to beat the Outfit right into the ground.
            The creeps that sit in the card shops, such as the Moosehead in River Grove, who gawk at thugs like Marco and go home to brag to their families about who they were with earlier should be ashamed of themselves. I say this to all of you wannabe’s, pick up the phone and report these thugs to the FBI. Tell them what you know. I do not care how useless you think your information is, tell the FBI. If you do not want to call the FBI, come here and tell us what you know. The FBI reads this site.

          • Dom

            Joe, thank you for your response. I do not feel what you are doing, or the situation you are in, is amusing at all. I’ve been following your websites for a long time, because of the information you are putting out. I wasn’t aware of your fight with Cancer. It is good to hear that you beat it, congratulations.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear Dom,
            Thank you for your kind words. I kept my Cancer diagnosis from almost everyone, including my own mother. Unfortunately, I had to inform a couple of different lawyers, who blabbed to a few enemies. Therefore, word did get out to a slight degree. Again, I never told my mother or my grandmother. My grandmother died last December, without ever knowing that I was sick, which is just the way I wanted it. So far, my mother is still unaware. She does not read this site, in fact, she could not figure out how to turn on a computer for a one-million dollar prize. When I was prescribed chemotherapy last May, I decided that I would tell my mother once my hair fell out. Would you believe my hair never fell out? My doctor was surprised. I was on ABVD, which definitely causes hair loss, but not for me. The few people that knew I had Cancer could not believe it because of how well I did. I might write a book on how I beat Cancer eating all the wrong foods and drinking like a sailor on furlough. I do not smoke so maybe that helped. I was just about at stage 3 when I discovered that I was sick. I had a blood Cancer.
            When I realized I was keeping my hair, I knew that I did not have to tell my mother. She has enough to worry about, with the money that she helped me raise for the Outfit over the past 10-years and her awareness of the threat on my life from the Outfit; I thought the least I could do was prevent her from hearing that her son had Cancer. If she ever finds out, which I hope she does not, at least it is behind me now, so the blow would not be as difficult to endure. I fibbed about a different medical problem because my mother was aware that I was going to the hospital several times a week for different things over a period of 10-months. I told her I had a back problem. I know that being dishonest is not the right thing to do, but it was for a good cause and it was not a crime. When people hear the word Cancer their minds race and the worst is usually expected. I figured that I would tell her about it if I found out I was going to die. So far, it is not happening, at least not from Cancer.
            When my doctor explained my chemo regimen, I asked her if I could have at least one glass a wine once a week with dinner. She said, “Sure.” Then I asked if I could have two glasses because it is nearly impossible to have only one glass. She said, “Fine.” Then I asked how about three glasses. She said “fine.” Then I asked if I could have a Martini before dinner. She said “fine.” Then I asked if I could have a few cocktails after dinner. She started to look at me with a grin on her face as if she was not sure if I were serious. However, she said, “fine.” Then I asked her if I could do this a couple of times a week. She said, “okay, twice a week, but if I find out you are doing it every night, I am going to kill you.” I told her to stand in line. I do not think she fully grasped what that meant.

        • Black Angelo

          JF Now this is BREAKING NEWS !! And very accurate I must say ! I told the Don last night Chris Spina was active on Grand (which he is) but the old crazy bird Al Vena is running things down on Grand.

          You remember last week when I brought him up in connection to Joey A (The Builder) having access to him ?? I was always told through certain circles that was his killing machine. But I stand correct because it would not shock me if the DiFronzo’s have access to him also.

          I was actually scared to bring his name up in the threads last week ! But said the hell with it ! But you naming him as Capo of Grand ! The balls on YOU !!!

          Never met Porky but his reputation precedes itself. I’ve heard people mention him as the Germans apprentice.

          I have met the silent deadly Bird Al “Alby” Vena. Both times on Grand. Once back in 1991 and again in 2003 or so.

          Both times he scared the ever loving shit out of me. And its hard to scare me (Maybe because every time I turned around he was staring at me.. I wondered how he even got behind me to begin with).

          But their is something about him. He is stone cold to the core, but innocent all at the same time. Very Silent man. And then BOOM.

          And yes he is one of the most deadliest people in Chicago know one has ever heard of. And as I said on the other thread.. “you wouldn’t look at him twice.. But then you’d be dead.”

          I was scared to bring him up in connection with Joey A. But to name him the Capo (which he is). The Balls on You ! Wow ! Alot of people aren’t supposed to know that lol.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear Black,
            You are scared and your identity is secret, what about me? lol

          • Joseph Fosco

            If Al Vena fucks with me, it will be Boom, but on whom?
            Please note, I would only act in self-defense, as I am a law-biding citizen.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Chucky Russell is another one to be on the lookout for. I have circulated his photograph as well.

        • jc

          JF–in reference to Porky…is he a little guy who did time in Florida recently??? Something about an expensive bracelet, a home invasion and some woman with her throat slit yrs ago???? Is he in his late 30’s or am I thinking of someone else?????

          • Joseph Fosco

            You are thinking of someone else. My Porky is in his late 70s.

          • Joseph Fosco

            My Porky’s photo could be found at the URL below. Keep in mind, the photo is about 30 or 40 years old. He is all grey now and always has on a fedora. He loves to flirt with women and drink white wine. He could be laughing with you one minute and shooting your brains out the next.

            Look at how crazy Pete DiFronzo looks in the photo located via the URL. However, Peter is more handsome, he reminds me of the German in this photo. His eyes are going in two different directions (a sheer sign of insanity). Insanity runs strong in the DiFronzo family (on their mother’s side). There dad Mike was a nice man (according to the late Willie Messino). Johnny is said to look like his father the most out of all the DiFronzo brothers, but he has his mother’s insanity.


        • Dom

          What a relief to be able to take that weight off your shoulders. I would have been devastated. I like the conversation with your doctor about the wine, that was good.

          • Dom

            I don’t know why my comment ended up here. It is in response to the Apr 13 11:40 pm

  • South

    Joe, The Don, Black Angelo and others.
    I am new to this site and find your insight interesting. Thank you for that.
    I have read a multitude of comments pertaining to Marcello yet the Galioto group never seems to get mentioned.
    Please offer your insight on this family.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear South,
      There is really nothing to say about the Galiotos, other than their family relation to the Marcellos, which caused them to make money in the adult entertainment industry.

  • South

    Thank you, They seem to try hard convincing others of significant mob ties and involvement.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Johnny Galioto is a showmanship. The only other showmanship that I can recall is the late and great Liberace.

      Showmanship: ability to attract attention. the ability to do things in a lively and enthusiastic way that attracts attention.

  • South

    Very funny.
    It appeared to me that he may have spent some time with the late and great Liberace. Seems to thrive on a make believe image then.

    • Joseph Fosco

      No, he believes his image is real; we are the ones that know otherwise.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Spent time with Lib, funny. lol

  • South

    I hear he has children all over town that he never met or supports.

  • father guido

    Dear Joe, Congratulations on beating cancer! The good Lord has plans for you! I am glad to see you going back at the outfit with renewed vigor. I have a couple of questions. Most of your previous efforts have been directed at the Difronzo’s and Fratto. By now naming Albert Vena, and Porky does this mean you will be reporting on the Current Outfit in its entirety? And if the Outfit is split as you previously asserted, to whom does Alby and company owe allegiance? I assume you have good information that Frank Calabrese Jr. is protecting people and that is why you have been calling him out to do the right thing. I hope he does. Was Mickey Marcello a coke buddy of Frank Jr.? Is Dino Marino Louis son one of the guys Sarno made? Why do you think the FBI spent so much money on the Sarno investigation…doesn’t seem to me like it was worth it, kind of small time stuff really.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Father,
      Thank you for your kind words. I will be focusing on the current Outfit as much as I can. Alby and Porky are respectful of both sides of the Outfit. Cicero put Alby in power and Porky worships Johnny DiFronzo. I once gave Porky a photo of Johnny, Lee, Michael Magnafichi and he looked at it, especially at Johnny, and his blue eyes sparkled. I realized how much he appreciated seeing it, so I gave it to him.
      Porky told me that Skip Cerone was his original sponsor to the Outfit. He also belonged to Joey Aiuppa and Jack Cerone. Aiuppa loved Porky. I believe he would have been Aiuppa’s choice to use as one of the guys to kill Jack. Porky once told me that he and his guys used to refer to Jack as the ‘eagle’ because he was bald. lol
      Porky was also very tight with Joe Lombardo. Porky told me that Joe thought Milwaukee Phil was a c*nt.
      The FBI probably spent a fortune on Sarno because they can.

  • Logic

    Speaking of the little man, Joe what do you know of the dope peddler Sam Taglia?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Is he the dentist’s son?

      • Jrsteele

        The dentist son was his cousin Sammy was my uncle.

  • Horsey F@rt

    Dear Joe,

    I was unaware of the cancer situation. I’m sorry to hear about it, though I’m extremely happy to hear that you beat it.

    Joe, I want to apologize if what I’ll call my “antics” in the threads caused you unecessary stress or somehow exacerbated your health problems.

    Have you considered writing an article about how you beat cancer?

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Horsey…,
      Thank you for the kind words. No apology necessary. The threads were therapeutic for me. Thank you.
      It would be a short article if I wrote one on my situation with Cancer. It was not a fight. It was a slaughter. I killed it! What more is there to say about that? Again, thanks.

  • Geek899273

    Hi Joe, thanks for posting stuff about Albert Vena. I don’t know much about him besides the stuff that was written in the papers years ago. There was a mention of him leading the Grand Ave crew. I work right off Grand Ave near the ol II Jacks on Grand and Wood st. I noticed that they are opening some sort of upscale sports bar there soon. Just wondering if you heard anything about it or if the Cerones are still owners. I believe the new bar is going to be called “Outpost”.
    Thanks, congrats on beating cancer.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Geek,
      I am aware that the old II Jerk’s is reopening, again. The Cerone’s are long gone from there. I have not looked into who took it over now. I could look into it.

      • Geek899273

        Thanks Joe, I remember reading years ago about the Cerones owning II Jacks. I remember that they had another place that I want to say was near Clybourn or Elston Ave near North Ave.

        • Joseph Fosco

          The other place was Aldente Cafe. Young Jackie used the physical beating that he received in the place when it was called Glow as a way to takeover the joint (I think it was called Glow). He filed a lawsuit against everyone and the mayor. The owner got nervous and offered Jack the place to settle the lawsuit. I am confident that Jack had to come up with some money to get the place, but he probably got off easy.
          Jack’s poor business skills eventually ruined the profitability and the place closed.

  • Horsey F@rt

    It surprises me to see people referring to Marcello as Jimmy Light. Jimmy Light was Frank Calabrese’s personal nickname for Marcello. In Outfit circles, he’s known as Jim. And speaking of Marcello, he too had a close association to Pordyla. As I understand Pordyla’s role in the Outfit, he’s a serious badguy “at large” who is at the disposal of all the bosses prior to Mike Sarno.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Horsey,
      Porky will work for whoever could pay for his services, however, he is partial to major Outfit bosses, especially ones his age and older.
      When I was spending time with him, he was trying to reach Joey A. He asked me to arrange a meeting between him and Joe. I thought it was odd because I do not know Joe that well, but I thought Porky might have believed that I would rely on Michael Magnafichi to make the contact for him. However, I simply told Porky that he should try leaving a message at Rosebud on Taylor or at Gabe Caporale Realty in Elmwood Park. At the time, Joe would spend a great deal of his afternoons at Gabe’s office. Porky was hurting for money. Previously, the Germen was taking care of him, but had to go on the lam because of the Family Secrets case. I helped Porky by buying him a car and giving him a little money. I was desperate to help him thinking that I was buying some protection from the others that wanted me dead.

      • My grandfather is Porky…and all this is bullshit…he always made money and the German didn’t have to take care of him. He is still alive and well…and he is laughing reading all this bullshit!! Get a life!! And a car!! Haha that’s the biggest joke!!

        • Hi Nikki,
          No, it’s all true and I have a wonderful life. It was a red Dodge. He parked it on the slab in back of the house on Oak Park Ave. I understand that his health is not very good these days. I am sorry. A while back I gave him a photo of Johnny DiFronzo and Lee Magnafichi and Lee’s son Michael, who were golfing in the photo. If you get your hands on it, please scan and email me a copy. I would really like to get it back. Thanks. JF

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear readers:
    In the interest of fairness, I am cutting and pasting a message that came in on both message threads relating to my interview with Michael Magnafichi. For obvious reason, I am reluctant to allow the writer access to our message community. I do not want problems of inappropriateness to occur. The message below is not violating any laws, therefore, I have decided to share it with you, regardless of the fact that I wholeheartedly disagree with it. However, mentioning the cancelation of the follow-up piece could be valid. I am basing this off my communications with Joe Celozzi today. We’ll see.
    Thank you,
    Joe Fosco

    Comment by Searson:
    Due to the numerous harassing phone calls and messages Michael has received from his family and friends, I would like to set the record straight for those who do not know better. Michael has not seen Joe Fasco in over a year and this “interview” did not happen. There will also not be a followup interview to the interview that never happened!

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Readers:

    Today, I understand that Mr. Magnafichi is under duress. It is obvious that someone forced him to reconsider his recent decision to be a good guy. However, I will remain hopeful that he will ultimately make the right decision and continue with our goal to take down the bad guys. Thank you.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Readers:

    In a conversation today with someone, I was asked, “if Michael feels that his life is in danger because of the interview, why won’t you remove it?”

    Here is my answer:

    Michael and I planned to do a book together for a long time. The articles that were published recently were not the product of a snap decision. I interviewed Michael many times over the years, including very recently. We finally pulled the trigger and published something. Apparently, someone intimidated Michael today. The only snap decision that is being made is Michael’s purported decision to take the articles down, as he seems to be reconsidering his position. In the meantime, the information that was released is now out there in the public domain. Thousands of people have read the articles. What was done is done. Taking it down will not accomplish anything for the people that have intimidated him. On the contrary, leaving the articles up will now serve as a protection mechanism for Michael, which is why I now feel that I have an extra duty to keep these articles on the internet. Thank you.

  • Joe Fosco, I am so happy you beat your cancer.I have a good feeling that you will make your goals with your endeavers of Criminal Justice!

    I hope that there are no dark shadows creep that upon you. I believe that the FBI for those who need it, is merley, It only takes a moment to get help or react!

    • Joseph Fosco

      Thank you for the kind words!

  • Carmen 1492

    I never received a response from The Don about my question of the “42 Gang”. I had said that I spoke with my mother, she reminded me who most of the guys were in the neighborhood, “Needles” was Lenny “Needles” Gianola, she said he was well respected, but feared on Taylor Street. Was there any such person? My mother is up in age but has been telling me a lot of stories about this “42 gang” but this Needles guy helped out our family and I was wondering if he was still alive or if you knew anything about him. I just remember him yelling at some guys in front of the Survivors Club on Taylor Street.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Lenny had a brother Sam that knew my Uncle Romie really well. However, Lenny was close to my family as well. I believe that Lenny were involved in some of the labor union rackets associated with Sam Giancana. My father’s older brother Vito was a 42.

      • Carmen 1492

        Thank you for responding, I knew Sammy Gianola very well, and his brother Joe, who was a bartender on Rush St in the 60’s and lived in Kenosha. I am very close with Sammys daughter. I also knew Ricco Nappi, my dad worked with him on the City. Like I had said earlier, growing up on Taylor St, I knew most of the old timers you write about because I was always by the Survivors Club with my dad. Needles had a younger sister named Mary too, she was a great lady. Like I said, after talking with my family I started remembering a lot from the neighborhood.

        • Joseph Fosco

          You would obviously know that Ricco and Romie were brothers. Ricco was a foreman on ash fault for the City of Chicago for many years.

          • airbornemedic

            Just wanted to say that I loved your interview so far with Michael G. Magnafichi. Since you know so much do you recall a made guy or maybe just associate
            who owned a club in Schamburg in the early 90’s call the (Irving Park inn) his name was Lou C. I cannot recall his last name I just know it started with a C. there was another guy that came in there alot by the name of Big Jack. I know he was a made guy.

          • Rdlake

            Very interesting reading all these stories. My wife would mention uncle Joe from Kenosha & later I found he was Needles brother.

    • LittleGinoSucks

      A**y the power on Grand, huh?  not one of the brother’s (L &J) guy’s? I think the guy at the six corners, who used to make beefs farther west down  Grnd might have some weight.  and anyone who mentions christie spina in the same contxt as por**** or albie or ****y D has rocks in their head

      • Chitowndago


        • LittleGinoSucks

          to afraid to mention any of these guys by name directly, but if you are in the loop you should be able to decode it.

          • I have named them before. Albert Vena and Fred (Porky) Pordyla. And, I agree that Spina should not be thought of in the same light as Alby and Porky.

  • I was not planning on it. I suppose I could write something.

  • How did Michael hang Uncle Jimmy out to dry? Was Jimmy fired or indicted?

  • I do not know anything about it. Do you have the cop’s name? I could look into it. The idea does not surprise me.

  • I do not know anything about it. Do you have the cop’s name? I could look into it. The idea does not surprise me.

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