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Is Empower Public Relations A Naive Firm Or Plain Old Deceitful?

Posted on 17. Oct, 2009 by in Analysis

On Friday, October 16, 2009, I was conducting a routine Internet search on Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr, MD., hoping to find the long-awaited news of a possible medical license suspension, when I found a site called Empower Public Relations. I was astounded to find that a seemingly credible public relations firm could be oblivious to all of the blatant facts surrounding Dr. Giacchino that exist (I have made a copy of the page here in case Empower Public Relations pulls the original).

Let me be clear, I said facts – not gossip! Simple Internet searches would reveal the following truths:

1) The woman that Dr. Giacchino shares his life with as his wife and employs thru his clinic is a convicted drug dealer (Maria Gil).
2) Federal law enforcement agencies are presently investigating Dr. Giacchino’s medical practice.
3) Dr. Giacchino once lost his medical license relating to a 1980s felony drug indictment.

Furthermore, while I have no physical evidence to support an allegation that Dr. Giacchino was forced to resign from Loyola Hospital in Maywood, Illinois in the early 1980s, I contend Loyola Hospital discovered that Giacchino was conspiring to sell human organs for the Chicago Outfit to desperate patients willing to pay large bribes. In fact, I dare Loyola Hospital to sue me for libel, if only to prove this allegation is false. And I would be willing to bet anyone any amount of money (via the State of Nevada, where gambling is legal) that Loyola Hospital will not seek a legitimate claim of libel against me on the aforementioned matter.

I will finish by suggesting that the public relations Internet site called Empower Public Relations, not be taken seriously while they promote Dr. Giacchino as a reputable doctor. In addition, the American Association of Pain MedicineChicago Medical SocietyIllinois State Medical Society and Westlake Hospital (of Melrose Park Illinois – shockingly, Giacchino is on staff there) are hereby advised of the same. We as a community should not stand for the whitewashing of dangerous doctors.

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  • Trace

    Never thought much of an md that would advertise beyond a simple listing in phone book let alone hire a pr firm. But the act of hiring a pr firm is quite a poker tell indicating that you have or will have a significant pr problem.

  • Sam Chapman

    You should be ashamed of your self! Why not volunteer at a hospital or do something productive, if good healthcare is your concern. Slandering others is hardly a way to do anything but spead hate. By the way this is all gossip, something negative said behind someone else’s back, and I think it’s ugly!

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Mr. Sam Chapman (CEO of Empower Public Relations),

    I insist that you retract your false allegation that I have committed slander! Dr.
    Giacchino’s inappropriate behavior is what damaged his reputation, not the acknowledgement of it.

    First you send me an e-mail threatening that I, “will be hearing from our (your) lawyers Monday morning.” Please know that I am hopeful that you will reconsider before making the mistake of filing a bogus lawsuit against us. The results would be extremely unpleasant for you.

    Then there is the comment that you submitted through KTF’s blog system. Mr. Chapman, I am not ashamed of myself for spreading awareness about a dangerous individual that pushes narcotics. In fact, you should be ashamed of yourself for making a living off a drug pusher by helping him appear as a reputable doctor. Furthermore, I find my work very productive. Without ‘awareness’ people would not know of the many dangers in this world, Dr. Giacchino certainly being one of them.

    How dare you call my work gossip! The word gossip evokes thoughts of rumors and innuendo. Mr. Chapman, if you spent more than five minutes reading any of my articles (including the one you are commenting on) you would know I stand on solid facts here. My writing is supported by evidence. In some cases I have concrete evidence, and in other cases I have my eyewitness accountability and or the sworn testimony of others. Everything that I write about is true. If you want to call my telling the truth gossip, then let us shut down every newspaper company in the world and obliterate the freedom of speech. By this standard surely the Sun-Times and Tribune are far greater gossip mills than KTF Media Group.

    If this is how you handle damage control for your clients, I suggest that you find a different occupation.

    Well, there you have it folks, right from the CEO of Empower Public Relations (located in Chicago, Illinois), a false allegation of slander, in defense of a drug pusher that is currently under federal investigation. I would advise any clients of Empower Public Relations to pay close attention to the behavior of Mr. Chapman. If Empower Public Relations is as big of a joke as I consider its CEO, then you should seriously reconsider how you are spending your money.

    Mr. Chapman, there is nothing going on behind anyone’s back, we are right out in the open on the Internet. The only one spreading hate and looking ugly are the ones who make a buck supporting and aiding drug pushers.

    Thank you for your time.

    /s/ Joseph Fosco
    Publisher KTF Media Group

  • Sam Chapman

    Uh oh! I seems that Joe is off his meds again.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Chief Executive Officer Chapman,
    I find your professionalism to be quite humorous. Good luck growing your business.
    Joseph Fosco

  • Joseph Fosco

    On October 18, 2009, in an email to me, purportedly authored by Empower Public Relations Chief Executive Officer, Sam Chapman predicted that my life would end early. This despicable behavior from a man that calls himself an executive of a public relations firm must stop!
    Mr. Chapman, not once, but twice, you have harassed me over the wire (via direct email), which I believe is a Class B Misdemeanor in the State of Illinois. This is your only warning, if you harass me again I will take legal action against you.
    Joseph Fosco

  • Bob

    i want to thank ktf for helping me decide against hiring empower public relations.

  • Levin

    Read the comments thus far and my only question would be is sam the ceo also a pain management patient of dr g because in my opinion there is no logical explanation for his bizarre correspondence with j fosco. Joe i would advise sam the kid gloves come off legaling speaking of course when someone starts predicting when anothers life will end. Then follow through until retraction is issued.

  • Dr. K

    According to a website called Bite Your Tongue, it seems that University of Minnesotas Professor of Communications, Dr. Ascan Koerner, regards Sam Chapman’s communications strategies as “silly.” So, Mr. Fosco, you appear to be very credible in thinking that Chapman is a joke.

  • Levin

    Umm i noticed that mortons steakhouse is also a client of empower. If this how the ceo of thier pr firm behaves i will have to take that into consideration before i or my family decide whether we will patronize mortons steakhouse again. Guess that would be considered an unintended consequence of acting like a jackass.

  • Sam Chapman

    So, many posts for just one person. Could it be multiple personality disorder?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Yet another glimpse of Chapman’s professionalism.

  • Levin

    Multiple personalities – this from a guy that has a book titled “no gossip zone” then disparages others on internet. Cant wait to read the book! Wonder if i too can learn to promote/protect an md that sports “biker sleeves” not by stating positive attributes but by juvenile remarks directed at the source of factual info. Good luck!

  • Levin

    Heard unpower public relations has taken on roman polanski as a client and thier ceo sum chumpmen has even coined the phrase “thirteen – the new forty.” gee whos next unpower dr eziekel “killing them softly” emanuel or micheal vick promoting his new korean restaurant chain “no body – no crime!”

    note: KTF Media Group has been unable to confirm the information in this post

  • I am on to you Chumpman!

    Sam Chapman of Empower Public Relations, in my opinion, is not half of the sales person that his wife, Dr. Laura Berman is (Berman sells sex toys – Chapman sells reputations).
    I read Chapman’s comments here. According to Chapman’s blog comments, he has done a great job of showing us how low he can go. I think the article is dead on!
    I love the person that called Chapman ‘Sum Chumpman’

  • Call out

    I agree with the above poster. Sam Chapman has a reputation around town, and for good reason. Anyone who has worked with him can tell you he’s a certified maniac. His book “The No Gossip Zone” and his so-called policy is a total joke. Anyone who has met anyone from his office knows it’s a bigger gossip mill than any high school. His business must not be doing very well if he has all this time to send threatening emails and write blog posts. He’s a total joke, as is his business.

  • Sam Chapman you clearly show your IQ and its a wonder you even have a Website ! I would assume that you take pride in placing one on your website in HONER ! You really should have thought twice about Joe Giacchino Jr. He as a doctor is not even worthy of adding DR, MD to his title, let alone praising his so called medical history ! What has been stated about this QUACK is not GOSSIP but all known facts ! You appear to be very defensive about Giacchino, a known narcotic drug pusher ? when clearly you should be thanking one who shared the facts with you. As far as your professionalism …….. humorous

  • melony

    Dr.g is the best doc u could ask for and who ever is talking bad about him must have been a patient and got cut off due to a dirty drug test I’m very happy with him and his work a dr.g ur the best

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Melony,

    I am sure Mr. Giacchino is happy to have your support. However be advised that on April 22, 2010, Dr. Giacchino official became Mr. Giacchino again. Your doctor is no longer a licensed physician. The dirty doctor was finally cut off.

    Mr. G might have been the best drug dealer.

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