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300K Settlement By Dr. Joseph Giacchino

Posted on 13. Mar, 2012 by in Announcements, Current Events

Joseph Giacchino

Joseph Giacchino

Sometime in the year 2009, a man contacted me via the internet identifying himself as a former police officer who was recently released from prison. His name is Joe Norris. When I asked him what he wanted with me, he explained “Dr. Joseph Giacchino destroyed my life.”

While it seems highly unlikely that any readers at ANP would not be familiar with the criminal escapades of one Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, perhaps I should take a moment to explain that he is a formerly-practicing surgeon that ran a pain clinic in Melrose Park, Illinois, for several years before having his medical license suspended for the second time in 2010. My long and and emotionally-draining entanglement with this Pusher M.D. has been well documented on this site, so I will not bother to give you the specifics of my problems with this man.

I was certainly not the first, or last, victim of Giacchino’s greed or hubris. In the case of Joe Norris, it was Giacchino’s grave and unforgivable dereliction of duty that caused him massive personal injury.

Norris was able to access a great deal of helpful information on Giacchino through American News Post’s former publication, KTF Media Group. Norris quickly and accurately concluded that I could be a possible ally because of my articles that described how badly Giacchino temporarily compromised my life. I was very upset to hear this news about Norris’ suffering. Therefore, I agreed to meet with him to discuss a plan to bring Giacchino to justice. We met, had dinner and began getting to know each other.

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  • Pagliaccio

    Joe – Your good work is paying off.

  • Logic

    Great news Joe.   Is Giacchino still residing in Chicago and still affiliated with the Chicago Outfit?  Question for you–are you an acquaintance to any of the “Mob Wives Chicago” cast?  Do you know who this William “Wolf” DeSimone is? 

    • Yes, Giacchino is living in the Chicago area. His primary residence is in River Forest, Illinois.
      I am acquainted with the brother of one of the professional associates of Mob Wives Chicago. I do not know of a William “Wolf” DeSimone. I could look into it if you would like me to.

      • I recently heard that one of Harry Aleman’s step-daughters is going to be on Mob Wives and apparently one of the ladies nieces is desperately trying to get on.

        • Logic

          Joe…given your blog has become somewhat of a gossip source for the underworld…do you ever wonder if you or ANP will be mentioned on the show?  Do you think DiFronzo, Mattassa and others are concerned about this new publicity?

          • I doubt that the individuals would mention ANP on the show. I do not believe that Outfit people (family member too) want to see ANP garner any limelight (negative or positive).

            I would suppose that Outfit members do not like the TV show. However, I am hearing more that Johnny is senile, so who knows what he might like or dislike at this point.

          • I doubt that the individuals would mention ANP on the show. I do not believe that Outfit people (family member too) want to see ANP garner any limelight (negative or positive).

            I would suppose that Outfit members do not like the TV show. However, I am hearing more that Johnny is senile, so who knows what he might like or dislike at this point.

      • Joseph

        Wolf worked at the university as a janitor or something and also painted people’s houses for cash sounds like a gangster

  • FaKauff

    I hope Klob gets the money too. Giacchino is part of the problem with todays pill epidemic. I can honestly say that every one of my friends went there just to get pills to sell besides me. He never even asked them what the problem was, just handed out scripts like candy.  Now 4 of them are in the ground. It started a huge problem for lots of people. So thanks Joe for saying anything to expose this piece of shit. He is an ass hole and i hope Karma comes around and sticks em up the ass for it.  I hear there is a guy in the can named Karma LoL.

    • Dear Fa…,
      Thank you for the complement. I am extremely sorry to hear that your friends have suffered because of Giacchino. I am horrified by the news that four died. Please feel free to share details with me via email (jfosco@americannewspost.com). However, if you would rather not discuss any details, I would certainly understand.

  • Thanks Rick. I have a great Outfit piece coming up soon.

    • RickW

      Two unrelated questions for you.  There’s a guy asking if a Joe Natoli, who died in 2005, was connected with the Outfit.  He was a member of the Iron Workers local as well as a physician’s assistant.

      The other isn’t really a question, but just some info that I found a reference to Armando Fosco being mentioned as a hitman for Ross Prio.  No additional info other than that.  This was in a file from around 1961.

      • Rick,
        You have stumbled upon a major connection of my late father’s that I am going to expand upon in my upcoming book. I have kept away from it in these threads and in the article that I wrote about my father because I do not want to spoil my book, which is why I am not going to say anything further (for now), unfortunately. Over the years, some credible people (within the Outfit and outside of the Outfit) have told me that my father was a hit-man in the 1950s, however, for the first time in my public life, I will admit that if I had to bet on it, I would agree that the information you have is accurate, meaning my father was a hit man (I have had mixed emotions over this painful topic for years). I hope and pray that he asked God for forgiveness before he died because I want him to be in Heaven. I knew my dad very well, I knew that he had a very explosive side with a raging temper that made him appear as a frightening person at times, but he was my father and he was a very good dad. He loved my family and provided for us very well. He spent a great deal of time with me as a father and I truly hope he asked God to forgive him. Please refrain from speaking any further publically on my father for now and I would appreciate if you would email me a copy of whatever you have. Thank you. J

        • Rick, I will have to get back to you on the ‘Joe Natoli’ question.

          • RickW


        • RickW

           I understand completely.  I’ll send you an attachment in the next few days.

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  • Tony Perez

    I do not understand how you can blame a doctor that you got hooked on pills. Doesn’t anyone take any personal responsibility anymore ? He didn’t force you to put the pills in your mouth. Medication comes with information and the drugs clearly list that they can cause addiction and anyone with half a brain can research what they are taking on the internet. This is exactly why medical malpractice insurance is so high for all doctors and why prices for all medical needs are so high. It is just unbelievable to me that people are winning cases like these. It is more ridiculous than people suing Tabacco companies for getting lung cancer. Only in America!

    • Tony,
      Please allow me to clarify something incase you are mistaken. I am not and have never been addicted or dependent on anything, including prescription medication of any kind. Dr. Giacchino caused injury to me in other ways. However, I agree with the State of Illinois’ decision to revoke his medical license because of all the patients that he failed to treat properly who had no business receiving prescriptions for narcotic medication. Keep in mind that the State of Illinois’ decision to revoke him was affirmed by a chancery judge and a higher court known as the Illinois Court of Appeals.
      A bartender has a duty to cut off an intoxicated patron. A doctor has a duty to do the same thing.
      Thank you for your time.

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