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Gangster Willie “Potatoes” Daddono Sr. & John Joseph Rainone

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When Chicago Gangster Willie “Potatoes” Daddono Sr. armed a feeble Jewish man of the very cleaning service that feeds select members of the Daddono family to this day, I doubt he ever thought a person by the name of John Joseph Rainone would be getting a piece of the pie, even if that slice amounted to little more than crumbs.

For those of you unfamiliar with John Joseph Rainone, allow me to explain.

John Joseph Rainone

John Joseph Rainone

John Joseph Rainone, born March 26th, 1975, is a career criminal, with wire fraud and illegal narcotics as his alleged forte. However, despite Rainone’s shortcomings, he is the stepson of a wealthy businessperson named William Daddono III. Rainone’s stepfather (because of his father’s generosity) is heir to and/or partner in Century Trade Show Services. Daddono and Rainone spent their first celebration together as family at a Super Bowl party in 2004, two weeks to the day after Rainone’s mentally-challenged mother married Daddono who has similar intellectual capabilities. John Joseph Rainone would later be convicted for stabbing multiple individuals in cold blood at that Super Bowl party.

Last year the United States Government on a large wire fraud case indicted John Joseph Rainone. The government alleged that Rainone and cohorts used various personal credit and or charge accounts belonging to unsuspecting citizens to purchase expensive luxury items. I believe that Rainone’s mother, Laurie F. Gentile Rainone Daddono, and his sister, Nicole M. Rainone Calabria, aided and abetted Rainone in his supposed fraud by allegedly shopping for him with said fraudulent credit and or charge account information.

In February of 2012, Rainone asked the United States Court in Illinois’ Northern District for permission to leave the jurisdiction for a March trip to Florida. The Court granted permission. However, Rainone failed to inform the court that on his return date, March 27, 2012, he planned to be arrested in DuPage County, Illinois, with his 78-year old paternal grandfather, John Rainone, on a major narcotics case involving over 5,000 grams of cannabis.

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    According to a source, the elder Rainone supposedly submitted a written and signed confession immediately after their arrest last month.

  • five finger discount man

    John joseph is the son of infamous outfit beefer Mario Rainone, correct? Has Mario been released from jail regarding that pawn shop robbery a few years ago? Welcome back Joe, we missed you.

    • Dear Five,
      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, Mario is the biological father to John Joseph Rainone (Bill Daddono III is his stepfather). Mario is still locked up in federal and will likely be there for many years to come.

      • Chitowndago

         Mario Rainone is in a IL State prison and due to be paroled in October of this year.

        • If my memory serves me correct, which it might not because I do not care about Mario, he received a few years (maybe 7) on a state beef, however, because of a firearm that he was in possession of, he will be transferred from the state system to the federal system when he finishes serving his state sentence. From what I recall, he is looking at some serious federal time on the gun charge.

          • five finger discount man

            Right joe,
            I believe Mario is looking at 15 to life on the federal gun charge. Also thanks Chitown, I remembered that it was rocky that hit the pawn shop after I typed the post. Does anyone know whats going on with him?.

    • Chitowndago

       Rocky LaMantia was the one that robbed the pawn shop on Roosevelt Rd. about five years ago.

  • Just Curious

     Mr. Fosco, What medical qualifications do you have that allows you to go around and freely accuse and brand certain people as being ‘ Mentally Challenged’?  Are you a qualified medical physician?

    • I learned a great deal from the good doctors who worked for Dr. Giacchino over the years. Thanks for asking. Take care.

      • Just Curious

        Mr. Fosco, with all due respect, your answer does not give you the qualifications to brand certain people as being ‘ Mentally Challenged’. You use the words too freely and too often to be taken seriously. Just because you don’t like the DiFronzo’s or the Daddono’s doesn’t mean any of them are medically ‘Mentally Challenged’. I’m sure, with all due respect, that there are a lot of people who may incorrectly think that you are ‘Mentally Challenged’ especially fbecause of all the money you lost to the Outfit beginning in 1987 to the present.

        • Just curious,
          An Outfit boss such as John DiFronzo would have to be mentally impaired in order to make such a bad decision to run an organization made up of killers and thieves. No reasonable person would disagree with me. In the case of William Daddono III, I have personally witnessed him conduct himself in inappropriate was (to put it mildly), which I published in other articles and his conduct would convince any reasonable person that he is mentally challenged (in addition, I could publish more examples of his mental shortcomings if necessary to prove my point). If the wealthy and well represented William Daddono would disagree with my assertions, he could do something about it in an appropriate way. My guess is that he will do something about it, but it will likely be inappropriate because he is mentally compromised (in my opinion), which is sad, but expected, considering the source.
          Lastly, you are being unrealistic to condemn me for being a victim of extortion. Although I would admit that I was unwise to associate with such an element (such as Outfit people like the DiFronzos and Daddonos and all the others) in the first place, however, I should not be criticized for being threatened and intimidated. Thank you.
          I have recovered from all of the pain that the Outfit caused my family and me – I have moved on and do not hate anyone.
          Thank you for your readership.

          • Just Curious

            Okay, Fair enough, then using your logic ( which has no medical value) , you would then have to agree  that your Father was ‘ Mentally Challenged’ for being a hit man for this organization and every single member of the Outfit ( especially the Made Members) would be ‘ Mentally Challenged’ .

          • Dear Just Curious,
            Any person associated with the Outfit for the purposes of aiding said criminal enterprise would be deemed mentally challenged in my opinion and I do not believe that reasonable people would disagree. No one in my family would be exempt.

            Let us not be confused about William Daddono III. I believe him to be mentally compromised for multiple reasons. Please read about his ludicrous behavior in my interview with Michael Magnafichi (and the related segments).

          • Just Curious

            The Outfit people that I have known are not ‘Mentally Challlenged’. However, I would say they are sociopathic in their behavior and beyond that I would say in general they are a bunch of stupid fucking arrogant assholes who feel as though they are ‘ entitled ‘ to something and act like they are a little smarter and a little more special than anyone else. However, in the long run they all end up in jail and the Outfit of 2012 is a fucking joke compared to 40 years ago. As you can see, I objected to your free use of the word ‘ Mentally Challenged’ but in the final tally I do not have any respect for the Outfit people and think they are basically a bunch of dumb assholes who all end up in jail. Belonging to The Outfit 50 0r 60 years ago may have been  more of a way to escape poverty. However, in the modern era of society, the Outfit guys of today, in particular the younger ones, are a bunch of uneducated phoney dumb assholes who walk around with that stupid macho man swagger which means nothing.

          • Pagliaccio

            These are the same arguments I have seen for years on here before certain people were banned.  Joe has never once exempted his father or uncle from criticism. 

          • Pags,
            Thank you for making a good point. I will not allow any additional comments that pose the same old arguments. Thanks for the pointer.

          • Just Curious

            I don’t know who was banned in the past nor do I CARE ABOUT IT one bit. This is the first time I have ever commented on this Blog. I can ask any fucking question I want or have an opinion about how I would have reacted in a situation without someone trying to monitor me. Mr. Fosco is a big boy and doesn’t need you( Pagliacco) to be his babysitter or come to his rescue. I’ve read some of your comments and to honest , you come across as a little naive and a bit of an ‘Ass Kisser’.  I am  not some Outfit supporter. I think the Outfit, especially today, are a bunch of stupid assholes who all belong in jail. I know some of these people personally and they can all go to hell and feel ‘special’ & ‘ entitled’ 

          • Just Curious

            Mr. Fosco,  I read your court transcripts about what happened in your Civil Rico Suit. I’m not condemning you for anything. I’m merely pointing out the fact that it wasn’t very smart of you to pay or invest or whatever you did in 2001 when you gave a couple of Outfit people $400,ooo Dollars all at once. Nobody in their right mind would do such a thing especially after your family paid a couple of Outfit people $500,ooo Dollars in 1987 after your father had died.  That simply makes no sense at all. I suspect there is more to the story that you do not wish to tell. No, I don’t condemn you, but that’s what happens when you hang around with those people and you are not really one of them. You become a ‘score’ for them. They look at you like a fool and laugh at you behind your back because they see you are a ‘wanna be’. You should never have given those people any money for any fucking reason. It makes me question your sanity.

          • Just Curious,

            I hope you will never know what it is like to fear for your life and do things that make no sense as a result of fear. Perhaps you are not aware of what fear could make someone do. I suggest that you study up on fear and what drastic and desperate measures it could cause. Lastly, the Outfit was the ones who concocted the reason to use when I was extorted, therefore, take it up with them if you find any discrepancies in their plot. However, in the meantime, research the affect that extreme fear could have on someone.
            It took years of dealing with my fear of the Outfit for me to learn how to cope. I am grateful to a few close family members, God, and my real friends who have stood by me. I will take good care of them for their loyalty now that I am in a much better position than I have been in a while.
            I forgive your ignorance and will pray for you.

          • Just Curious

            Fear of revealing your name on a blog and paying a couple of guys $400,000 Dollars are two different things. Noone could have said anything to me which would have made me pay them a lump sum of $400,000 borrowed from my family, especially having paid $500,ooo about 14 years earlier. It sounds like you were swindled more than extorted. Either way, these Outfit guys are bullshit bullies who all end up in jail at some point. The only reason John DiFronzo is not in jail is because he most probably is a dry snitch. Mike Sarno is a classic example of the stupid arrogant dumb ass Outfit guy who thinks he is somebody special. He can now feel special over the next 25 years in prison. I wouldn’t be surprised if John DiFronzo told the Feds about Mike Sarno’s involvement in  the first place.

          • Just Curious,
            Thanks for understanding my point, ‘revealing your name’ on ANP and ‘paying a couple of guys’ a lot of money ‘are two different things’. Additionally, I have more fear to deal with than the average scared or cautious blogger on ANP, however, because fear (and need for caution) is identified by some of ANP’s bloggers, some might possibly grasp a portion of the ‘different’ degree of fear that I was faced with (over my ordeals) than the small amount (compared to mine) of a blogger on ANP would feel over merely leaving comments in his or her real name. In other words, a reasonable person cannot honestly understand with certainty how one would react if one truly thought that one of the oldest and most powerful criminal organizations in American history, known for killing and torturing, was commissioned to murder said individual. The fact is that no one would know how he or she would feel until faced with such horror. Therefore, it is unrealistic for anyone who has not experienced what I did to thoroughly project how he or she would genuinely react in a ‘what if’ scenario pertaining to something as serious as an active murder attempt on one’s life. Thank you.
            Speaking of dry snitching, I received word from a special source indicating that the latest ‘dry snitch’ move came from Rudy Fratto, who purportedly threw a father and son team under the bus causing the two a rather surprising indictment recently, to secure a discrete agreement to suppress FBI reports that would have revealed secrets about individuals and companies related to McCormick Place (I will be expanding on this topic in the near future). In addition, Fratto’s purported ‘dry’ snitching was established in a further attempt to secure a lenient sentence in his upcoming sentencing hearing regarding his McCormick Place capper (which seems to be getting postponed as usual in his cases, similar to his odd tax case turn-in date postponements). Fratto is currently trying to get off his home monitoring program prior to his sentencing date. If the judge allows Fratto to go free (meaning off home monitoring) until his sentencing hearing, I think such move would certainly be suggestive (beyond what is currently suggestive). Again, thank you.

          • Just Curious

            There was no actual murder attempt on your life. There was apparantly the ‘ threat of a murder attempt’ rather than a real attempt. However, I do understand your fear upon hearing from the F.B.I. the information. How did the F.B.I. hear about it? Rudy Fratto is a stupid scumbag who might ‘ disappear’ one day according to the information you posted above. There truly is no honor among thieves, especially low class scumbag thieves. Tell Pagliacco ( which means clown in Italian), to mind his own ass kissing business and let me have an honest discussion with you. Thank You & Happy Easter.

          • I doubt Rudy would disappear some day because of my previous comment (lol), especially if his own boss, Johnny DiFronzo, is a dry snitch, which you seem to believe.
            The murder attempt on my life that occurred took place well prior to the first (2004) FBI notification that my life was in jeopardy (this was all previously explained in a number of venues, including public – apparently you have not researched this matter thoroughly). However, on advice of counsel, coupled with the fact that I have moved on with my life, I cannot allow you anymore latitude on this matter.
            Again, Happy Easter.

          • Pagliaccio

             vai a farti fottere

          • Just Curious

            Don’t have enough guts to say it in English. Besides being a naive ass kisser, you’re also crude and ignorant. Mr. Fosco has more class than you.

    • Potbelly00

       Is Lee Magnafichi “mentally challaneged’? Is Michael Magnafichi “mentally challeneged”? How can you trust people as sources if they are “mentally challenged”?

      • That is why I rely on more than one source. Thank you.

      • Pagliaccio

         Lee Magnafichi is dead, genius…..

        • Potbelly


          I meant to say Was Lee “mentally challenged”.

  • Horsey F@rt


    Happy Easter.


    • HF,
      Thank you and I wish you a Happy Easter as well.

  • Just Curious

    Mr. Fosco, I don’t recall reading an attempt was actually made on your life before 2004. If you can show me where it is I will gladley read it. I am not downplaying the notification you received from the F.B.I. I even stated that I understood your fear from the notification. If you don’t want to talk about it anymore, that’s fine with me. If you are so disturbed about someone asking you some honest questions, why did you write about your whole ordeal in the first place? If you don’t want anybody asking you some honest questions about it, then you shouldn’t have posted all those articles about it. Ntaurally, to a newcomer like me, I’m going to have some questions and opinions about it. Isn’t that the reason for your blogs?  As far as Rudy Fratto is concerned, when I said disappear I meant possibly in the witness protection program, not disappear as in being murdered. Finally, I do believe John DiFronzo is a ‘dry snitch’. He’s not anybody special and his brother is an asshole. The Outfit is not deadly anymore. They are weak and scared. They do  not have the political power to murder and get away with it like years ago when Pat Marcy or Romi Nappi were alive. I wouldn’t worry too much about them if I were you. That is my honest assessment and I do know some of them. They are on their last leg.

    • Harlemave

       “DRY SNITCH” (learn definition) He is a SNITCH!!!!!!!! but I do agree with you on today’s outfit status but have you read news lately murder is up by gang bangers so it wouldn’t take much for an outfit guy to hire some of these gang bangers to do their dirty work, like you said all outfit guys are in jail which they probably could make alliances with local gang bangers to do their dirty work.

  • My understanding of a dry snitch is someone who knows what is going on, (i.e. who does what, when, where and why), why could narrate a story, however, not an eyewitness to a specific crime. I suppose such witness could also be called a ‘hearsay witness’ to give you a better idea. Obviously such a witness would not be admissible in court, however, would be very helpful in investigations in showing the FBI who to follow and bug.

  • I think the Outfit is troubled over the idea of committing murder after seeing what Fitzgerald did in the Family Secrets case (minus the pardon DiFronzo received).
    Marcy and/or Nappi would not have been able to help anyone in the Secrets case.
    At this point I believe that I am being used by the Outfit as a sign of proof that their days of killing are over. But then again, you might hear that I was murdered next week. 🙁
    As to your story about a gambler not paying and nothing happening over it, I would add that the Outfit most likely assassinated his reputation, which means something did happen. When the Outfit wants to get even with someone these days, they perform a smear job, usually not quite as excessive as the failed attempt that their friend and insurance guy Pete Tosto’s second mentally deranged son took part in. legitimate corporations such as Ford Financing and/or GMAC would be sanctioned, fined and ordered to pay out large amounts in damages if either corporation publically smeared a loan holder for not making his or her monthly payments on time.
    Side note:
    Last Sunday, it turned out that Jack Cerone (the lawyer) and I coincidentally decided to take our families to the same restaurant for Easter dinner. More uncomfortably, we were seated at tables next to each other. This marked the first time that I saw him since he took the stand and testified against me in October of 2006. While seated at our tables, we minded our own business. However, shortly after his arrival (which was roughly 30-minutes after mine), we connected in the bar area where we exchanged greetings, smiles, nice words and a handshake. I do not know why I engaged him the way I did – I should not have done so. He probably feels the same way. I suppose it was the awkwardness of the unexpected meeting that caused us confusion with how to conduct ourselves.

    • Just Curious

      Mr. Fosco,  The Outfit is indeed afraid to commit murder.  They are very lacking in capable manpower ( as compared to 35 years ago ), and they are much weaker with their political power which gave them the confidence years ago to commit murder with immunity.  A smear job against a gambler is nothing.  All they do is tell other people not to give him any credit.  Then, the gambler is forced to make bets online.  That is a far cry from what happened  years ago.  As far as running into Cerone  Jr., you should have asked him for a big loan and then never pay him back  Lol.

      • I beg to differ on the murder issue. The number of Outfit murder trials compared to the number of murder victims would show that gangsters simply do not get caught very often (which makes political clout a moot issue). The Hatch was knocked down after Nappi was declared senile or recently deceased and Marcy was long gone (a delayed response to one of your previous comments). I contend that the Family Secrets case is more of a deterrent of murders than anything else. The gambling issue would have more to do with extortion than murder. Bookmakers are reluctant to risk extortion charges over a 3-dollar (or 3-dime) play.
        Again, the dynamics of the Family Secret case made the difference of life and death for the Outfit.

        • Just Curious

          Mr. Fosco,  You make a good point by stating the number of trials compared to murders in the past is very small.  However, like in the martial arts field,  just knowing that you can defeat someone if put to the test givers you tremendous confidence without having to prove it.  In the past , just knowing that the tremendous clout was there gave the Outfit more confidence to commit murders.  Also, don’t forget, many investigations in the past NEVER LED  TO AN ACTUAL TRIAL  because IT GOT QUASHED ALONG THE WAY. The Outfit doesn’t have that kind of clout anymore or let’sd say it is greatly diminished. When the Top Boss pulls away like DiFronzo did years ago, that is the beginning of the end. Some Outfit high level associates who did business with the Outfit years ago might QUESTION the real involvement of DiFronzo. In other words, If I were the mayor of one of the suburbs, I personally would hesitate doing business with DiFronzo because he might be a snitch of some sort.  I agree the Family Secrets Trial had the biggest impact. However, DiFronzo pulled away BEFORE the Family Secrets trial was ever known. I think the mid 1990’s was the beginning of the end. I agree about Marco D’Amico. He was more like a high level bookmaking associate. Back in the 1970’s or 1980’s, they probably  would not have actually made him.

  • Accountable? Until your comment came in on the above article, the man you are defending was not named at all here (he was merely referred to as generous and again unnamed). However, now that you brought him up, I will say, hard work means nothing when the project in focus was (allegedly) illegally and unfairly hijacked from its original owner in the first place. In other words (according to your logic), if ones father extorts a business from its owner or creator, we should forget and forgive if the extortion artists son is a smart and hardworking person. Lol

    American News Post focuses on real news, it is not a hate-site dedicated to my opponents and former opponents (note: my opponents and former opponents are not exempt from being covered in articles simply because they are opponents and/or former opponents of mine). If Rainone had not made news, the article above would not exist today. If you want to yell at someone, yell at John Rainone.


    Shortly after the above article was published, the U.S. Attorneys Office in Chicago acted. We at American News Post are proud to announce that Mr. Rainone is scheduled to appear at a Rule to Show Cause hearing at 9:00 AM on June 7, 2012. We will keep you informed.

  • Just Curious

    Mr. Fosco,  I have recently read some of the past blogs on Outfit articles you wrote last year and saw a lot of postings by two guys named The Don &  Black Angelo.  I later saw they were both banned by you because of personal arguements. Let me give you my take on the postings of those two guys, disregarding the personal element of The Don changing the way he felt about your personal misfortune. They  both made some very informative postings that you would never read in any book. The Don’s problem was that he was way too influenced by his uncle  Joe Lombardi and gave some inaccurate information by saying Lombardi was made.  I know about Joe Lombardi and I AGREE  with you that he is NOT a made man in the stupid Outfit.  Lombardi is a loud mouthed arrogant Know it all Macho Man who did 9 years of his life in prison.  His good points ( by Outfit standards) are that he was good at collecting and he did his time and kept his mouth shut.  However, most of the guys in the Elmwood Park crew didn’t even like him  In paricular,  Willie Messino & Pete DiFronzo.  He was never made and therefore never moved up to really manage anything beccause Willie Messino made sure it never happened.  That’s why Lombardi hated Willie Messino.  Other than that  inaccurate information, The Don’s description of how the Outfit was structured and generally operated years ago was his strongest point.  As far as Black Angelo, he made some good postings that you would also not read in any book . However, he was way too impressed with Marco D’Amico.  Unlike Lombardi, it’s possible Marco was made years ago.  However, it’s also quite possible he was never made because of obvious alchoholism.  He is a bit of a mystery.  I know he made alot of money from bookmaking.  I can tell you this, Marco is NOT the Boss of the Elmwood Park Crew and Top Boss of the weak diminished Outfit.  HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE A BOSS OF ANYTHING.  All John DiFronzo, Pete DiFronzo, Joe Andriacchi & Marco DiAmico want is to enjoy their money AND NOT DIE IN PRISON. They don’t care at all about the stupid fucking Outfit. The Outfit is dead to them. 

    • I agree with a lot of what you said. I would add that the legal gaming interests that DiFronzo gets a piece of abroad will remain in his financial repertoire until he takes his final breath. However, we must not discount the fact that the individuals that you named will always have enormous influence over killers, police, judges and politicians for the rest of their lives, based on their reputations that will outlive them. This is the part that makes these people a threat as well as targets for the government (aside from the likely informant-DiFronzo).
      I do know that Marco came into the Cerone faction fold because he was in debt as a gambler. Because of his experience, the Cerone faction allowed him an opportunity to help run an office for them in order to pay off his debts and provide a profit for the crew. This is not the type of person that would be made. He is a degenerate gambler and a drunk. His big heart and habits of throwing money around is what makes him a loved person among his criminal friends and cohorts.

      • Just Curious

        You’re probably right about Marco. Instead, the Outfit would make guys like Jack Cerone, Joe Lombardo, Joe Ferriola and other asshole sociopaths. Marco, with all his faults, is not such a bad guy compared to the other three.  Lombardo could dish it out but he sure couldn’t take it. He could break balls all day and then when someone wanted to kiddingly break his balls, he would get mad and use his power as a Boss to quash it. His little brother, Rocky, is another selfish asshole. If any of your readers really knew some of these people, they wouldn’t be enamored with them in any way. I’m glad Lombardo went to jail. He can fuck himself in his jail cell while DiFronzo dry snitches from the outside.

        • Logic

          If the Outfit was dead as you and to some extent Fosco imply…why did none of those indicted in Family Secrets turn witness and dish on DiFronzo?  Lombardo is sitting in prison for the rest of his life to protect something:  The Outfit.  I think if what you said was true and DiFronzo was indeed a dry snitch, lawyers would be all over it.    As much as each of you know, they know more. 

          • If his doctors assured Joe Lombardo that he would live another 100-years, with a good quality of life for the entire time, he would not beef on anyone, not even on the Mexican-American who washed his car (or the car he was driven in), regardless of whether or not the Outfit is dead, alive, weak or strong. However, the Family Secrets defendants could cut a deal with the Justice Department anytime they wish in an attempt to get out.

            If men with the strength as Joe Lombardo would have joined the service at age 18, this country might not have suffered the 911 attack. It is sad that so many have turned to crime over the years. I hope that my work reaches at least one young wannabe gangster and causes him to reconsider a better way in life.

          • Just Curious

            Nobody is going to know if DiFronzo is a ‘ Dry Snitch’.  That would be a very well kept secret.  The Outfit is not dead, just weak.  There’s a difference between dead & weak.

          • Allen James

            He wasnt taken to trial cause they only had Nick C.  They proved that wasnt enough with that one case, where he hit the guy with a bat.  Carlisi killed him with a gun, pistol whooping him.  That case they found them “not guilty”  All they had for that one was NIcky Breeze.  All they had for John D was Nicky Breeze

          • I know what the experts ‘story’ is as to why JD was not charged. I am glad you buy it.

          • Allen James

            It seams they where testing how the jury took what Nick said alone.  They tested and it didnt work, given John’s age it is odd they dont try something……  Even if Nick is all they have

      • Allen James

        He hides $ damn well, pays morgages under family members-  “the mover”  WIKI is actually fairly accurate when it comes to him.  Where it says “he owns vast amounts of land in certain areas.”  He dose damn well if he is only what you say…..  
        + he messed up a bit during a prior case.  He admitted to being in organized crime from what I read.  Causing his other defendants rico problems.  If that is all true, how in gods name could a guy make up being made, causing others rico head aches, & not be killed if hes not at least really made

    • Stronzo39

      Joe, would the younger man in this article be considered a part of the next generation of the outfit? In other words, people on here have asked you to name some of the newer outfit guys who are young and possibly up and coming. Would this young man, in your opinion, be one of those guys? And, if not, is he even working with the outfit?

      • I am sure the FBI and other sources not in the know would think that John Joseph Rainone is in the Outfit, but the answer is no. He is simply a career criminal, felon, ex-con.

      • I am sure the FBI and other sources not in the know would think that John Joseph Rainone is in the Outfit, but the answer is no. He is simply a career criminal, felon, ex-con.

  • Just Curious

    The Outfit of 2012 is so low class ( compared to 1972) that anything is possible, even like Fat Slob Mike Sarno using a biker gang member to blow up some video store not paying a street tax. This is all new ridiculous shit that the Outfit never did years ago. They always used their own people to do  ‘ Heavy Work’  years ago.  I still say it is a real dumb and extremely weak move to try and hire some black gang bangers  to kill somebody.  Not only is it immoral, it’s just plain fucking stupid.  But the Outfit of 2012 is so weak  ( compared to 35 or 40 years ago) that all bets are off as what anyone of them would try to do.  It would serve an Outfit made guy right if he got the okay from the Boss  to hire some black gang bangers to kill someone and after giving the down payment to them,  the gang bangers would take the money and then shoot the Outfit guy who gave it to them while they drive away laughing. Do you really think some of these black neighborhood gang bangers are  afraid of the Outfit?  To the gang bangers, the Outfit is Al Capone from 80 years ago. 

    • Nick

      Well, with the Jarrett thing, there’s always the possibility the witnesses were just outright lying. 

      The Jarrett murder was never solved so who knows what happened. According to Calabrese Sr. Jarrett got whistled in by Montelone for dealing drugs and some other stuff and ignored the order, a little while later he was dead. But if he was dealing drugs I suppose its reasonable to assume he could also have crossed someone else who decided to kill him.

      Anyway, violence isn’t really what made the Outfit such a lethal entity. Anyone can pick up a gun. It was the force that it was due to its capacity for corruption, whether taking over unions or owning alderman and having untold number of cops on the payroll to having judges in their pockets. Of course none of it would have been possible without the threat of violence.

      As far as the Outfit’s relationship with street gangs, from what I understand in the few inner city neighborhoods where there is still some Outfit presence, the gangs still know where not to go/whose toes not to step on. If that’s true I doubt it is the threat of violence so much that would intimidate them as the Outfit’s ability, through their underworld and political connections, to wreak havoc on them.

      But that’s all speculation. 

      • I agree. And, I would add (I already said it earlier this morning), DiFronzos, Marco, Andriacchi, etc, maintain influence over various police officials, politicians, labor leaders, judges, local prosecutors, etc, to this day. Their influence will last, whether they like it or not, whether they use it or not, until the day they die. I do know that Marco uses his power with the Secretary of States office. I won’t mention the name of his contact right now, but said contact overseas a number of Secretary of State Offices (driver license facilities) throughout the Chicgoland area. Marco does not rely on said power for big matters to my knowledge. Marco helps his older friends pass renewal tests; are approved without having to wear glasses (when glasses are necessary) and a few other small things like those. Actually, I should not refer to licensed drivers who are required to wear glasses to drive, who are not legally mandated to wear eyeglasses because of Marco’s clout as a ‘small’ issue. I used the word small to describe it as I was comparing other greater scandals of the Secretary of State of the past. The fact is that any driver required to wear eyeglasses, who is not mandated to wear his or her glasses by the Secretary of State would be classified a major issue (please forgive my earlier classification of such corruption as ‘small’). If one of my loved ones dies in a car crash because of a drivers sight impairment went undetected by a local Chicago area Secretary of State Office, Marco will live to regret it!

        • Just Curious

          True enough. If Marcello never gets out of jail, and those 4 to 6 older retired Outfit guys die ( which will be in the next 10 to 15 years) , the Outfit will be a  completely defragmented Organization with a few small pockets of guys here and there doing a few things independently of each other. In other words, a joke. It’s almost that right now. The younger guys associated with the Outfit are the dumbest bullshit macho men I’ve ever seen who are living in a dream world.

        • Nick

          Yes Joe, I agree with you that those men are still not to be underestimated. I also agree with Just Curious’ statement below that the Outfit appears to be just a few steps away from oblivion. But, that being said, you never know what’s going to happen. I think all signs indicate that the Outfit’s demise is close at hand, for reasons that have been discussed many times on this blog, from immigration patterns to RICO laws. But there is always the possibility that one smart guy could take control and keep it going for another 30 years. As long as there is money to be made, you will find people who are willing to be involved. But under any circumstances it will remain a shadow of its former self. However, considering that it was probably the most lethal criminal organization in American history, that’s to be expected. Nothing lasts forever.

      • Just Curious

        Nick, all true about the Jarrett murder. Also true about some areas. I still maintain some of the respect that some gang bangers have in some cases comes from a mixture of truth and folklore. The Outfit’s manpower and political clout are greatly diminished from 40 to 50 years ago. The Outfit can be compared to some old has been performer who should  hang it up for good.

        • Nick

          I agree with you; I elaborate a little more on my thoughts on this in response to Joe’s comment below. 

  • Just Curious

    Mr. Fosco,   This posting is strictly for you because I believe you are the most qualified to comment on it.  To basically sum up some of our good discussions about the weaknesses or strengths of the current Outfit,  I would summarize it in this way and you can tell me if you agree or disagree. The Outfit downsized sometime in the 1990’s from 6 crews  to 4 crews.  DiFronzo then basically divided the 4 crews into  two groups and it’s been this way for about 12 to 15 years.  The White Collar group consists of basically the Elmwood Park Crew. This group is involved in some white collar crime like  union activity, off shore bookmaking ( which is legal) and construction.  The other group is the Blue Collar group which consists of mainly Cicero & 26th St. ( I’m not sure where Grand Ave. fits into the picture , maybe you know?) .  This Blue Collar group is the lower level  people who still want to run street bookmaking, poker machines & maybe some lower risk juice loans.  I’m not sure who the Boss of this group is right now but I do know for a fact that if Jimmy Marcello were to get out of prison, he would be the Boss of this group. ( As a side note) Marcello’s brother would never have been made years ago.  Fat Slob  Mike Sarno belonged to this group before he went away to prison.  The White Collar group ( Elmwood Park ) which mainly consists of John DiFronzo, Pete DiFronzo & Marco D ‘Amico are not connected to the Blue Collar Group. The White Collar group can step in any time but REFUSESS  to do so. The murder of Ronnie Jarret, in 1999, was within the Blue Collar Group. The Murder of Chiaramonte in 2001 was within the Blue Collar group.  Tony Zizzo belonged to the Blue Collar group and somehow disappeared in 2006.   The Boss of the White Collar Group is John DiFronzo and I believe he ‘ dry snitches’  on the Blue Collar Group. This whole scenario is a far, far cry from what the Outfit used to be years ago. This is what I’m talking about when I say the Outfit is way different today as compared to 35 to 40 years ago.  Not even close.  

    • Your description seems reasonable, however, I would rather not comment.

    • Potbelly

      Got to this site a little late and it looks like I missed a lot of good info, so forgive me, but I have alot of questions and would appreciate any answers people could give me. Most of my questions revolve around Chicago outfit protocol and not really particular people. Have been trying to find an active discussion to ask my questions so I apoligize if these questions are from all over the place.

      1. Have been reading up about the outfit’s dealings with the unions a little bit. And  was wondering how the outfit made money from the unions. It seems that when Matassa was stricken from the union he was only accused of really not allowing elections and being paid a ton of money/not caring about the union. How did he benefit from the union and how did the outfit? I know I read somewhere that he would write himself checks from the union’s funds, but how did he influence the union and its members and companies to make money for him and the mob? I assume it’s like in NYC, where they control whatever racket the union is in. Making companies pay them money to get business, pay them money to not slow down deliveries, make them pay money to not protest, etc, etc. I have just didn’t see/read evidence of this.

      2. Involving the hierarchy of a crew. It was stated that every crew has a boss, an underboss, and then some captains. Would a captain have a made guy under him or would all made guys be captains and have there own crew of associates. Then as soon as someone was made, he would get to start his own crew. Or are all made guys able to operate however they want but still work with other made guys in there crew?

      3. It was stated that the famous “last supper” picture was a picture of a Chicago Commission meeting. Was this rare? Did they meet every once in a while, once a year? Or only when it was needed, promotion, pressing issue, etc, etc? How often did bosses of other crews meet? For example, would La Pietra or another crew boss at  ever meet? Regularly, or are they like bosses of a family and only meet when something needs to be discussed or a problem between made guys from there crews had to be solved?

      4. When O’Brein and Giancana were bosses, did they have bodyguards with them? Or did they travel with a driver only, that perhaps acted like a bodyguard? When La Pietra and Lombardo moved around in there hey day, did they have bodyguards or did they move around by themselves or with a driver?

      5. Were social clubs in Chicago mob circles as popular as they were in NYC? Where were outfit crew hangouts and were there places where a boss hung out that caused the crew to hang out there? Also, did O’Brien, Lombardo, etc, have bases of operation? Like Dellacroce operated out of the Ravenite in NYC.

      I’ll stop there for now. Hopefully someone can answer. I’ve been on/off mafia message boards for the past 15 years and have been waiting for something devoted to Chicago. I was a member of the RD forum back in the day, around 10 years ago, but it was so NYC centric. Appreciate any answers. Hopefully they can get answered because I have more. Ha. Thanks.

      • Potbelly, I could respond to some of your questions.

        The Outfit benefits in numerous ways when it controls a union via a corrupt union leader. Not only is the corrupt union leader, who is usually a connected guy, perhaps merely a fortunate relative of a connected guy and in some cases a made guy, lucky enough to have a good (in a lot of cases great) paying white color job with amazing job benefits, but major influence comes through these positions as well. The corrupt union leader has a rapport with the executives of the companies it represents. This paves the way for other businesses (secretly owned by the Outfit) to begin doing business with some of the major companies represented by the union (the corrupt labor leader is in the catbird seat as far as being a liaison between the legitimate businesses and the Outfit). For instance, my father practically did what ever he wanted with Brach’s Candy Company. The company’s leadership took his advice on just about anything. In addition, I recall that my father was instrumental in allegedly having prices from some of the major wholesale grocery companies that he represented discount goods for grocers such as (allegedly) Paul Butera, who at the time was one of the owners of Brookwood Country Club (which truly belonged to Outfit boss Jack Cerone). In my opinion, a grocery store owner who received illegal benefits such as price reduction from his or her wholesaler, paid a kickback to the Outfit.
        The strength of the membership as far as voting for public officials is another vehicle for the Outfit who controls a union through a corrupt labor leader. The members, nine out of ten times, are happy to take the advice of their union leaders on election issues.
        Let us not forget about the large union funds that are managed by corrupt union officials. These funds have been managed in a way to support Outfit connected investment firms and/or advisers, associates who provide services and/or products, especially car dealers who are on the arm by Outfit guys who sell cars to the corrupt union leaders who give the car dealer the business. There a great deal of business agents out there who need company cars to drive (and there are a great deal of corrupt union leaders who authorize the purchase of said company cars).
        My father was a low-key Outfit underboss over union activity for the Outfit, who sent orders to other corrupt union leaders in the labor movement in Chicago. If my father were around today, guys like Johnny Matassa would not be doing some of the ridiculous things you have mentioned regarding the unions money.
        The Chicago Outfit was/is unique in that her bosses were not in need of bodyguards after the roaring 20s when various rival gangs existed. Beyond that time, the Outfit was one entity with one boss, not like New York, and it is because of that reason alone (one boss, one entity) that bodyguards were/are not needed.

        • Pagliaccio

          Joe – Would you be able to expand on the current state of influence the Outfit has on unions (for example SEIU)?

          • The Outfit has the same influence today, but in a much smaller amount (like everything else).

        • Potbelly

           Thanks, Joe.

  • Letemrde

    Man i missed solid conversation here. After i started dialogue up after another quiet period.  This back and forth the dan BA stuff lasted for forever.  Anyway Joe I hope your having a better year, hows your health, and is the book coming along?  The Lee Magnafichi article was superb.  I have 3 questions, 1 in the photo with Pete Difronzo who was Sam Urbina (loan shark bookie etc).  2 is this John Rainone sr. the former rat failed gangster whose mothers house got “remodeled” by the calabrese’s was it him or his grandson that were out on bail on burglary charges for getting picked up with Frattos idiot son in law breaking into that apartment I thought 1 arrest would rescind your bail.  3 I would love a piece on Romie Nappi seems just like a fascinating individual.  With Regards to Dr. G seems the walls of his paper card house are starting to crash around him, maybe his classy porn star wife will save herself again and rat him out, ahh the irony, that piece of shit might be the worst of all.  Anyway Joe good luck good health and hope to hear more good conversations again.

    • Dear Lete..,

      The year 2011 turned good for me in the fall months and so far remains consistent. I have been in remission for roughly 18-months; I hope it stays that way for a while. Too much to write about. 🙂

      Sam Urbana was stationed in Florida for a while. He was close with Lee. I will double check with a source before I explain his title. I think I know but I want to be sure. So many to keep track of here.

      The old man John Rainone, who was recently arrested with his grandson 37-year old grandson, John Joseph Rainone, is the father of former ‘rat failed gangster.’ Mario is the father of the newly arrested 37-year-old John Rainone.

      I will do a piece on Romie. I cannot promise a date, but it will be soon. He was a very fascinating person. If he were alive today, no doubt in my mind that Obama and Rahm (whether they know it or not) would be connected to him (just my opinion).
      John D’Arco and Pat Marcy fell for Romie, just as Joey Aiuppa and Jack Cerone stood strong for Accardo during their indictment days.

      Dr. Joseph Giacchino just might be the worst of all. His rein of terror affected so many, I have made many friends via ANP because of Giacchino, some who now live outside of Illinois, who occasionally visit Illinois and make it a priority to meet with me for lunch during their stay.

      Thank you for all of your kind words and good wishes. I hope to live up to your expectations.

      • Just Curious

        Romie Nappi’s name was never mentioned a lot.  It was always Pat Marcy who was mentioned ( made guy) & John D’Arco ( high level associate).  Not very many people know the true power of Nappi.  He was a made guy, like Marcy, but stayed more in the background.  I agree with your assessment Mr. Fosco, and would enjoy reading an article about him.  Some guys in the old days were made but  not involved in rough stuff.  There were a few, guys like Romie Nappi, Dominic Cortina, Donald Angelini.  Not everyone was a Joe Lombardo or Felix Alderisio or Chuckie Nicoletti type.  Most were but not all.  Speaking of the last three, Chuckie Nicoletti was the most dangerous, similar to Sam DeStefano, but  more mentally stable.  As far as Talent is concerned, the Outfit today is a joke compared to the Outfit in the 1960’s when Sam Giancana was in power.  His Taylor St. Crew was unbelievable and untouchable, at least for awhile. I’ve read some of the postings on your Sam Giancana Blog and agee with a lot of what was said by you and the other two commentors who are not with ANP anymore.  Paul Ricca was the mentor to Giancana and they belonged to the west side Taylor St. Crew at that time which ran the entire Outfit.  It’s also true of the tremendous rivalry between Taylor St. and Grand Avenue.  Accardo did get along very well with Ricca but it’s also true that Ricca & Accardo’s personal underbosses, Giancana & Cerone, had no use for each other.  It was really started by Giancana who did not like or trust Cerone.  All very true.  Mr. Fosco, you have written some very good articles about past Outfit people and there has been some very good commentary that I was surpised to see. Some Information about the past on your blogs that I have read so far would never be found in any books.  Also, I agree that Bill Roemer’s books are not very accurate and are centered way too much around Tony Accardo & Murray Humphreys. Frank Strongy Ferraro was never the  Underbosss of the entire Outfit. Never.  He was a made guy who was direct with Giancana.  Giancana inherited him from Ricca.  Also, in the late 1980’s, Joe Ferriola was never the Top boss of the Outfit, never.  He belonged to Auippa and then to Carlisi.

        • Doug

          Just  wanted to say I just stumbled across this site in the past week and really appreciate the work and the contributions that are on here. The information is just fascinating and truly expands on, and answers a lot of questions that one may be left with after reading the popular information that is out there re: The Chicago Outfit. If I may ask some basic questions that are still confusing to me as to the order of leaders of this group after Capone and their relationships to each other. I guess I’ll just unravel what I’ve learned or observed as true and you can straighten it up from there.

          -After Capone, Nitti seemed to be the figurehead leader but Ricca was actually in charge?

          – Ricca was jailed not long after and Accardo took over.

          – Accardo wants to “retire” 1957? and Giancana becomes boss.

          In some of the post postings I’ve gathered that some on here believe that Giancana  was a much more powerful boss than Accardo was so it is confusing to me did Accardo agree to step aside or did Giancana take over?

          During Giancana’s time at the top did he have the final word or did he answer to Ricca and Accardo?

          When Giancana went to Mexico was that because he was kicked out of leadership or was that a mutual agreed upon thing to take the spotlight away from the organization?

          Some accounts lead you to believe that from sometime in the early 40’s until he died in 1992 that nothing “major” could ever go on in this organization without Accardo’s blessing or approval. Is that an accurate statement?


          Are these organizations set up in such a way that the boss is always guaranteed to have the top income even though it seems that many of them are not actively involved or can guys lower in the organization earn more income than those above them?

          Finally, except when Accardo when to court on a tax situation and he named his occupation as “beer salesman,”  was it ever portrayed to the public what guys like Ricca, Giancana  and other supposedly did for a living?

          I shall stop there. That is probably more than enough to start with. I really appreciate any input you folks have. Thank you.

  • Letemrde

    Wow im sorry that was Mario Rainone ok, does his father who im assuming is John Rainone have any legitimate standing with anyone past and present 

    • I do not recall much about old man John Rainone. I have a source who may. I will look into it.

  • Just Curious

    Mr. Fosco,  How active is the Grand Ave. Crew?  The only person I can recall over there who is still alive and a made guy is Al Vena.  There may be a couple others.  Any of the poker machine street business is run by Cicero with 26thSt. as their partners.  Elmwood Park has nothing to do with it.  The only crew I really don’t know much about anymore is Grand Ave.  Joe Lombardo has not been active for years. Yes, he has some good qualities,  but overall is a very bad man. Would you not agree?  I would appreciate your response to the question and your opinion. Thank You.

    • I identify with Lombardo’s logic and sense of humor. I have been in his company (casual social) a number of times. He is a very dynamic personality and it is obvious that he does not try to be impressive, which to me makes him more impressive (I know him better through close sources of his than by my casual dealing with him). His quick one-liners would have made him more successful than Johnny Carson. As I have stated before, his mental strength would have made him a Five Star General. However, he made the wrong decision in life and became a thug. There is no excuse for it. Poverty, whatever you ant to offer, there is no excuse. Yes, Joe Lombardo is a very bad man. Again, I hope my work at ANP reaches the next 17-year old Joe Lombardo and helps influence him to join the service or pursue a legitimate career, unlike the real Joe Lombardo. In a sense, as evil as some of the defendants were (in the Family Secrets case), I have empathy for all of them. If only they would have perused a legitimate life before it was too late, the world could have been a better place. Instead, in prison for life for some of them. Sad. I pray for all of them.

  • Harlemave

     My definition of ” DRY SNITCH” is snitching but not realizing the audience’s knowledge or knowing who is listening to the conversation.  For instance a friend see’s your wife and says boy we had a great time last night at the casino but you told your wife you were at the library….OR your at a bar talking loudly and someone hears your conversation like hey Joe congrats on winning the 260M dollar lottery and now the whole bar knows you won, without directly telling everyone they all know now

  • The oath means shit. They are simply not beefers. An oath does not make someone something, you are what you are.

    • Barbim2003

      Logic,  I got news for you.  Years ago, before the 1980’s, they never took an oath and cut their finger and all that other New York Bullshit. When Joey Lombardo took out an ad in the paper saying he never pricked his finger in a ceremony or burned a saint’s card in his hand, he was telling the truth.  Back in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s & all or at the least most of the 1970’s, there was no fucking ceremony. Sam Giancana never believed in it and actually made fun of it as some silly New York thing.  As far as taking care of a made guy’s family? Yes and No.  I personally know cases where it was done and other cases where it was not done.  Finally, Mr. Fosco is correct. An oath doesn’t make the man. You are what you are, oath or no oath. The Outfit is weak and on it’s last leg.  John DiFronzo is not an active Boss of anything except for the house in which he lives with his wife. He doesn’t give a fuck about the streets.

      • Pagliaccio

         Who started the crermonies backk up?  I always guessed Aiuppa…

        • Just Curious

          Correct. It was sometime during his reign as Top Boss.   

          • Potbelly

            Has there been a making ceremony since 1990?
            If there was, would they use the blood prick or was that just something O’Brien did?

          • Just Curious

            Don’t really know. Not many guys have been made in the last 20 years. Don’t know how Cicero made a few new guys.

          • Potbelly

             Do you know if there has been a concerted effort to not actually “make” new members? I was thinking about this when the topic of the number of made guys in New York vs Chicago comes up.  There are five families in NYC, your power is based on your numbers of made guys. There is one family in Chicago, the number of made guys is pointless. It would seem that “making” guys would just add more problems. Why be perceived to be powerful when it doesn’t matter. It would seem to me if that in order to be perceived weak, you want less  numbers of made guys. How can a group be powerful if they have 20 “made” guys. The people in power know who the major players are, no need to have someone be named a “made” man when it only adds heat. Just something I thought of.  Would love people’s thoughts.

      • Kkanz

        jc,i can tell you know more than most,ur 100% rite on this post.dont know y u have such hate for the current crew,but im sure u got ur reasons….

        • Kkanz

          im starting to think u mite be my old friend DD   lmao

        • Just Curious

          Thank You. Believe me, I do. The Old crew from years ago did bad things but had more class about themselves. Many of them were ‘ Born’ into it and coudn’t get out. A lot of was their environment and being part of a large family where money was always a problem, especially in the old Italian neighborhoods like around Taylor St. I believe I know who you are and all I can say is that you come from fine stock. An older close relative of yours was very, very tight with Cigar and extremely loyal. He belonged to him until the day he sadley passed away in the mid 1970’s.

      • Allan James

        I think if you have younger family involved is a huge factor in most that flip.  Guys that dont have kids, or close cousins/nephews, dont get moved up to often anymore. $$$$ still is the main thing, but it would make sense they could trust someone more if his kid is in.

    • Allen James

      I agree with Joe on this.  THe cops know how to work certain guys, like the first ever beefer.  That idiot GOT NOTHING, died in prison.  Yet with out him the feds where not even sure the mob was real.  Well they played that way at least, and some didnt think of it as a problem.

  • In the 1990’s many things happened to Johnny. He lost his son, went to prison, Sam, Jack, JB and Joey O died. In other words, by the 90s Johnny was left having no allegiances. He served the aforementioned people very loyally and now there is not one person (aside from his grandson) that means anything to him. Johnny became a different person in the 90s, and I have clearly explained why. He is a first class mate and everyone below him is dispensable. The only person in the Secrets case that I truly believe that he would never turn on is Joe Lombardo. Today, all he has left is a beautiful wife that he drove insane, his favorite brother Pete and his beloved grandson; I must not forget Tore, his second son (and millions and millions of dollars). Clearly, the streets mean nothing to him.

    • Just Curious

      Well Mr. Fosco, We both see it the same way.  That is very refreshing.  I agree with everything you said above me 100 percent. If he ‘Dry Snitched’, ( which I truly believe he did/does,  it was not against Lombardo at all.  His information was/is concerning  Cicero & 26 th St.

  • Just Curious

    Mr. Fosco,  Can you please correct my username on my last posting to read Just Curious. I accidently typed in a wrong username. I appreciate it. Thank You

    • Sorry, I cannot change a user name. The record is noted.

  • Horsey F@rt

    This may be of interest:
    Looks like it was posted a year ago or so. Anyway, this definition is more or less in line with my understanding of  ‘dry snitching.’

    • Anthony Anonymous

      Dear Joe,

      What is truley amazing about this site is that after all of the conversation and going back and fourth about whether or not the outfit exists today, we have finally come to a conclusion.
      The outfit exists but they are no longer violent. They have turned ‘smart.’ Although they remain extremely capable, it is no longer there normal business practice. Instead, they may resort to smear jobs.
      During the period of time when the insurance executive was broadcasting his youtube videos, it was almost sureal. And then it became scary, really scary.
      I say it was sureal because after reading everything, we were still left wondering. It was like all that going back and forth for nothing.
      Then, out of the clear blue sky, this very formidable man appeared; and just like that, our question had been answered. All of the wondering ended.
      Watching those videos was really deep because it was almost like a mystery being solved right in front of our very own eyes. Yeah, people say all kinds of things about the mafia, but in the end, nobody really knows for sure.
      Then you got this guy (who looks very intimidating) talking in front of a camera . . . . . . . it was sort of like the outfit talking directly to us.
      The whole situation became sureal.
      I noticed that he has closed his account and the videos are no longer viewable.
      Furthermore, it was mentioned on here that the reader who went by the moniker ‘the Don’ may have attempted to infiltrate you on behalf of the outfit . . . . also quite sureal.
      Joe, any updates on these people? I completely understand if you are under some type of gag order and can’t talk about it. Good luck to you in your pursuit of justice and keep up the good work.

      • Dear AA,
        Thank you for your feedback. While I agree with you (though to an extent), I would like to point out that the man who appears as the primal focus in the article above (John Rainone), was convicted and imprisoned for stabbing multiple people who rubbed the Rainone/Daddono family the wrong way, less than 10-years ago. Therefore, violence has not completely disappeared from the world of the Chicago Outfit and her affiliates and worshipers.
        As to Greg Tosto of Illinois State Insurance Agency (relative of late Outfit Boss Rocky Infelice and associate of many Outfit affiliates), his credibility should have ended in the eyes of his viewers when this segment first appeared on the internet (originally over a year ago), However, Tosto managed to captivate roughly 500 of YouTube’s 300,000,000 viewers for nearly a year at what would seem to be my expense. Luckily, for me the majority of his roughly 500 viewers were made up of Outfit worshipers mostly from the Elmwood Park and Melrose Park (Illinois) areas, which are two mobbed up places that I walked away from many years ago, never returning.
        What amazes me the most about Tosto’s latest maneuver in closing his defamatory YouTube videos based on me and others, is that it would suggest that he might have some small form of a human brain in that glabrous and mostly hollow cranium of his.
        Again, thank you for your feedback. J

        • Anthony Anonymous

          Dear Joe,
          I must say that you are an excellent investigative reporter and I am really looking forward to your book. Are you planning on writing an article on LaValley anytime soon?
          Now this would really be investigative reporting at its finest. Afterall, it has been mentioned on here that he is no longer with us, yet there is absolutely nothing out there on him. This could, quite possibly, be the story that puts you over the hump and into the upper echelon of investigative reporters (ie. Kass, Goudie).
          Your thoughts?

      • Pagliaccio

        Tosto intimidating?  Maybe to toddlers and those advanced in age.  Drinks too much of that energy drink he peddles.

  • Horsey F@rt

    Not that it matters, but most Italian-Americans are Catholic–or were raised as such.  I sometimes wonder how many of these old-timers are going to pull a Paul Ricca and make deathbed confessions to a priest in an effort to square things away with the Man Upstairs before dying. I can’t say I’d blame them. I remember hearing or reading once that Lombardo has at least a vague sense of a Catholic conscience and was once compelled to order his crew to shut down a peepshow or adult bookstore that was down the street from a Catholic parish up north somewhere.

    • Pagliaccio

       HF great to hear from you.  Lets get Joe to write about Paul Ricca.

    • Just Curious

      Horsey Fart,  True story. You’re correct, Lombardo was one of those guys with a split personality. Part of him was a brutal sociopath and the other part of him would be concerned about little old ladies or a parish church in the Grand Ave. area where he was a Boss for many years.  He was a partner with Auippa & Cerone and next to Torello, was one of the top 4 Outfit guys in Chicago during the late 1970’s & early to mid 1980’s before he went away. He was one of the Bosses and had made men under him along with associates who were involved in loan sharking , bookmaking, extortion & union activity.  He had very strong union Connections. He was very tight with the Teamsters and used their pension money to further the Outfit’s interests  in Las Vegas. I’m glad he got convicted in the Family Secrets Case. The Seifert murder he committed years ago was terrible the way it happened.  I did not care for him or his brother, but looking at it objectively, he was a very valuable man to the Outfit and a prolific killer.  He loved to break balls and have a laugh at someone’s expense.  He didn’t like it if you did it to him. It was all one sided. I agree with Mr.Fosco’s assessment of Lombardo as being very dynamic with a strong personality and loyalty in an odd sort of way. He would have been a very successful Boss of his own contruction company if he had been legitimate. He would have been very successful. Too bad he chose the wrong path in life. 

    • five finger discount man

      I was unaware Paul Ricca made any type of deathbed confession? Can u tell me more?

      • Kkanz

        yep,he told the priest that he never was a waiter….

        • LOL, but, he was a waiter. He left Italy after having a problem, and his clout in New York put him in touch with the Chicago Outfit, to hide him out. While in Chicago, he fronted as a simple person waiting tables at an Outfit connected restaurant.

      • Horsey F@rt

        Paul Ricca was said to have died in a “state of grace” meaning he had made a final confession to a Catholic priest at some point before he died. He was granted full burial rites by the Church, as well. Funny, how JB was prohibited from stepping foot in any Catholic Church in Chicago, and the Spilotros were denied burial rites by the Church, as well. (Though the latter 3 are all interred in Catholic cemeteries.)

        None of this matters, obviously. I just find it interesting how a person can be raised religious but grow up to be a career criminal and murderer. More puzzling is the fact that, sometimes, it even seems as if the more violent a gangster is, the more “faithful” he is. Frank Calabrese sounds like an Evangelical on some of those prison tapes–even when he wasn’t talking in code.

        • Nick

          Tony Spilotro also apparently asked to “say a prayer” right before they killed him, but they didn’t let him. It is odd how a man who could put another man’s head in a vice would then want to say a prayer before he was on his way out. No atheists in fox holes, as they say.

  • Nick

    I would just add that the gangsters who went away for Family Secrets were huge ‘gets’ for the G. Even if those guys were begging to cut a deal they would have to have something really big to offer that the Feds were certain would result in some major convictions. I’m not saying the gangsters don’t have that information, necessarily, just that I’m sure the feds wouldn’t be in any rush to let a single one of them out of prison in exchange for a bunch of information that isn’t going to result in anything of substance. 

  • five finger discount man

    I agree with you, I think the Outfit still kills, one just doesn’t hear about it as much, I.e. that bar owner of the Horshoe Inn last year. I thinl they make people dissapear now as opposed to the trunk music of the past. Lococco was rumored to be a hit, and so was LaValley.Cutler definately was, bit the police still maintain it was a robbery. Catalano was a prime example of the dissapearing act.

    • Just Curious

      Rumored to have been murderd by the Outfit is the key word. Rumored, not factual.  The Oufit is scared to commit murder. When beefers walk around untouched, that shows you how weak the Outfit is today. That is my opinion and I’ve been around it for years. If we disagree, that’s fine with me. You have your opinion and I have mine. I’ve witnessed transgressions first hand where not a fucking thing has happened or some minor retaliation of some sort happened. Nothing like what would have happened years ago. 

  • Just Curious

    Potbelly,  There is a big difference between New York and Chicago. In the past, New York made everybody who they wanedt in a particular crew. Which is stupid. In other words, they made everybody. In Chicago, the made guys have always been much fewer. Chicago was always much more select about it. The associates in a crew in Chicago work for a made guy or made guys but are not made and are kept at a little bit of a distance. In the last 20 years, Chicago has not made very many new people. They have downsized from 6 Crews to 4 Crews. The Top Boss, DiFronzo, pulled away over 15 years ago easily. The Outfit is not strong like the past and ‘ PRETENDING’ to be weak. they are weak period.

  • Allenjames

    Took a long vacation, literal not just time away.  Glad to read your stuff again…
    Had a question though, you said be for that Tony A told Sam G to make Cerone his under boss.  WHere was Joey O in that mix, was here away or something?  Cause Cerone never got higher then Joey O did he???   ALso who ran Cicero be for black Sam?  Wouldnt that or Sam him self be who made The wizard of odds??   I know a rambled series of questions, but you have said various things that I read be for and those questions came up from a bunch of different times:)) 

    • Dear AJ,
      Glad to see you again.
      Allow me to clarify that Joe B (Tony A) made the suggestion to Mooney (Giancana) to make JC his under. Mooney laughed. Joey O was running Cicero (which answers one of your other questions – Joey O was there before Black Sam). Cerone was never more than Joey O’s under. Some argue that Jack was the real boss and Joey O was wearing the boss’s hat to cover for Jack (now it is my turn to laugh). DiFronzo and Andriacchi (in my opinion) and Messino would have killed Cerone in a second if Joey O ordered them to do so. I know that Messino would have killed jack because he told me himself that he monitored Jack for Joe O (without jacks knowledge of course – this shows me where Willie’s loyalty was focused).
      I believe Donald was made under Aiuppa-Cerone at the behest of Joe Nick.

      • Allen James

        Id have to bet he was made be for Joe Nick.  The wizz was a old school guy.   I know age isnt everything, or really anything.  $ and respect is what its about.   But he would have been made around the time John D was, unless he really never did make his bones, and that held him back for a while. 

      • Allen James

        I also wanted to comment on something I think Don said.  Something like look at cicero now, it was safer/nicer when the mob ran it years back.  But wouldnt the land value be the main reason cicero has become horrible.  And what can be blamed more for that, then the raping of the tax dollars in cicero?

        • Allen James

          Do you agree with that would be the cause of crime, low rent/house value- ALso that the cicero land value drop being high for IL would be cause of what the mob did to it

        • Allen James

          The don i think his name was actually, it was someone from  your website that made the comment.

    Shortly after the above article was published, the U.S. Attorneys Office in Chicago acted. We at American News Post are proud to announce that Mr. Rainone is scheduled to appear at a Rule to Show Cause hearing at 9:00 AM on June 7, 2012. We will keep you informed.

  • Allen James

    Didnt John Rainone flip?

    • Pagliaccio

       Mario was going to flip, I believe his mothers porch exploded and he decided not to.

  • Logic

    Joe–what is your source on James LaValley being dead?  Can you elaborate on this?

    • A small number of contacts who are retired law enforcement officials, who also have/had Outfit connections, served as my source of information on the matter.

  • Letemrde

    Whats interesting is La Valley is at least the 2nd guy to “give up the life” and testify and go into witsec and get killed by a disgruntled party.  During Family secrets they talked about Louis Bombacino, who even after dodging a loan sharking rap and testifying went back to con jobs and fleecing old women only then protected by the gov’t at least until his luck ran out.  Wonder if the same fate came to mr La valley.  Joe what i wanna know and maybe others too is who i consider possibly aside from Moe the most interesting guy, Chuckie Nicoletti.  In all the years of things ive heard and stuff ive read its real vague, just grew up real tough and poor, may have wacked his stepdad, was a 42 i think and an amazing getaway driver.  However was part of that super deadly inter trusted Moe circle with Needles Gianola and Lenny Caifano, but then he goes to Milwaukee and gets hit.  Was he purged like the rest of the Taylor street guys, or what.  Also there is the grassy knoll theory with him but im talking like more in depth.  Did he loan shark, run pinball machines do mass collections, like we’ve discussed you dont get paid for killing people here, it just comes with the job description.  Also James Files (who incidentally may not be completely full of shit) has some supposed interesting Nicoletti stories.  Interested in your thoughts.  Hope all is well my friend

    • doug

      Great post! When you say “purged like the rest of the Taylor street guys”  What did you mean by that? What popped into my mind when you said that, were guys that were loyal to Giancana terminated around the time that he was to prevent a possible retaliation? (Just me thinking to myself.  Do not want to be putting words in your mouth)

      A guy that I have only read about in one book is someone I would like to know more about and have never seen much written. I apologize if he is discussed in these blogs as I have just begun reading on here.  I believe his name was Hy Larner? The impression that I got was that he was some sort of money whiz/connections type of guy, maybe like an unknown Meyer Lansky? The way this author described him was as an equal or even a superior to the highest bosses in The Outfit but he was so secretive apparently only a few knew about him or dealt with him?

      Another interesting person, in my opinion, was an attorney named Sidney Korshak? I’ve read him described, in certain time periods, as the most powerful attorney in the country. Basically, anything in his world that needed to be taken care of he could handle in your favor with a phone call or two. Is anyone familiar with him? 

    • Five finger discount man

      That story about Milwaukee was pure b.s. Chuck was an old school pal of Mooneys. He got flattened right before he was to testify before the House Committee on Assasinations. Files has several interesting stories. Some I believe. I have a strong belief he was involved in the J.F.K. Plot, Files raises some interesting theories, which maybe Joe can add his two sense. In the end, Nicoletti refused to talk about who hit him, and his car caught fire, it was running when he was shot. He had several business dealings with my uncles and I knew him as a young child, always very nice to me. That makes no excuses for what kind of life he led. But there is one interstesting character, who needs more written about him.

      • Kkanz

        the chicago guys had NOTHING to do with kennedy assasination.there was an attempt to recruit them has fall guys(along with about 8 other organizations)but they got wind of the setup and declined the offers.because of that they became a top notch priority for the justice department.thus the breakup of mooney and his underlings..
        there was later a theory that sam got wind of the fortcoming prosecutions and took it on the lam.some attribute that theory has the reason for sams murder years later….

  • Joseph Fosco

    Not only did Fratto have his sentencing date struck (with no mention of setting a new one) he was released from home monitoring last month. Why is the government so good to him (wink)? Now, we will see how his surrogate son John Raineone) is treated next month at his rule to show cause hearing.

  • Taylor St.

    Sam got killed by Auippa & Cerone because they FEARED him.  There is no way Sam would have taken orders from Auippa & Cerone.  Not in a million fucking years. For Auippa & Cerone, it was kill or be killed.  Auippa ( Cicero ) & Cerone ( Elmwood Park ) were very much in power as the dominent & sub dominent crews running the Outfit in 1975. They struck against Mooney while they had the advantage. Mooney always hated Cerone in particular.

    • Dear Taylor,
      I wholeheartedly agree (as I have made the same point in my piece on Mooney). I regret not doing a better job of illustrating this subject in the article that I wrote on Mooney. Additionally, Mooney’s departure from his position as boss was his own decision, which meant, Mooney would expect to assume it again whenever he wished. Furthermore, Mooney would see himself as the new Paul (after Paul’s death), meaning that JB, Joey O and Jack were nothing but his peons. In fact, it is on my ‘to do’ list to update my piece on Mooney to cover this information. When Paul died, Joe B’s umbrella closed and Mooney would have dissected him and Cerone whenever he decided it was time to do a little spring-cleaning. I predict that Aiuppa would have had the good sense to mind his own business if JB and Jack would have been murdered by Mooney. However, all the other things that I indicated in my piece on Mooney (and in various comments) are also relevant, such as the greed that Aiuppa and Cerone had, the frustrations over Mooney being gone all the time, which compromised various Outfit projects.

      • doug

        Hey Joe,

        I was wondering if you had ever read the book Double Cross by Mooney’s nephew? If so, how much of that do you feel was accurate or close to accurate vs. fiction?

        Another theory was that Mooney was taken out by the government as he was scheduled to testify on some other matters right around the time that he was knocked off. I believe the concern was that he had things that he could say about working with government that were top secret and things that wouldn’t look very good if they became public knowledge. (At least that is they way I have understood it?)

        Those folks will say that Mooney was in very poor health and had no interest in being involved any longer with anything active going on in Chicago. I take it that you do not agree with this line of thinking?

        So let’s say that it was his own guys that took him out. I can see where Joey and Jack would feel that they needed to act or they could possibly lose a handle on their power. What I don’t understand is why would JB feel threatened or as if he needed to act being that he was semi retired for 15-20 years? Wouldn’t it have been just another rotation of bosses with JB being a senior advisor as always or could he and Giancana not work together? Do you feel JB maintained his “status” only because he was a friend of Paul’s and Giancana never went against JB out of respect for Paul?

        • Dear Doug,
          I did not read Double Cross, though I scanned the index many years ago. Every time a popular book on the Outfit comes out, I scan the index. If I do not see Romie Nappi’s name, I know whoever wrote it is not widely knowledgeable on the Outfit, and I usually put the book down. Here is what I know about Mooney and his family (wife, children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews), he never told them anything about his business. Therefore, not anyone of his family members who would write a book would be writing one based on genuine information stemming directly from him. However, I could conceive that his daughters could have overheard him discuss things in his home with his criminal colleagues. Friends of Mooney are who told me about his policy of not telling his family anything about his business, and I do not think that a reasonable person would disagree with this assertion.
          Paul had his two golden boys, Mooney and Joe B. Mooney and Joe B were subtly rivaling each other for many years, much like Joe B’s two golden boys, Joey O and Jack. Of course, Paul had more faith in Mooney as leader. When Paul died, Mooney was free to do as he pleased. People like Joe B, Joey O and Jack were not going to sit still for it, and they knew that if either one of them got out of line, Mooney would knock them down.
          Here is what you have: Joe B, Joey O and Jack hijacked the Outfit for themselves, case closed. With Mooney dead, no one could stand in their way. You have to give them credit, their ruthlessness penetrated Mooney’s security shields and the rest is history. Nonetheless, today, they are all dead.
          Let me clarify something: Mooney belonged to Paul, as did Joe B. Mooney never took Joe’s shit, not ever. If anyone was worried about anyone, Joe was worried about Mooney. Mooney would give Joe a crack in the face (with Paul alive or not). Joe was the one always running to Paul crying about something Mooney was doing. And, many of the times, Jack was the one causing Joe B to rum to Paul with complaints about Mooney. However, nothing mattered; Mooney could do no wrong in Paul’s eyes. Are things becoming clearer now?

  • John Rainone’s Rule To Show Cause hearing this month was
    continued for a second time. It is now scheduled for mid July, which tells me
    that Rainone has some friends in the federal judicial system. I suppose I am
    not completely shocked, after all, he is a Daddono, and the Daddonos have
    weathered some difficult storms via McCormick
    Place, even after being entrenched in the
    crosshairs, far deeper than others who were indicted. 

  • Joseph Fosco

    A little bird told me that law enforcement is looking into an agent/relative of the Daddono/Rainone owned Century Trade Show Services, who is Mary Daddono (daughter of ‘Potatoes’ Daddono), for matters allegedly pertaining to bid-rigging, fraud and embezzlement.
    To be continued…

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  • Joseph Lopez

    the reason there was no violation of bond was the timing of both events as the weed case was an old case that was indicted while the fed case was pending.