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Dr Million Pills Compromised Gangster Emeritus Magnafichi

Posted on 21. Apr, 2012 by in Current Events, Organized Crime

It seems that we can add Outfit Lieutenant Emeritus Michael Magnafichi to the neigh on endless list of people allegedly victimized by the infamous Pusher M.D., Dr. Joseph Giacchino.

Joseph Giacchino

Joseph Giacchino

For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Joseph Giacchino, please click here to read up on him. For others who are not familiar with Mr. Magnafichi, you may click here to learn more about him.

Sometime in or around the year 2007, Dr. Giacchino dispensed large volumes of narcotic painkillers to Magnafichi, even though he allegedly knew that Magnafichi was dependent on said medication. After Giacchino lost his ability to legally dispense narcotics from the infamous Melrose Park Clinic, he resorted to issuing Magnafichi prescriptions for narcotics. According to a source, this pile of prescriptions was so massive that only now, years after Dr. Million Pills (I just love that name, Mr. Kass) was stripped of his medical license, has Magnafichi run out of narcotic pain pills.
Over the years, I tried making it my policy to avoid contact with Mr. Magnafichi when he would use the prescription drugs that Dr. Giacchino dispensed and/or prescribed him. Sadly this prescription dependency has taken its toll on Michael, and periodically he would rely on prescription pain medication, even after avoiding it for long periods. Anyone who has ever dealt with prescription drug dependency knows this is a common occurrence. I have great sympathy for Mr. Magnafichi’s struggle and am proud to report that Michael continues his brave fight against dependency.

Of course this problem may never have occurred if Michael had not been in the care of a careless physician who was more interested in money and allegedly accommodating gangsters than the health of his patients.

Mr. Magnafichi, if you are reading this, please contact attorney Tim McArdle (his number is listed in the Chicago phonebook). Mr. McArdle is the only lawyer, thus far, to get justice on behalf of victims of disgraced and revoked Dr. Joseph Giacchino.

To all my readers who have loved ones who are dependent (or worse, addicted) on drugs, please offer them the number to Forterus Healthcare, which is a national organization, (800) 314-8174. Thank you.

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  • Just Curious

    Mr. Fosco,  I understand your crusade against Pill Pusher Giacchino who belongs in prison.  However, you already betrayed Michael Magnafichi’s confidence by writing articles about your interviews with him without his permission. Now you’re writing an article telling everyone who reads it that Michael has a prescription drug problem and you’re also including Mr. Parillo’s daughter ( Thank God you didn’t mention her name) and you also mentioned his son and gave his name. I think that is very improper and hurtful to those people. Don’t you? Why didn’t you simply send Michael Magnafichi an email or a letter regarding your thoughts or helpful suggestions? You could have done the same for Mr. Parillo. With all due respect,  I think you need to only focus on the sociopathic criminal asshole  Giacchino and protect the confidence of friends or victims unless they give you permission to talk about them. 

    • Sometimes the truth is difficult and sometimes it must be told for good reasons. As far as Beau Parrillo is concerned, he could respond or ignore the article. If he responds, he could do inappropriate things as some Outfit affiliates did when one of my two prolific detractors magically emerged on the internet to defame me (big deal). On the other hand, Beau could file a bogus lawsuit in court, pretending to have an action against me, which would pull in my credible eyewitnesses to explain what in fact Mr. Parrillo actually did that caught my attention.

      More importantly, I would hope that some good help would come to those in need. Prescription drugs and other drugs are dangerous when abused and doctors whom fuel addicts need to be brought to justice. The high and mighty and the low and weak are on the same level when battling deadly drug addictions.

    • Kkanz

      very well said jc,putting the heat on the victims distracts the focus from the root of the problem,bravo again….

      • Actually, I would have to agree with you and JC to a point, the three people are victims. However, I am not the first news agency to name or refer to victims. Sorry if you do not like it.

        • Mr. Legal

          Joe Fosco,  Hiring a lawyer is not the answer to everything. Ignoring certain things is many times a much smarter answer. Very few people go out and hire a lawyer everytime something is said that isn’t flattering or something didn’t go exactlky the way they expected it to go. It’s too expensive dealing with lawyers. Plus that, the court system doesn’t always dole out justice in a fair way. Many times justice is doled out by who has the most money and time to fight certain bullshit that happens to them iin life.

          • I agree with you completely – I could not have said it better! Thank you.

    • Gargamel

      Dear Joe,
      How is Mike doing? You said that he works a legit job now. Is he a golf pro somewhere?
      He seems like a nice person. Any updates on the insurance executive? It seems like he has stopped his ‘anti-joe’ stuff which is a good thing. Take care!

      • Michael as doing as well as possible considering that Dr. Giacchino compromised him. No comment on the insurance executive.

  • To the commenter who was recently blocked:

    You must have been blocked by accident. I would have been happy to unblock you if you would have been nice enough to inquire about it without your nasty remarks and false accusation. Therefore, I am now blocking you. I tried emailing you this message only to learn that you were disingenuous about giving a legitimate email address. Thank you.

    • Pagliaccio


  • Gerbearmm0326

    Hi Joe,
    I just want to say that I think its great that you have been one of few that I’ve seen that has had the courage to fight for both the underprivileged and wealthy just because you care and have the guts to say it for what it really is.  He has in my belief, been responsible for many deaths.  I don’t understand some of your readers who complain…what if one of his victims was your son, daughter, mother, father and so on.  I’m sure  you would then complain… 
    Don’t you people get it, he has had a license to kill for many years.  For Just Curious, I agree totally with you that he belongs in prison. 
    Another  admirable thing is you didn’t do it for personal gain, a notch on your belt.  Great kudos to you for providing a place for people to   go for help and an attorney.  Too bad we didn’t have more Joe Foscos and yes Joe, any type of these loser Doctors should and need to be brought to justice.

  • Alllen James

    Did you watch mob wives tonight???  Gravano is the most stuck up snob b*tch, who needs to loose 500 lbs.  I cant stand the look she always has when not stuffing her face.  “blah blah blah, my book is gonna be a best seller, blah blah blah, its gonna be a top book.

    • I would only watch the show if I was paid a minimum of 500-dollars (in cash) every 15-minutes.

  • Al

    Melrose Park is a horrible place to find a pain DR.  The forum pain clinic is also just in it for $.  She will actually turn someone down on the spot, no warning, simply cause a single payment was denied by a insurance.   For those who cant pay at that point, its heroin or suicide.  Cause going cold turkey from years of strong pain meds, is torture not many can handle.    Her practice will fail with in a few years, she is now making people come every two weeks, just so she can bill insurances more.  Most horrible DR ive ever heard of, a money grubbing horrible human being.

  • Bradlee V

    Have you taken any action against your online detractors yet?

    • Sorry, I cannot comment at this time.

    • Pagliaccio

      Joe’s detractors will not slow this blog down whatever actions Joe decides or declines to make.  They come and they go and they are weak and stupid.

  • BV

    is the IP address of “Just Curious” the same or similar to Black Angelo’s?

  • Allen James

    Ive made this request be for, can I hear a tuff guy Willie the best story??   That is one guy you should have more then enough to put stuff on here, and in ya book.  Hope that last poke gets you to do it this time.
    – AJ 

  • Allen James

    Yo Joe Dizzle:)   Was wondering what your best pick of what happened to ZIzzo was?   Do they have access to funeral h omes?   I thought I heard you say that be for.  Cause all thats left after cremation is a few scrapts of bones, thats what they put in a earn.  ITs actually not ash like most think.  It is just the last bit of bones that dont go up in smoke, not hard to get rid of that.  Could flush it down the toilet….

    • Zizzo is likely to be dead.
      Funeral Homes? Well, my father who has been accused of being a hit man many years prior to his installation as a Teamsters Official had a business interest in Salerno’s Funeral Home, according to his IRS records. The same funeral home, though, today called Galewood Funeral Home, is under the direction (in part) by a man that used to work for my father; Ralph Massey Sr. Ralph was one of my fathers business agents, who were later, elevated to President of Local 738 by John DiFronzo, through Joe Nick’s people. I am aware that the late George Salerno and (the living) Ralph Massey Sr, both would have done anything my father asked of them (possible hit man v. funeral personnel). More importantly, today, John DiFronzo would be able to count on Ralph Massey for anything, again, because of John’s involvement in Ralph’s previous success in climbing the ladder within the Teamster movement (prior to Ralph actually being forced out in the early 1990s because of his connections to the underworld).

      • Allen James

        KK, now just scroll down to my question under this:)   Have you heard anything of who Zizzo was meeting with??  I guess his wife said he was traveling to Joe A’s neck of the woods, kinda not odd at all that the new #2 ran the area the old #2 last was seen in

  • I agree that lawyers will always take a good lawsuit with no money down, but, as in my experience, when statutes of limitations are an issue, it is a major battle that most lawyers will not deal with. Tolling statutes seems to be a turn off to lawyers (especially when a plaintiff is going after killers and alleged killers as I did). It took me a long time to find the strength to deal with my issues and then it was too late. As for Giacchino, he has not been practicing medicine for more than 2-years. In Illinois, the statute of limitations on civil matters is 2-years, which means anyone who comes forward is going to have a statute of limitations problem. I believe McArdle might be able to deal with certain limitations issues, but I am in no position to guarantee it. If a former patient has a complaint that could be filed in federal court, the statute of limitations in federal court is typically 4-years.

    • Gerry

      Hi Joe,
      You are definitely correct for that one, but if any of his patients died and had children, the statute of limitations does not apply as long as they are under the age of 18 and I was not familiar with the federal court statute of limitations tolling…you should have been an attorney Joe, you would have made a great prosecutor.  So if any of your readers know of any patients that died that had children could let you know their names anonymously or let the guardian or other parent know that they’re with now that they definitely have a case and Tim Mcardle would take their case.  I just feel bad for the kids left without a parent. Thanks Joe

      • Gerry, thanks for the information. In fact, I think each minor who could claim to have lost a parent at the hands of Giacchino, would have 2-years from his or her 18th birthday (until age 20) to go after him legally.

  • Allen James

    There use to be a sight you could find on google with “chicago outfit list”  It also had Detriot, St.loui as well.  Do you know the sight I speak of, I cnt find it now.  But it was black, had the top 3 spots, then capos, then the rest.   I think my son has a great uncle in the Detroit Mafia, also think his great grandpa was the infamous Dominic Nuccio.  I cant get a confirmation on this, Im not just saying the last names match.  Ive done some other looking, but cant get %100 on much

    • Nuch

      your son’s grandfather was not THE Dominic Nuccio. I know this for a fact because he was my grandfather. I am very unclear where you think this relation came from but clearly you are not correct.

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