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Tithe Your Anger, Not Your Money, To The Vatican

Posted on 12. Apr, 2010 by in Analysis

Catholics owe it to God to pay respect to him by attending Sunday Mass. Most people that donate money at church feel as if they are making God happy. Forgive me for pointing out that God is not the recipient of our donations. MoneyGram works wonders, however, it is not possible to send MoneyGrams to God. So, where do our church donations go once they hit the collection basket? It goes to the bishops that have aided and abetted child molesters. Do you think that makes God happy? If I thought it did, I would stop believing in God immediately.

I believe that God is sickened by what his bishops have allowed to occur on his green Earth for the last several decades – perhaps centuries. Because I believe in God, I decided this Easter Holiday that I will show my love and respect for God by ceasing and desisting in giving my money to child molesters and co-conspirators that aid and abet the offenders. In other words, I no longer donate to the church.

While I am all for respecting and praising God by going to Sunday Mass, I am totally against giving money to the present church administration.

I implore others to follow in my example. We parishioners – disciples – have the ability to attract the attention of our bishops by cutting off the gravy-train. Perhaps once we have their attention the bishops will do something substantial to solve this crisis.

I would like them to resign their positions – including the Pope Benedict – but I doubt they have that kind of moral fortitude. The Holy Father should be too ashamed to look at himself in the mirror for his deplorable role in helping the evil, sick and twisted child sexual predator known as Father Lawrence C. Murphy.

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  • Vita

    In my opinion, the Catholic Church needs to be a smaller and more tightly-knit entity. Only then, will it be able to self-regulate and hold its hierarchy to the same standards that its followers are subject to. It has to stop worrying about being the largest Christian church in the world and stop purporting to be the world’s moral compass if it can’t keep rapists out of its ranks. If it has to take a back seat to other religions, so be it. That’s the only way it’ll stay relevant. I say that as a Catholic. Thanks. Good article, by the way.

  • Frank

    Great article Joe – my only suggestion for those also upset at the Catholic Church leadership but are happy and supportive of their local parish and clergy would be to send a note similar to Joe’s but state you will be reducing your donation to your parish by the % that is sent to Rome.

    This would allow someone to support their parish and still make the point known that there must be change in the leadership of 1 billion + Catholics.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Frank,

    Regardless of the amount donated to a local church, the Vatican receives their end no matter what. The Vatican’s percentage of zero is zero – got it? Zero.

    Let the pedophile priest’s mortgage their churches for money to live on like most of America had to.

  • mr mutorcs

    Joe punishing the church by not giving punishes every parisioner. I agree no tolerence with any molester. The situation upsets me to no end. But is stoping your donation the right thing to do? What would jesus do in a Similar situation?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Mr. Mutorcs,

    Every Catholic Church must be included in my program – no donations. It is the most effective way to apply pressure where it is needed the most – everywhere. The child rape epidemic in the Catholic Church is among one of the most serious tragedies in our world – it is right up there with terrorism, perhaps worse. If we were talking about the Al-Qeada, no one would disagree with cutting off the money supply. In the U.S. alone, since 1950, alleged sex abuse victims made 10,667 claims against the Catholic Church. Sex abuse claims were made against 4,392 priests. These figures are staggering. The number of victims nearly double the amount of people killed in the terrorist attack on 9-11. The number of child rapist-priests is likely higher than the number of Al-Qaeda members working against America. As I said, the funding of the religious/terrorist organization on U.S. soil (aka the Roman Catholic Church), which is being controlled by people in Rome must lose its funding now!

    The U.S. Government (which is controlled by elected officials) will not touch this one because they are unwilling to jeopardize election votes, as it is well understood that Catholic American voters represent a significant portion of the registered voters. And this is a big reason why the Catholic Church has become safe haven for pedophiles to join as priests.

    Anyone that reads my article and its thread that later decides to hand his or her money to the church is as negligent as the child rapist-priests (and the bishops that protect them) because they are funding their scheme. Out of the thousands of child rapists in the Catholic Church in America, only 100 prison sentences have been handed down.

    You asked me what Jesus would do – my answer – Jesus would make it possible for someone like me to spread the awareness that I have been called to do (I have received my calling). On that note, please help me spread the word. Until the Catholic Church is completely free of its rapists and their protectors, the Catholic Church is as bad if not worse than the Al-Qaeda. This is not what Jesus had in mind for his disciples. And if he did, why are we going to church in the first place?

    Please look at the following link:

  • Anselm

    Good article, but a few issues. In your note, I’d get rid of the word “administration” and use “hierarchy”, instead because it’s more accurate. (More Catholic, that is.)

    I have a few objections to your response to Mutorcs, though.

    First of all, to refer to the child rape in the Catholic Church as an “epidemic” ignores the fact that it has been going on since the Middle Ages. It is not a recent phenomenon; it’s just more widely publicized.

    Second, your assertion, “Anyone that reads my article and its thread that later decides to hand his or her money to the church is as negligent as the child rapist-priests (and the bishops that protect them) because they are funding their scheme”, makes it sound like the rape is the result of negligence–when it isn’t.

    Child rape is a predatory, intentional, criminal, and fundamentally evil act. While the ecclesiastical authorities might be acting negligently in response to these crimes, the rapists are raping/molesting, while knowing full-well the criminal nature of their actions, as well as the extent of the harm they are doing. They just don’t give a shit and perhaps believe they can completely exculpate themselves in the confessional.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Anslem,

    Thank you the pointers. I will not change the current piece; however, I will use your advice in future pieces. As to my use of the word ‘negligence’, I could not agree more, please understand that when I write in the threads (apposed to the articles, sometimes I am in a rush. I was considering the bishops role in these crimes when I used ‘negligence’, which might not be the most accurate fit either. Again, thank you for your help.
    Actually, you made the improvements for me in your comment, again, thanks.


  • mr mutorcs

    Mr Fosco, I agree totally in the premise that what happened was wrong, 100 percent. All the bad pub, is a result of decades of crimes all coming out. The stats since you are one to throw out figures show the precentage of molesters equals the general public precentage of males who commit such crimes. That average is approximately 2 percent. So lets think about this 98% are doing the right thing and never hurt a fly but you want to boycot a whole organization for the crimes of a few? I agree and totally dislike the way the situation was handled by the church. Actually it makes me ill just thinking about all the victoms. Again, two wrongs do not make a right. I ask you what would Jesus do? He would agree that what happend was terrible and uncalled for, but we forgive, change and do what is right.

    • The Don

      Not giving money to the Roman Catholic Church is not a wrong!  It’s not a felony to stop giving money to the Church whose Hierarchy are covering up crimes against children!  The percentage of wrong doing is triple what you said because you don’t know what you’re talking about and you don’t understand numbers.  STOP DOWNPLAYING THE PROBLEM AND STOP EQUATING SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN WITH NOT GIVING MONEY TO THE CHURCH!!  What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Mr. Mutorcs,

    The Catholic Church is one organization. What do you suppose would happen to a retail chain as McDonald’s or Kmart if 2% of their employees molested kids in the stores restrooms? Would we give the hierarchy of those corporations the benefit of the doubt if they refused to fire the pedophile-employees that have raped children in their stores? If only 1% of said offenders were fired and prosecuted, would you continue to contribute your money to the store?

    Please visit http://www.CCOCommission.org – for a glimpse of how strongly I feel about this issue regarding the church.

    Mr. Mutocrs, in your statement, “two wrongs do not make a right,” I ask, what is wrong about cutting off finances to a child rapist friendly organization? In addition, I never suggested that anyone boycott the Catholic Church. I merely advised people to cease in giving donations in protest of the current administration that is headed by a self-admitted child rapist supporter – the Pope.

    Our Pope and a number of his bishops are coconspirators in the longstanding matter of pedophilia. As much as I agree with the U.S. Attorney’s office going after Mafias, drug cartels and terrorists, I do not appreciate the fact that they grant immunity to the world’s largest criminal enterprise – the Roman Catholic Church. If your figure is correct, and 2% of the clergy are raping children, the entire church – because of its hierarchy – is guilty. Unfortunately, the governments concern remains with the Catholic registered voters that keep the government in place.

    Aside from the most serious crimes of child rape, the financial crimes that Catholic clergy members have committed in their role as administrators of Catholic hospitals in Chicago are astounding. If the U.S. Attorney’s Office subpoenaed Father William Grogan before a grand jury – provided the attorney-priest testified truthfully – the US Attorney’s Office would be issuing scores of indictments, and I do not see how Cardinal George (perhaps Grogan himself), the Pope, Father Michael Place and dozens of Nuns would not be included in the indictment. In case you are unaware, I was on the stewardship committee at Holy Name Cathedral in 2007 and I had a great deal of exposure to the Catholic hospital network in Chicago thru a project related to the church.

    Getting back to child rapists, I believe the Catholic Church has reached the point where a large number of bishops (including the Pope) have to resign to restore credibility to the organization.

    (Attention Readers: Mr. Mutorcs response to my comment contained within will show us if he is a reasonable person or not)

  • Frank

    According to an piece written by I think Ann Coulter the percentage of offending priests is less than 1% meaning less than general population or the 2% number.

    Obviously 0% is the only acceptable percentage for any Catholic or any citizen of this country.

    Joe this endeavor of remaking the Catholic Church leadership – which is what needs to take place will take 20-30 years of persistance and activism by you and fellow catholics.

    I will continue to read your articles with great interest and will consider what role I as a current non practicing catholic can play in this endeavor.

    Best Wishes Joe

    • The Don

      Frank,  Ann Coulter needs to take some classes in Mathmatics because figures don’t lie. The percentage of guilty priests is way higher than 1%. In America alone, 10% have been accused, making the actual guilty at LEAST 5% or slightly higher. Read my posting above a get a dose of closer reality. 

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Frank,

    If I live to be 100 and the church remains pedophile friendly, I will die championing for change.

    As a non-Catholic with interest in fixing our church, you can join Voice of the Faithful. Thank you for your support.

  • mr mutorcs

    Whether the victim is a kidnapped sex slave in Thailand, a trafficked child camel jockey in the Persian Gulf states, or a fifth grader assaulted in an American elementary school, the fact that children and young people throughout the world are regularly subjected to sexual and physical abuse is a horror that ought to shock the conscience of humanity.

    In the United States alone, there are reportedly tens of millions of victims of childhood sexual abuse. In the years between 1991 and 2000, approximately 290,000 students were sexually abused in American public schools. Worse yet, studies indicate that 40 percent to 60 percent of sexual abuse takes place within families – often at the hands of second husbands or live-in boyfriends.

    Throughout the world, children seem to be the principal victims of lawlessness, wanton cruelty, the sexual revolution, and the hookup culture that treats sex as a contact sport: one in which everyone, of any age, is a potential player.
    So I ask any person of any faith, do you punish the entire organization for the actions of a few? What is your ultimate goal? Punitive damages or punish the organization through financial with holdings. I say write you local bishops and pastors a letter expressing your concerns and thoughts about the matter. Numbers speak volumes and if enough people express their opinions to the leaders it may help. Speaking with your check book or lack there of will only result in lower services, cuts, raised tuitions, fees, weddings, communions etc. Just my opinion of this matter.

  • It’s funny that you simply finally spoke up! We’ve been waiting for someone to bring this out for the open! Anyway… nice post. I’ll be back.

  • The Don

    Joe,  Great Article!  Okay, let’s talk numbers which is my specialty.  The number of priests who are offenders in the United States is way higher than 2%. It’s probably triple that amount. There are over 40,000 priests in America and about 4,000 have been accused of sexual misconduct. That represents 10%. Now, accusation does not mean guilt and many of the accusations are false or way exaggerated on purpose. So, to be fair, let’s cut the accusations  by 40% to real hard core undisputed misconduct. Now, you’re at 6% ( Which still may be somewhat generous ). That is very unacceptable even though more than 90% of  American Priests are non offenders. That’s not the point!  Most priests are very good people.  The Point is that the Hierarchy has allowed AT LEAST 6% of American Priests to sexually abuse minors, the strong majority of VICTIMS who are prepubescent males!  They have looked the other way or have purposely covered it up. That’s the point!  What would Jesus do?  Jesus would abolish the Hierarchy of the corrupt Assshole Roman Catholic Church.  That’s what Jesus would do!

    • Dear The Don,

      I agree with your analysis. After my departure from the Roman Catholic Church (not as a Catholic, but as a volunteer and supporter), I joined a couple of other organizations, including The Voice of the Faithful. Additionally, I established the Cardinal Cody Observation Commission, as a way of reaching victims who are reluctant to report their situation to the source that caused it – the church.

      In fact, the Bishop Accountability Organization, took the initiative of publishing a favorable article about me, which was originally published elsewhere (http://www.bishop-accountability.org/news2011/07_08/2011_07_05_WorldNewsReport_JosephFosco.htm).

      I am all for abolishing the age-old hierarchy. I would love to collect a list of potential supporters from the readership at ANP to pass along to my contacts at The Voice of the Faithful. Please email me if you are interested (jfosco@americannewspost.com).

    • Kkanz

      don,seems like you have a lot of anger toward an institution whos teachings are that of peace and forgiveness.believe me my friend i have more justification than most to be hateful to their hierarchy.(no iwas was not molested)a person very dear to me over many years had given hundreds of thousands to the church,not once did they decline the money.however when that person passed away the church would not allow services to him based on his ties to OC.. i personally met with the arch bishop and presented my argument on my loved ones behalf..it fell on deaf ears.i was so outraged i went to the rectory in our parish and called the priests every name in the book hoping to intice them into an altercation. again my efforts were unsucsessful. but with age i have come to realize the people that are in charge are merely a reflection of our warped society,i refuse to turn my back on the valid concepts of the catholic church based on the nit wits that are in charge now…..

      • The Don

        Kkanz,  I know ( between You & Me ) exactly who you’re talking about and that was very very unfair to you and your family and to your relative who was a good family man. That happened thirty five years ago which shows how things haven’t changed. I would disagree with you only on one minor point. The valid concepts that you will not turn your back on are actually the teachings of Jesus rather than the Catholic Church if you really stop and think about it. The Nit Wits have perverted the real message with their behavior. Again, I’m very sorry He didn’t receive the respectful services he deserved years ago.

        • Kkanz

          thank you sir…

          • The Don

            Kkanz,  The Chicago Archdiocese did the same thing to the Spilotro Family.  

          • Kkanz

            yep,i know don,but i dont recall tony giving large amounts of money to anyone…lol

          • The Don

            You’re right.  He was too busy putting it out on the streets in Las Vegas. Do you know his son Vince or his wife Nancy very well? I think they are nice people. They got involved with being consultants with that bullshit Mob Experience out in Las Vegas at the Tropicana which I heard closed down because of multiple lawsuits and money swindling. The whole thing turned into a major disaster.  Antionette got involved also and then got mad ( like ususal ) and sued them. However, I think she was justified. She is now working with the former Mayor Goodman on some other Mob Project that will open in Downtown Las Vegas sometime in the future.

          • Kkanz

            i know nancy from the house one block off harlem,very seldom did she go to the house where the guys would play cards every friday night.when she did come for other occasions her interaction was almost solely with tony…

  • Endorakitty

    Interesting article.   The Bishops have threatened to close many hospitals and schools, if required to pay for health care, because a small portion of the money will go to family planning.   If most Catholics in the pews were as self-rightous and narrow-minded as our bishops, we would not contribute to the Church, because a small portion of the money was going to defend wrong doers and pay off lawsuits.   I still contribute to the Church, but I understand and respect the choices of those who do not.   I would ugre that you find a worthy charity and contribute the money you once gave to the church.

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