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The Fix Was In On The Reinstatement Of Giacchino’s Medical License In The 1980s

Posted on 20. May, 2010 by in Organized Crime

Regardless of how much respect Chicago Tribune’s John Kass and his office may give the Giacchino’s during the current hearings on Giacchino’s medical license, Kass will never learn what I know without reading my articles.

In an unofficial sense, I had the opportunity to interview/examine the following people over the years:

1. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr.
2. Willie Messino, Sr.
3. Jack P. Cerone, Esquire
4. Rudy Fratto, Jr.
5. Anthony Erbacci, Sr.
6. Rocky Lombardo (brother of Outfit Boss Joe Lombardo)
7. Cook County Judge Jill Cerone-Marisie

In the course of my interviews, I was friendly with the above-mentioned individuals, therefore eliminating any concern for caution on their part. I learned that the Chicago Outfit was the only reason the State of Illinois restored Giacchino’s medical license the first time he lost it.

Old man Jack Cerone (the real gangster) was away serving his final prison term when Johnny DiFronzo and Rudy Fratto okayed Willie Messino to visit Jackie Cerone in prison for the purposes of solidifying a fix through Jackie’s son’s law firm. Jack P. Cerone (Jackie’s son) had a partner at his firm by the name of Anthony Erbacci, Sr. who had an inappropriate amount of influence with exactly the right people to fix Giacchino’s problem. Mr. Erbacci’s son, Anthony Erbacci, Jr., was some sort of bigwig with the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations as well as an attorney. According to the people named above, this connection should have guaranteed a positive result in Giacchino’s hearing.

And it did. Giacchino beat his suspension by having his medical license returned in this dubious manner.

If the United States Attorney’s Office has not subpoenaed Anthony Erbacci, Jr. to a grand jury, I suggest they do so at once. While they may need to offer him immunity, such action will likely shed light on the sordid mess that is Giacchino’s dark past.

After Giacchino’s license was returned because of Cerone and Erbacci, Giacchino began offering special benefits and perks to various relatives of the high and mighty in the Chicago Outfit. In one case, Giacchino purchased an automobile on his credit card for the niece of a Chicago Outfit Boss.

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  • Tom J.

    Another excellent article as usual …. This Mr. G is a real SCUMBAG. ….. Nothing surpise me with this guy , just from his picture it look like he thinks who the f**k he is…!!!!!!

  • curious

    It seems, over the years, that Dr. G has shared some very personal stories with you. Why did devulge such incriminating info about himself. Especially, when it makes him paints him in such a negative light?

    • Dear Curious,

      You will have to ask Giacchino that question. I believed at the time he was making an example of how he changed and became a better person. I later discovered that he never changed, at least not for the better.

  • What?


    That is a very upsetting story and I agree I think he is 100% driven by money. The only explanation for what I saw at MPC was GREED. I think he could have been a good Dr. if he didn’t get so money hungry. I heard him say one day when I was there to his staff ” Don’t let anyone in here that owes me money”.

  • What?

    Forgot to ask you any info on what happened in court on the 19th?

  • NoWay

    Joe, call/write A&E – American Justice or Dateline or 48 hours ID.

    They (A&E) took time to cover Drew Peterson for pete’s sake.

    Giacchino seems to be just as sinister and suspect of brutality (especially towards women).

    Your piece above is truly troubling and it appears as if he is capable of ANYTHING. Lord only knows what destruction he left in his wake in Calif.

    There is an unusual amount of unsolved homocides and rapes (particularly of prostitues) there.

    Joe, bravo on your journalism – you’ve held this little nugget for just the right time.

  • MM

    does not suprise me at the least bit i bet he would do it again if necessary..yuk whAT a PIG he offered to take me on shopping sprees a few times but nah i didnt even want to be seen with his old ass and for all those who claim hes a good doctor booooo hooooo to all of you…..if you really have pain problems there is a whole listing in the yellow pages for real pain managment PROFFESIONEL DOCTORS….LOOK THERE….

  • KK

    To answer your question as to why Dr. G would tell these stories: because he is so involved with himself that he feels no shame or sense of wrong-doing. Men like him feel above the law and the rules and think no one can touch them. And men like him can’t keep their stories to themselves – they need to tell others so they can feel important. My prediction is that when he realizes that the trial is not going away, he and his porn queen ex-jailbird wife are going to hop the first boat for Cuba where I’m sure he has been stashing money for just such an occasion.

  • NoWay

    Joe, any book writing in your future?

    You should.

  • NoWay

    ETA: Why shouldn’t you make some money from your wealth of knowledge about the Chicago Outfit? Many others have.

    And we know they have 10 fold.

  • NoWay

    Joe, do you worry about a man like him, who has/is in jeopardy of formally losing his livelihood (which losing a high maintenance wife usually follows suit) and has had his reputation smeared, as is happening will have a “nothing else to lose” attitude and possible take it to a level of violence towards you?

    You just never know what a man like him is capable of. Your story above, bears witness to this.

  • HowdyD

    I find it very amusing that now that his patients have had plenty of time to go through withdrawls and see the light no one is taking his back anymore! NO ONE! I would like to think that everyone that has been put through that amount of pain will never go back even if by some crazy chance he did get his lisence back.

  • FS

    Hey does anyone one know how the trial is going??

    • Dear FS,
      Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Giacchino’s hearing has been in recess all week (the week of May 24, 2010) – the reason is a bit of a mystery to me. However, at the end of the previous week, a special process server served Giacchino in the hearing room with a new lawsuit from a former ‘pain’ patient. Apparently Giacchino was furious to discover he had been sued – again – that he threw the papers across the room. I heard it was somewhat humorous for some of the spectators to see.

  • Steve

    Hey Joe, im with you on this. this man needs to be stopped. even if he does not get his license back he has hungry doctors like Dr. Madison continuing Mr. Gs practice. i am writing you this message because his political conections might get him by in chicago. what i would like you to do is contact the Nancy Grace show regarding this man. Nancy is the one person that could get all of Dr. Gs skelitons out of his closet. I watch the show often and lately its all the same thing. the show needs a change and Dr.G story would be perfect. I mean she still brings up Michael Jackson and his doctor often. I have submited my request to the Nancy Grace show and it would help if they receive more requests regarding this scum doctor. If nancy airs a story about Dr.G it could be a very interesting show. if it airs (good possibility it might) with the national pressure Nancy can provide her connections and retired investigators that would shread Dr.g, not tribune nor his connections could help him out. This is corporate america and not a mob america. I will keep sending emails to the show and with your deeper knowlege about G, together with Nancy. Dr. G will have to go down. America nor Nancy will rest until possibly he gets put behind bars. as you know and i know, Dr. G is getting support only from his junky patiance with no credibility in these blogs. With nancys help i believe more patiance will come forth that are now reluctint to speak. if we could pull together and get nancy involved it would put a dagger through Dr. G. Think about it. this could become a very interesting story on national tv and all of his past will be investigated deeply. lets see, a crazy greedy doctor that cares about money and kills people for his bently, Miss Playmate drug dealing wife, his suspention 1987 that was reinstated, his expensive homes and cars. Best thing of it all Sex for Drugs. wow what a story this could become and Giacchinos have to go down, otherwise it would be a slap in our face, Nancys face, and Americas face. But this will not happen if we could get nancy involved. more people are going down. and the scum circle of his will go down as well. all of his political connections will distance themselves from Dr.G and would regret ever knowing this man. Lets do it Joe, Ill keep sending a few requests daily. we can break through and make this a reality. America would be outrages that there are doctors out there, who knows maybe we can get a few more toughter rules for all of the doctors to follow. thanks

  • MM

    bless you fosco i really hope that you and if you have a family that they are all in safe enviroment.I know the feeling and im sure you feel 10 times above it …Bless your family i will say prayers for you..

  • I AGREE with STEVE. . . .Nancy Grace would eat this aliveeeeee !

  • I went to my new pain guy today, Dr.Kondelis at Advanced Pain Consultants. If you need a new pain doctor, go see him. I found his name in the yellow pages, Dr. G’s office was absolutely useless when I asked them who was taking care of his patient’s. They had the attitude of “who cares, it’s your problem”. As someone with chronic back pain from an auto accident and failed spinal fusion, pain management is something I depend on to live a semi-normal life. That said, I knew Dr. G was not a good doctor the first time I went to him, but because of the fact that most other doctors are afraid to write a script for pain meds, and I need the meds to relieve the pain so I can work, I went to him out of necessity.
    How many of us went into the good doctor last month only to have him whip out his trusted script book and a drug rep’s card for $$$ off of Nucynta? I don’t know about anyone else, but after my first dose of that stuff, I didn’t take it anymore, I felt really weird. I discussed this with my new pain doctor today and he said the Nucynta combined with my other med’s prescribed from Dr. G could have killed me because of Serotonin Syndrome. I had even asked Dr. G if the new med’s were ok to take with the other med’s and he assured me it was ok. If I could testify for the prosecution, I would. He had deliberate indifference toward my well-being and seemed to only care about the kick-back from the drug company.
    Let this be a warning to all of Dr. G’s patients (who are still alive), see another doctor before continuing with Dr. G’s current medication regiment.

  • BS police

    I think Joseph Fosco has a har*** for Dr G and his fixation with Dr G is his drug. Happens to people that don’t have anything better to do.

    I’m sure Joseph Fosco knows much more in the medical field than a board certified physician. A physician that has been trained, tested thoroughly every three years? We’re these “million pills” including blood pressure meds, maintenance meds, meds that also classify in the CIII – CIV category? Sure you can count a total number and assume, but is it being made out to be something its not, being he had over 2700+ patients?

  • Rico

    Joe many years ago at the onion roll restaurant you gave me one of your business cards at that time u were impersonating a judge and also an attorney…. I still have your cards, can i use them or should i keep them in a safe place? for future references. Ha Ha Ha! you can never outwit one of the old timers.

    • Dear Rico,

      Keep my old business card because it proves that I never impersonated an attorney. Send me a copy and I will post it on here. In fact, I worked with Jack P. Cerone Esquire at the time and was bequeathed with the honorary title ‘arbitration judge’ by Cerone – as I helped him in his practice – relating to union arbitration. Cerone always pointed out that arbitrators do not have to be attorneys and with my experience thru my family’s prominent position with Labor, he considered me an expert in the field. At first, I was a little uncomfortable about having the title ‘arbitration judge’ but Cerone insisted on introducing me to everyone as such. I was in my early twenties then and a bit naive. I am proud to say that I no longer associate with people like Cerone.

      You are right about not outwitting old-timers. Old-timers have outwitted me many times, when I was younger, unfortunately. Cerone included – especially Cerone.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Pete

    Joe, I feel Rico’s comment came off sounding a little extortionate and blackmailish. He accused you of a crime and indicated he would keep his purported evidence of it in a “safe place.”

    • Dear Pete,
      Extortion and blackmail does not surprise me coming from an old-timer – they invented those things. I did nothing wrong and I welcome him to do whatever he wishes with that stupid business card. What kind of a crackpot keeps a strangers business card for many years? Unless the stranger is a celebrity.

      • The Don

        An uneducated ignorant blackmailing old-timer who doesn’t know the difference between a ‘Bench’ Judge and a ‘Arbitration’ Judge.

  • cindy

    i too go to dr kondelis cuz i am a TRUE PAIN patient. so far i like him alot demorest is refusing to take any of dr g’s patients

  • Robby J


    I agree with you! Lets expose this guy. And what of this Dr. Madison who supposedly is going to continue Dr. G’s rogue operation? Where is his practice? Should we protest? Lets expose him the way Mr. Fosco exposed Dr. G. That seemed to work.
    These pill pushers must be stopped.

  • Common sense

    Hey Joe,
    what’s up with an update? Please.

    • Dear Common,

      No updates as of yet – should have one by the middle of the week.

  • Know It All

    Mr. Fosco being from the neighborhood I know of many of the people you mention in various articles. My father was a legitimate business associate of Dr.G. I am not standing up for him I knew he was a goon all along. I use to find medications he would write for my father for 90 quantity pill counts with 6 or 7 refills. Granted at the time I use to steal my fathers medication so I didn’t think it was such a bad thing. My father had informed me of how Giacchino had been in trouble before in the past and that he was not the most desirable of characters. However after having attended his wedding party at erie cafe at the age of 13 solidified in my mind that I thought he was a pretty cool guy. The bridal party (all ms.gils playmate friends) had me piss drunk and dancing with them. As I grew older (and sober) I began to see the obsurdity of Dr.G. After having seen the article a few weeks ago by Jon Kass I began researching myself. Coming across your site was a goldmine. With this I began to ask some family members what they knew of you. I know that you said the you have a seedy past…. but how seedy? Perhaps this shady backround of your own had a part to play in the doctor telling you such a horrific story. Also when exactly were you first acquainted with Giacchino? I have heard varying stories regarding that as well. I look forward to receiving a response from you Mr.Fosco.

    • Dear Know,

      I was at the wedding you are talking about, sad to say. The now late Mrs. John ‘Jackie’ Cerone was my date at the wedding.

      No one does a more thorough and accurate job of telling my past then me. I have disclosed more about me than you could ever want to hear – throughout many different articles on KTF Media Group. Have fun reading.

  • leave a reply

    Joe, What do you know about the lunatic named Marie ___?____, that worked at RGC? She was Giacchino’s office manager LOL.
    She is likely an associate of the garbage, I mean the outfit.
    She had no people or profesional skills which qualified her to work there. I understand that she’s still screamming at people who are calling the clinic unaware that it’s closed. LOL Crazy lady, needs to be committed.
    It interesting to me that freaks like her and (Giacchino) believe they are better than everyone else. They’re not smart enough to know that one day the tide will turn on them and what goes around will come around. As this nasty situation surrounding Giacchino unfolds, it brings a certain amount of credibility to that “what goes around” idiom. I’m glad the “rats” are out of the bag. I am praying that our justice system will stop Giacchino and protect the public from corrupt doctors and outfit garbage men.

    • Dear Leave,

      I feel your pain. However, Marie is a friend of mine.

  • leave a reply

    Joe, What do you know about the lunatic named Marie ___?____, that worked at RGC? She was Giacchino’s office manager LOL.
    She is likely an associate of the garbage, I mean the outfit.
    She had no people or profesional skills which qualified her to work there. I understand that she’s still screamming at people who are calling the clinic unaware that it’s closed. LOL Crazy lady, needs to be committed.
    It’s interesting to me that freaks like her and (Giacchino) believe they are better than everyone else. They’re not smart enough to know that one day the tide will turn on them and what goes around will come around. As this nasty situation surrounding Giacchino unfolds, it brings a certain amount of credibility to that “what goes around” idiom. I’m glad the “rats” are out of the bag. I am praying that our justice system will stop Giacchino and protect the public from corrupt doctors and outfit garbage men.

  • Rico

    Hey Joe, do u have a real job? u know a 9 to 5 working class job to earn your income? Betty Maltese is now involved in the same KTF Media Group, how wonderful!!
    when u said u had in an unofficial sense, you had the chance to interview/examine the following seven people. First of all you left a few people off your list!! don’t u think? In your younger days , you were very good at being polite, and u observed a lot of conversations. I myself saw u enjoy many perks too!!

  • Rico

    cont 2.
    Joe you were also a lackey. u had some…

    (YOUR COMMENT WAS MODIFIED – insults are not tolerated on this site)

  • RUDY Z

    (YOUR COMMENT HAS BEEN MODIFIED – if you wish to advertise on KTF, please email me directly, Thanks, Joseph Fosco, Publisher)

  • RUDY Z

    Mr. Fosco why are you moderating what people write? what are you scared of? Mr. Rico did not insult you at all, you on the other hand have and continue to insult and make up stories about Dr. Giacchino. too bad people cant modify what u write!!!

    • Dear Rudy,
      If I had allowed Rico’s comment to publish, you would be able to see the insult. I have let some of Rico’s comments in the thread – not the blatant insults.
      All insults will be edited out. All irrelevant comments will be edited out. Thank you.

  • Rico

    continue 3.
    i know you don’t print everything that is sent to you but i have something else for you and the KTF Media readers to read. Joe back in the day you were so bad you were able to con and rob your own grandmother out of approx: 250 thousand dollars!!!! what a piece of work. Joe there are more embarresing stories out there but this will do for now. i hope to hear back from you real soon. i know that was your past, but in previous articles you said you found the lord!! God bless you and good luck!! Joe being an old timer now myself do you remember back in the day when you would flash large quantities of money and were being driven around in a limousine? how wonderful!! life was good!! you were living the life style of many!! up and coming!! now here you are, wow!!!!

    • Dear Rico,

      Wrong as usual. The figure that has been rumored (of coning out of my own grandmother) is 300k, not 250. And, of course, it is false. Thank you for your participation in KTF’s blog.

      I have allowed you one opportunity to detract from the true message of this thread. It will not happen again.

  • Mary Jones

    I just don’t understand why you JOE are allowed to say and insult others but yet it is not acceptable when it is done to you.

    • Dear Mary,

      Allow me to clarify. I am not overly concerned about slight insults on the threads, however, insults that are over the top will not be tolerated whatsoever. If you do not like my site, please go away.
      Thank you.

  • Hurt by the tatoo devil

    Seriously, let’s get back to the one who is on trial. The tatoo devil, who harmed soo many families, of the monsters he created, for the love of the dollar. He will pay, maybe not in this life, but he will have to face all those who he willingly harmed for his profit. Sure, he took people out of pain with his scrips for meds, but there could have been another way. He just chose the one where he would benefit from in his pocket. He is no different than the pushers on the corner, robbing people of a life that is deserved of anyone in this beautiful Free United States, where you can be someone, no matter what color or religion. Religion can only be ignored in this life. For when he is facing his maker, he will cry for mercy, but the cries of those he harmed will over shadow his cry for forgiveness.
    Please keep those interested in seeing justice be served, posted on his adventures in the court. May God be with those who are trying to seek justice in this life.

  • A Giacchino Update:

    His hearing has been continued without a new date. Giacchino’s attorney is on vacation in Norway for three weeks. In the meantime, his medical license remains suspended, and he cannot practice medicine.

  • Anne

    I’m not shocked with this, this is an embarrestment to the medical field, he should be in jail. Sex for drugs, and keeping people addicted to drugs instead of helping them out of pain…. What is this world coming to.

    He also owes other doctors money that worked with him at times, wonder if they’ll ever see their money.

  • john

    Hi John can you call me email me and i will give ya my number.
    i waqs a former paitience of giacchino and i was loyal until i started to experience a whole new amout of pain. I believe he did something to induce a problem worse then what i have. And not to mention the cost he is 3 time as much as any other pain doctor… charging $ a whopping $375,00 that’s about 4 time as much they are trying to make up for lost time i think so i’m coing over to you side i have seen the light. I thought that there had to be some thing wrong when i first went to his office they do treat you like crap when you are there. I never saw proffessional people act it the manner that they have. And when you look around at thepeople that are in that office you can see that at least 85% of them are not there for any other reason then to get their fix. There just are not that many young people with harniated disc that doesn’t start until your at least in your late 30’s and 40.s and they are all waring hoodies so it doesn’t take a rockit seintist to figureout that it’s a drug house… I need to tell you what he did to me and then theres the issue of what they are charging people isnt that agenst the law cause he is charging the state alot of money unless he doesn’t charge puplic aid that amount of money for their services. email me and maybe we can do something to stop the whole thing over there

  • Rico

    (YOUR COMMENT WAS MODIFIED – please refrain from leaving comments unrelated to the article. Thank you – American News Post)

    • The Don

      Joe, I’m sure you know that Rocky Lombardo is a Martial Arts Expert. I believe he is a fifth degree black belt. Was Rocky ‘made’ into the Grand Ave. Crew by his brother Lumpy? Rocky used to spend a lot of time out in Las Vegas. I believe he watched the Outfit’s interest in the ‘Crazy Horse’ gentleman’s club out there.

      • Joseph Fosco

        Dear The Don,
        Rocky is a Martial Art Expert, indeed. He is not a ‘made’ guy. He worked at the Crazy Horse simply to make money and he wound up being indicted on tax charges for not claiming the correct income (about 5 or 6 years ago). He received probation. I have no idea if Joe had an interest in the Crazy Horse. I suppose that it is certainly possible. I know that Joe liked going to the one in Chicago.

        • The Don

          Joe, if Teets Battaglia were still alive, Giacchino would be found stuffed in a trash can in Melrose Park.

          • The Don

            Joe, to whom were you closest, Micheal, Willie or Buddy? Willie died in 2002 and Buddy went away around 2001. I believe the extortion against you started around 2001. So, the only person who possibly could have helped you would have been Magnafichi. Did he ever try to help you with that awful experience?

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear The Don,
            I was far closer to Willie and Buddy than I was to Michael. It is a toss up as to whether I was closer to Willie or Buddy. I spent my days with Willie and my nights with Buddy.
            Sometimes I wonder if Michael could have been more helpful.

          • The Don

            Joe, the way I see it was that your unfortunate problem was that your ‘Guardian Angel’, Willie Messino, died. At that point, Outfit wannabe Jack Cerone ESQ., the crooked lawyer who should be disbarred, collaborated with a ‘made’ guy, Rudy Fratto, and conspired to extort money from you. In my humble opinion, this would NEVER have happened if Willie had remained alive. I’ll bet this was talked about and planned before Willie died and then the plan went into action after he passed away. I don’t think Buddy Ciotti could have done as much about it as Willie. That’s just my opinion.

          • Joseph Fosco

            Dear The Don,
            I could not have said it better myself.

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