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Theo’s Twit Of The Week: Chuck Hagel

Posted on 15. Jun, 2014 by in Current Events, Politics


This week’s Twit is part of a complex prisoner exchange involving President Obama’s reputation and a tasty post-employment book deal. We Will Never Forget… Chuck Hagel Oh, it was to be a lovely story. Set against the idyllic backdrop of the White House Rose Garden, President Obama, flanked by Jani and Bo Bergdahl, sang the […]

Rosen, The AP And Da President

Posted on 23. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


The evidence keeps piling up. For several years a small but vocal group of Chicagoans have railed against electing a prominent Chicago politician to the presidency. Any politician who can survive, nay flourish, in Cook County should be suspect. Now, in Barack Obama’s second term a bevy of scandals have appeared and the normally complacent […]

Bipartisan Indignation Gives Way To GOP Demagoguery

Posted on 13. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


It is a rare state of affairs when you find the sane people of the United States agreeing with the Republican reactionary establishment on any point, but it is difficult (or at least politically inexpedient) to come out on the side of censorship in the United States. On Friday officials at the IRS admitted that, […]

A Scam ‘From The Get-Go’

Posted on 06. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


Every now and then persistence pays off. After months and months of denial and misdirection, the Obama administration will finally be exposed as the liars yours truly has always known them to be. Testimony this week will practically assure the administration will be held accountable for botching their response to the attack on the U.S. […]

A Trimphus For The Conquering Hero

Posted on 22. Jan, 2013 by in Analysis, Current Events

Inaugural Parade.JPEG-0e5aa

Here we are, back at the beginning. Four years ago I wrote an article, Panem Et Circenses On The Potomac, chronicling the epic overindulgence of the raucous coronation of our Lord and Savior King Barack Obama. The 2008 Obama inauguration was such a spectacle of waste and excess that this comparison is not difficult to […]

Roe v. Raed: The A-Wassailing Edition

Posted on 23. Dec, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


Today’s topic: Political chicanery with a Christmas twist! Dreaming Of A Working Government by Theodore Roe Three years ago I wrote a little ditty about how the Democrat-dominated legislature couldn’t stop writing stupid laws. Now they can’t seem to write anything at all. So, without further ado, I give you my rendition of White Christmas […]

Supreme Court To Hear Landmark Gay Rights Cases

Posted on 09. Dec, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events


This has been a major final quarter of the year for sanity. First President Barack Obama soundly trounced his backwards, flip-flopping corporate raider opponent Mitt Romney, and has taken this mandate to the next level by refusing to extend tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans at the cost of the 99%. Then, in a move […]

Sandy And The Politics of Presidential Leadership

Posted on 01. Nov, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


Along with the devastation caused by Hurricane and Superstorm Sandy, the nation is being availed of the opportunity to see an American president acting presidential. Barack Obama took time off of the campaign trail to play the part of president that he sought with rare perseverance during his 2008 iteration. It is striking, to see […]

Obama’s Unbecoming Presidential Campaign

Posted on 25. Oct, 2012 by in Analysis, Politics


Who knew the fate of the presidential election would tip on the number of women voting as if their lady parts depend on it? Early on in the presidential race, Barrack Obama’s campaign made the calculation to use young, unmarried, female voters, a group that leans heavily Democratic as a punch card for a second […]

Roe V. Raed: The First Presidential Debate

Posted on 06. Oct, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


Editor’s note: Welcome to a new feature here at ANP, Roe v. Raed. In these columns Theodore Roe and Lucy Raed will both address a recent news story an give their (most likely contrasting) opinions on the matter. A virtual coin toss will determine who decides the order on each article. Whoever wins this toss […]