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It’s Your Time!

Posted on 28. Jan, 2014 by in Current Events

It’s Your Time!

What is the most valuable thing on earth? Time, because everything is acquired in time and all of man’s business is conducted by time. You could have food, clothing, fabulous homes, wisdom, have all you want, but if you do not have time, it means you have nothing. Carl Sanburg said “Time is the coin […]

Robertson Stands Pat… On Evolution?!

Posted on 03. Dec, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events


Pat Robertson, the grand poobah of all things wacko-nutso in “mainstream” fundamentalist Christianity, made a scandalous revelation last week. The man who blamed 9/11 on gay people, Hurricane Katrina on American abortion laws and Port-au-Prince’s killer earthquake on an ages-old pact between the Haitians and Satan, was recently confronted with a serious question from (what […]

The Dogmatic Divide Between Modern Evangelical Christianity And The Founding Fathers

Posted on 11. Dec, 2011 by in Analysis, Current Events


In a recent attack ad, presidential hopeful Rick Perry used the following voiceover: As president, I’ll end Obama’s war on religion. And I’ll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage. Faith made America strong. It can make her strong again. The politics of the Obama attack aside, one must wonder if Rick Perry’s historical […]

Roman Catholicism and OWS

Posted on 27. Oct, 2011 by in Current Events


At least a few religious leaders of almost every stripe have come out in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The voices of Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim leaders have been joined by the support of a group not everyone would have thought would throw in their hat into the OWS ring: The Roman […]

Mormonism And Mainstream Christian Belief

Posted on 18. Oct, 2011 by in Analysis, History


In the vast community of Christian churches and ministries, a tremendous range of beliefs and doctrines somehow manage to co-exist. Perhaps one of the strangest variants is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In recent years the LDS Church has widely expanded its proselytizing initiative, sending scores of missionaries around the world […]

From Samhain To Halloween

Posted on 31. Oct, 2010 by in History


In the Western world, where the lion’s share of our most sacred holidays are tied to religious celebrations, it seems odd that Halloween should be celebrated with such fervor. On the surface it has no ties to Christianity, Judaism or Islam – indeed, it seems to exalt demons and other spiritual entities in a way […]

Religion And The Presidency

Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 by in History

Religion And The Presidency

Religion is a hot button topic in the United States when it comes to presidents. From George Washington right up to Barack Obama, the president’s religious beliefs have been a source of controversy, conflict and outright lying. A recent Pew Research Poll that showed more and more Americans (now an astounding 18% of them) believe […]

The 9/11 Hijackers Were Not Muslims

Posted on 14. Aug, 2010 by in Current Events


While it was late in coming, at least our Commander-in-Chief finally stood up for the civil rights of Americans. In the battle between irrational hatred and embracing the ideals of freedom and liberty that this country stands for, President Obama chose the latter. “As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the […]

The Carnival Of Carnaval: Mardi Gras The World Over

Posted on 24. Feb, 2009 by in History

While only a fraction of the world is Christian, one of this religion’s unofficial holidays gets major media attention across the globe. Known almost interchangeably as Mardi Gras and Carnaval, this festival is the wild celebration that comes before the Lenten season. This festival time, which can start as soon as January 9th (the 12th […]

Christmas: A Link To Our Ancient Ancestors

Posted on 18. Dec, 2008 by in History

Christianity is particularly fascinating for its ability to absorb local culture and custom, while retain its core goals and beliefs. Examples of this impressive aptitude can be found the world over, and it might well explain how Christianity has spread so far and wide in the short time it has been an organized religion. Perhaps […]