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The Bonfire of the Hypocrisies

Posted on 11. Oct, 2016 by in Analysis, Politics

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump

American politics has been building toward this for a long time. American presidential politics are now uncharted and turbulent waters. The key to Donald Trump’s success in the primaries and in thrashing the mainstream Republican Party, which sank without a ripple apart from the hundreds of millions of dollars it had squandered to pick up […]

Joe Fosco Show: Lord Black Shares View On Donald Trump

Posted on 01. Oct, 2015 by in History, Politics, The Joe Fosco Show

Joe Fosco Show: Lord Black Shares View On Donald Trump

Today’s show was recorded at Lord Black’s Bridle Path estate in Toronto. We met in his library, the grandeur of which attests to Lord Black’s love of the written word. It is truly a sight to behold. His Lordship was a gracious host. We discussed several topics, including the 2016 U.S. Presidential race. His views […]

Joseph Fosco On New Year’s Wishes And 2011 In Review

Posted on 31. Dec, 2011 by in Analysis, Announcements


Theodore Roe: Good to see you again, Joe. Joseph Fosco: Thank you, Sir. It is always a pleasure to speak with you. TR: Let’s dive right in, shall we? How was your year? JF: I spent the entire year of 2011 living cancer free and I am very lucky to be able to say it. […]

The Keys That Opened The Door To ANP

Posted on 13. Dec, 2011 by in Analysis, History

The Keys That Opened The Door To ANP

In early 2007, I was having dinner with Cardinal Francis George and Lord Black of Crossharbour, along with a few others. Lord Black, who prefers to be called by his first name, Conrad, and I had a very deep and long conversation with His Eminence (I am not at liberty to discuss the details). The […]

Tougher Than A Gangster: Conrad Black

Posted on 05. Sep, 2011 by in Current Events

Tougher Than A Gangster: Conrad Black

Tougher than a gangster and more financially solvent than the entire Mafia, tomorrow, Conrad Black begins what amounts as the end of the judicial farce that plagued him for several years. He reports to prison in Miami, Florida. On his final sentencing day, Conrad Black told me that he could do the prison time that […]

An Overall Victory For Conrad Black

Posted on 27. Jun, 2011 by in Current Events


Conrad Black, victim of the infamous Hollinger Special Committee Report, once faced more than a dozen felony charges, millions of dollars in forfeitures and dozens of years in prison. Today Conrad stands largely victorious, sustaining a libel victory against authors of the Special Committee Report and defeating the bulk of the scurrilous charges brought against […]

Noble And Nobler: Conrad Black

Posted on 24. Jun, 2011 by in Current Events


When Conrad Black addressed the court today, he stood his ground, refusing to plead for mercy or falsely admitting guilt as a way to gain leniency from the judge. Instead, in a very noble way he recited some very special words from the Rudyard Kipling poem If. For those of you unfamiliar with the seminal […]

A Quote From A Conrad Black Admirer

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Conrad Black filed a motion yesterday (read it here) to strike the government’s untimely declarations, or alternatively to require production of related documents and an opportunity to confront the government’s witnesses, is, to say the least, exhilarating to read. I could only imagine how invigorating it must be for Conrad to fight for what is […]

Conrad Black’s Powerful Response

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For those of you that follow the Conrad Black case, you know that the government recently filed harsh exhibits in their sentencing memoranda. The government tried to portray Conrad as an arrogant elitist that sees himself as if he were above rules and laws, therefore not deserving of leniency in his new sentencing hearing scheduled […]

ANP Welcomes The Lead Investigator On Family Secrets Case

Posted on 22. Mar, 2011 by in Announcements


Forward by Joseph Fosco Back when I started this publication over three years ago under the Conrad Black-inspired name of Keys To Faith, I thought that I would be writing about Catholicism on a full-time basis. God works in mysterious ways. ANP now covers a broad spectrum of topics, including current events, history and special […]