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ATTENTION PUBLIC – Cook County Judge Marino Target Of Smear Job?

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It is rumored that a source who serves various agencies (news/law-enforcement) as an informant on matters involving political and police corruption in Cook County, Illinois, is a close confidant of Cook County Judge Lisa Ann Marino.

Who Is Romie Nappi?

Posted on 20. Jun, 2014 by in Articles, Organized Crime

Paul Ricca

Yet another revision of an organizational chart of the Chicago Outfit has been circulating around cyberspace in recent months. I am not sure who the creator of the chart is, however, I can attest that it appears to be strikingly similar to an older Chicago Outfit organizational chart that I saw several years ago that […]

Public Announcement On A Cold Case

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Cook County Democratic Party Committeeman Charles Hernandez

ANP is looking into a cold case on the 1981 homicide death of Billy E. Williams, who was a resident of Cicero, Illinois. Mr. Williams was 31-years of age at the time of his death. Please view the video footage for details. Click here to read an investigation report by Bart & Associates Detective Agency […]

Is Elmwood Park President Saviano Trying To Blackmail A Resident To Thwart His Run Against Crony Silvestri?

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Angelo ‘Skip’ Saviano

On January 6th, 2014, Elmwood Park, Illinois, Village President Skip Saviano behaved like a spoiled brat as he failed miserably in serving the Village of Elmwood Park as a responsible, professional and respectful host of the bi-monthly village board meeting. As the meeting began, Saviano swiftly and conveniently relied on his hired mouthpiece, Village Attorney […]


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The Daley Center

This is a request for information from those familiar with Illinois’ Cook County Judge Catherine Marie Haberkorn (who sits in the Skokie, Illinois, satellite courthouse, known as the Second District) and her daughter, the very young and beautiful Cassie Elizabeth Cirignani Esquire, who works in the Office of the Chief Judge of Cook County, Illinois. […]

Judge Bob Bastone, Is The Chicago Outfit Dead?

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Joseph Aiuppa

With the recent imprisonment of Outfit Boss’ James “Little Jimmy” Marcello, Joey “the Clown” Lombardo and the now late Frank Calabrese Sr. (all thanks to the Family Secrets Case) in mind, Democratic State Central Committeeman Jim DeLeo famously claimed that “there is no Outfit.” Is he truly sincere? When it comes to talking about the […]

Rosen, The AP And Da President

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The evidence keeps piling up. For several years a small but vocal group of Chicagoans have railed against electing a prominent Chicago politician to the presidency. Any politician who can survive, nay flourish, in Cook County should be suspect. Now, in Barack Obama’s second term a bevy of scandals have appeared and the normally complacent […]

Rahm “Walker’s” On

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Rahm “Walker’s” On

The 2011 Wisconsin protests should still be vivid in your memory – they certainly are in mine. In February of that year, tens of thousands of protesters filled downtown Madison, hell-bent on derailing Governor Scott Walker’s attempt to pass the Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill, which made public sector workers pay a bit more – though […]

33% Of Chicago Aldermen Are Convicted Criminals

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Roughly 33% of Chicago Aldermen since 1972 are convicted criminals. But that’s nothing. Since 1983, 100% of the aldermen from the 7th Ward are convicted criminals – and both were convicted within 40 days of each other. The first is Sandi Jackson, wife of former U.S. Representative and hypochondriac Jesse Jackson Jr. She and her […]

Chicago Outfit Alive And Well In Illinois Politics

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Thomas Benigno

The Outfit has been a dominant force in Chicago for nearly 100-years, and, despite a scorched earth campaign waged against them by the federal government over the last several decades, these princes of crime are still alive and well. This is because the Outfit has evolved. The days of well-dressed thugs standing on the corner […]