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ATTENTION PUBLIC – Cook County Judge Marino Target Of Smear Job?

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It is rumored that a source who serves various agencies (news/law-enforcement) as an informant on matters involving political and police corruption in Cook County, Illinois, is a close confidant of Cook County Judge Lisa Ann Marino.

Elmwood Park Illinois’ Egregious Erosion of Public Trust Via Village President Skip Saviano

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Angelo ‘Skip’ Saviano

Elmwood Park might be the most corrupt village in all of Illinois. When a village becomes known as a den of corruption, it is a difficult stain to remove. Even when the perpetrators of the backdoor dealings are low level employees or shady contractors, the damage done to the community’s reputation cannot be easily repaired. […]

Is Elmwood Park President Saviano Trying To Blackmail A Resident To Thwart His Run Against Crony Silvestri?

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Angelo ‘Skip’ Saviano

On January 6th, 2014, Elmwood Park, Illinois, Village President Skip Saviano behaved like a spoiled brat as he failed miserably in serving the Village of Elmwood Park as a responsible, professional and respectful host of the bi-monthly village board meeting. As the meeting began, Saviano swiftly and conveniently relied on his hired mouthpiece, Village Attorney […]

Elmwood Park: ANP Needs Your Help!

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Elmwood Park Chief of Police Frank Fagiano

ANP needs your help – so that we can help you! Recent developments regarding the infamous Elmwood Park Police Sergeant John Wasilenko, who cashed a $20,000.00 check belonging to an elderly Elmwood Park resident suffering from dementia, make it clear that Elmwood Park Chief of Police Frank Fagiano failed to protect his residents. Removing Wasilenko […]

Chicago Outfit In Forest Park?

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On March 20, 2013, a emergency/9-1-1 caller reported to the Forest Park, Illinois, Police Department that reputed Chicago Outfit figure William “Billy” Daddono III and an unknown adult male thug were alleged offenders in an assault-attack complaint at a Forest Park public establishment. If this event had occurred only one day earlier and been successful, I […]

Elmwood Park’s, U.S. Attorney’s Failures Threaten Us All

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Elmwood Park’s, U.S. Attorney’s Failures Threaten Us All

The United States Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Illinois, is supposedly prosecuting a Bartlett, Illinois, man by the name of John Rainone (a.k.a. John Rainone-Daddono), scion of the infamous Daddono family (owners of Century Trade Show Services) once associated with top Chicago gangster Sam Giancana. Rainone, who presently remains on bond in front of U.S. […]

Corruption’s Winning Team: Fagiano, Daddono & Saviano?

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An alleged cover-up of a another botched murder attempt by a longtime violent Outfit associate named John Rainone happens to be a current affair within the Elmwood Park, Illinois, Police Station. According to an eyewitness, last month John Rainone used his automobile as a weapon as he allegedly attempted to murder a 41-year-old Elmhurst man […]

Outfit Capo Lee Magnafichi

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Outfit Capo Lee Magnafichi

Eligio Magnafichi became the proud father to his second son, Lee, on January 10th, 1927. The name Lee is the Americanized version of Eligio. Eligio’s son, Lee, grew up in the Galewood/Montclare area of Chicago near Harlem Avenue and Grand Avenue. Lee was the third child of four children, which included Evelyn (who I know […]

A Perspective On Corruption In Illinois

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In your standard dictionary, the word corruption is listed as such: cor·rup·tion /kəˈrəpSHən/ Noun: 1) the act of corrupting or state of being corrupt. 2) moral perversion; depravity. 3) perversion of integrity. 4) corrupt or dishonest proceedings. 5) bribery. Origin: Mid 13th century; Middle English corrupcio(u)n (< Anglo-French ) < Latin corruptiōn-, stem of corruptiō. […]

Elmwood Park’s Finest – Part II

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By the time you finish reading this article, I might remind you of Clara Peller, the now late Chicago-born actress, whose fame stems from a Wendy’s commercial and her deadpan delivery of the line, “Where’s the beef?!” My concern, however, does not revolve around an obsession with ground chuck. My query is centered on a […]