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Russian Intransigence Continues

Posted on 26. Jun, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


If his goal is to avoid U.S. prosecution and thoroughly annoy his former bosses, Edward Snowden couldn’t have chosen a better place to go than Moscow. Russia, still mired in wet dreams of Soviet-era world power, is always anxious to find a reason to mess with the United States. The Russians must have found a […]

Rosen, The AP And Da President

Posted on 23. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


The evidence keeps piling up. For several years a small but vocal group of Chicagoans have railed against electing a prominent Chicago politician to the presidency. Any politician who can survive, nay flourish, in Cook County should be suspect. Now, in Barack Obama’s second term a bevy of scandals have appeared and the normally complacent […]

A Scam ‘From The Get-Go’

Posted on 06. May, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics


Every now and then persistence pays off. After months and months of denial and misdirection, the Obama administration will finally be exposed as the liars yours truly has always known them to be. Testimony this week will practically assure the administration will be held accountable for botching their response to the attack on the U.S. […]

Miranda Does Not Confer Rights, It Reminds You Of Them

Posted on 21. Apr, 2013 by in Current Events, Politics

My original plan was to write about some civil rights abuses currently going on in the Muslim world. Just the other day in Turkey, Fazil Say became yet another in a long line of artists convicted of the crime of denigrating Islam. His mode of defilement? Twitter! Amongst these tweets was a quote from a […]

Sandy And The Politics of Presidential Leadership

Posted on 01. Nov, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


Along with the devastation caused by Hurricane and Superstorm Sandy, the nation is being availed of the opportunity to see an American president acting presidential. Barack Obama took time off of the campaign trail to play the part of president that he sought with rare perseverance during his 2008 iteration. It is striking, to see […]

Jihadists and Fuhrers and Premieres, Oh My!

Posted on 21. Oct, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events


A New York Times story that the United States and Iran had finally come to an agreement to engage in bilateral talks concerning Iran’s uranium enrichment program has been the talk of the town. Both sides immediately disavowed any knowledge of this clandestine arrangement, of course, and the Times has not given up their source, […]

Biden “Forcibly” Defeats Ryan

Posted on 14. Oct, 2012 by in Analysis, Politics


In one of the most clear-cut, decisive victories I have ever seen in a televised debate, Vice President Joe Biden utterly trounced Paul Ryan. The defeat was total. There wasn’t even a smidgen of doubt. Most importantly, it was exactly what the bewildered Democrats needed. After the confusing (and lie-ridden) Romney obfuscation of the first […]

The Systematic Federal FOIA Failure

Posted on 29. Sep, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events


As if we needed another reason to turn the president out of office, Bloomberg News recently released an internal analysis of the Obama administration’s criminally (both in the figurative and literal sense) deficient adherence to federal law. In the wake of endless federal spending scandals and government investment snafus plaguing these last few years, one […]

Political Contributions by Media Fail Americans

Posted on 26. Sep, 2012 by in Analysis, Politics


With six weeks until the presidential election, Mitt Romney is fighting an uphill battle against two opponents. Barack Obama is the main opponent, whom by all economic and foreign policy circumstances, should be a paper tiger on Election Day. His second opponent, which for the remainder of the race is increasingly asserting itself as his […]

Theo’s Twit Of The Week: Kim Jong-Un

Posted on 13. Apr, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events


This week’s Twit is the world’s youngest head of state – if the economic wasteland that is North Korea can be considered a sovereign political entity! Get ready to be bathed in the dynastic glory of the pocket-sized potentate: Kim Jong-Un As we can see from North Korea’s utter dominance of the known world (and […]