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Railroaded Into Debt

Posted on 22. Jul, 2012 by in Analysis, Current Events


California is nearly 400 billion dollars in debt. The lukewarm sense of hope following the contentious fight to wrap up the yearly state budget is tempered by the knowledge that the agreement requires the public to ok a referendum temporarily raising taxes by 8 billion dollars. Social services, health programs, the education system, the court […]

Check The Balances

Posted on 01. Jul, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


Many of us are still in shock over the bizarre, bewildering and generally backwards ruling that came down from the Supreme Court on Thursday. In a decision that rivals Dred Scott for the scope of its stupidity, National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius will be one of those landmark rulings that future generations of […]

Romney Gets Trumped

Posted on 03. Feb, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


After much hemming and hawing, The Donald has finally (hopefully?) decided not to throw his hat into the 2012 Presidential race and support one of the four remaining Republican candidates. Speculation was swirling around who exactly Trump would endorse for the Republican nomination. Wednesday the rumor mill was flooded with reports that Newt Gingrich would […]

Obama And The Daleys

Posted on 11. Jan, 2012 by in Current Events, Politics


The Obama White House has occasionally been refereed to as the 51st Ward, a fictitious (and evidently far flung) section of the Chicago political map. While this dubious honor probably was not meant to paint the White House as beholden to the political masters of Chicago, it does speak to the mentality and methodology of […]

Attack Of The Quiz

Posted on 02. Mar, 2011 by in Current Events

Attack Of The Quiz

Ah, an afternoon of staring at WordPress plugins and an article a friend sent to me has given birth to this! Enjoy! [mtouchquiz 1]

The Cancerous Tiger

Posted on 18. Jan, 2011 by in Current Events


Chinese President Hu Jintao will be meeting with President Obama on Wednesday. This meeting has been given some seriously sinister overtones in the last few weeks, despite repeated efforts by both sides to ratchet down the rhetoric concerning friction between the world’s last remaining superpower and the new kid on the block. In the United […]

U.S. Backs Down In Chinese Currency Fight

Posted on 16. Oct, 2010 by in Politics

U.S. Backs Down In Chinese Currency Fight

Yet again the Obama administration has pussed out. Just the whiff of international confrontation with China has sent them scurrying back into their hidey holes. One would think that an administration that has vigorously attacked the policies of lending institutions and banks in the United States would have an interest, indeed a duty, to address […]

Chicago Is Rahmboned

Posted on 01. Oct, 2010 by in Politics


Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Machine tyranny of the Daley clan may soon be, at least temporarily, out of the Mayor’s office. After 44 years (over a 53 year span) of someone named Dick Daley running Chicago, the Windy City is now in horrific economic shape, drowning in over 560 million dollars in debt […]

Burn Baby, Burn

Posted on 10. Sep, 2010 by in Current Events


September 11th this year marks the ninth anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center towers. One would think the news would be more centered on a somber reflection on that fateful day that the United States finally recognized that our newest enemy did not wear a uniform or fly a single flag. It […]

Religion And The Presidency

Posted on 30. Aug, 2010 by in History

Religion And The Presidency

Religion is a hot button topic in the United States when it comes to presidents. From George Washington right up to Barack Obama, the president’s religious beliefs have been a source of controversy, conflict and outright lying. A recent Pew Research Poll that showed more and more Americans (now an astounding 18% of them) believe […]