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Democratic Party: "Catholics Get Lost!"

Posted on 20. Oct, 2008 by in Analysis

Historically, the essence of being a Catholic meant following the doctrine, tradition and policies set forth by the Pope. In today’s Catholic World that statement is still true, but all too often someone’s personal interpretation of what they believe doctrine and tradition truly mean takes precedence.

During this general election cycle, an era of economic upheaval and troubling international situations, one very large group of people could miss a very important fact of life due to what appears to be a media that has made itself part of the election instead of being the reporter of political action. Due to this change in the media coverage, a very troubling issue has arisen and I believe has been hidden from the Catholic World in America. The hidden story is the Democratic Party saying to American Catholics, “Get Lost!”

Recent national polling has suggested that Catholics nationwide are split almost evenly between the Democratic Candidate Barack Obama and the Republican Candidate John McCain with a scant 8% undecided. I personally find those numbers astounding and I credit that large Democratic percentage to Catholics not understanding one major issue – that the national Democratic Party in America is totally Anti-Catholic. If the Catholic World in America understood the issue I seriously doubt that national polls would find an almost even split between the Democratic candidate and the Republican Candidate.

During the latest debate and during most interviews on national media outlets, one of the questions asked only of Republicans is, “Do you have a litmus test that you will apply to any candidate that you would nominate to the Supreme Court?” John McCain has danced around this issue, as have most Republican leaders, by saying he would search out for the best candidate, one that followed the doctrine of the Constitution. This is not what the media wants to hear. They want the Republicans to declare that they will only consider Supreme Court nominees that are against Roe vs. Wade. The fact that the media does not hound Democrats with the same question is interesting because I think the media fears that the people might figure out what is really lurking behind the question. The media realizes that when the people hear the truth on this issue, this issue alone could cost the Democratic Party the White House this year.

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