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Chuck Goudie Proves He Is An A** Hole

Posted on 11. Nov, 2008 by in Analysis, Current Events

For weeks, I have communicated with a producer for the ABC I-Team regarding the crimes committed by a current doctor in the community who is endangering many lives, the disgraced Dr. Joseph L. Giacchino, Jr MD. I have contacted Chuck Goudie personally. I have not received any viable responses from the I-Team.

Last week as I was getting ready for bed, I heard Chuck Goudie’s piercing voice come over the television. Goudie was talking about a man of God, probably one of the greatest men who served God, the late and great Archbishop Paul C. Marcinkus. As I started to watch the ABC I-Team report, I thought to myself, “this news is ancient. The bishop is deceased and all of the financial matters have been settled amicable decades ago.” As I viewed the painful clip, I felt as if I were watching a despicable Michael Moore documentary on President Bush, in which Moore implies Bush has aided Bin Laden (it is practically criminal to level such a baseless accusation against a U.S. President).

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  • Mob Watcher

    Joe, that sucks that the i-Team / Goudie never got back to you.

    Also, why didn’t the Kass piece ever materialize after your Tuscany lunch with him? Did he not believe you story?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Mob watcher,

    I would like to clarify that my reference to Goudie as being an a** hole has nothing to do with the fact that he has not interviewed me. I was disgusted by his ignorant actions in sending someone to interrupt an important meeting with the USCCB. His reason for the interruption was silly, in my opinion, digging up ancient news totally irrelevant to the USCCB meeting.

    Furthermore, I never spoke to Chuck Goudie about the Giacchino matter, which is the only matter I ever addressed with the I-Team. However, I did speak to a rather young program director who simply said the Giacchino story did not sound interesting. I laughed when I heard the program directors opinion, while thinking to myself, ‘wait until Giacchino is busted, will see if the story is interesting’. In the meantime, I continue to wait for Giacchino’s arrest – it will come.

    I was told by a source that an individual closely connected to Cerone, who knows Kass pretty well, discretely sabotaged my credibility with him (I know the identity of the culprit; however, I do not wish to share it at this time). In my opinion, Kass has made a foolish decision to ignore the ample amount of evidence that exists in support of my allegations.

    Part of the reason I remain committed to telling my stories on KTF, I want to maintain having my pulpit so I am prepared to elaborate on my stories when the mainstream media is forced to cover them after certain indictments come down.

  • To me the I team is not and has never been interested in a story until it has immediate media or ratings value. I am sure when individuals or topics covered here reach mainstream outlets they may seek your input or they may attempt to malign your work as the mainstream media likes to determine what is newsworthy and how it is presented to Americans.

    This is why this new “undermedia” like KTF is so vital and crucial.

  • Smokey

    Is Chuck Goudie a mob puppet?

  • Smokey

    or more appropiately a mob propagandist?

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