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Jimmy Kaulentis Backed Chicago Outfit

Posted on 16. Jul, 2011 by in Organized Crime

Joseph Andriacchi

Joseph Andriacchi

James (Jimmy) Kaulentis, Chicago Mercantile Exchange guru,  was allegedly very close to the infamous (and now late) Spilotoro brothers, Michael and Tony. Through this connection, Kaulentis met Outfit Capo Joe Lombardo, who is now serving a life sentence because of convictions in the landmark federal criminal case dubbed “Family Secrets.” However, one other Outfit bigwig who “inherited” Jimmy Kaulentis is underboss emeritus Joe “The Builder” Andriacchi. Of course, where there is illicit income for Andriacchi, there is a portion for Outfit boss John DiFronzo.

Primarily through Andriacchi, Kaulentis allegedly funded Outfit bookmaking operations beginning approximately in the late 1990s, by initially giving then Outfit Lieutenant Michael Magnafichi a generous six-figure loan that would not have to be repaid. It is heavily rumored that Kaulentis allegedly financed a number of Andriacchi’s land development projects as well.

John DiFronzo

John DiFronzo

When I learned about Kaulentis’ alleged generosity with gangsters, I wondered how one could be willing to use his or her money in such a wasteful and shameful way. However, after I learned more about Kaulentis I realized the answer. According to reliable sources, Kaulentis allegedly targeted several young traders at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange over about a 10-year period. Allegedly, Kaulentis would make contact with his intended victims through trusted co-conspirators, claiming to be in a position of power, capable of buying off potential witnesses who would otherwise cooperate with federal authorities in bringing charges of insider trading infractions against the intended target. It would be the victim’s money that Kaulentis would allegedly use to pay off the supposed witnesses. There is no telling how much illicit cash Kaulentis could have brought in for the Chicago Outfit via his alleged scheme.

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  • nooneofconsequence

    Alright ive been a lurker from the very beginning, all the old nick gio crap, the mario rainone fiasco with his mentally handicapped kid, when no chin got caught up at mcormick, black angelo and the dons fight, special quests very strange posts.  Hell the first Mags article, but now i had to resort to posting to find out where the hell everyones gone enjoyed this forum very much even the old info.  Reminded me of listening to stories from my childhood my uncles talking.  Now i found the other site which is spurious at best, and probably giachhino himself writing every post.  Im gonna say this anyone who doesnt come with any baggage at all should join the church to get the holy recognition you deserve.  So joe i hope your still a step ahead of em and i hope the silence on here isnt anything permenant

    • Dear No One,
      Thank you for lurking.
      If all that has ever been falsely stated about me from sneaky and secretive people were correct (and its not), I would still fall far from being considered as inappropriate as some people who are empowered by the media and depicted as heroes.
      The silence on the message threads is conspicuous; however, the numbers of viewers are the same. As fun as is it is to engage the commenter’s, it is also less of a responsibility not responding to anyone.
      I will leave you with the knowledge of understanding that I am planning something very interesting.

      • Merlin Tenderpony

        It will be interesting to see what you have planned, Joe.
         I stopped commenting on here because the ANP subscription procedure changed twice, and I canceled my old email associated with it somewhere along the way. (Plus there haven’t been very many new articles.)

        I came across the other “site” yesterday. Whoever is responsible for it appears to have made a Googlebomb out of it. It seems to me that worst thing they think they can do is call you gay, as if being gay is the big, ugly, shameful stigma it was in the 19th century. (I’m not saying your gay, and even if you were it wouldn’t reflect poorly on your character and wouldn’t mean your articles are false.) I will still read the articles on ANP. With regard to the other claims on there, if you were guilty of any kind of financial crimes, you would have been indicted. So, I don’t believe it.

        I also came across the YouTube channel of a angry, hysterical, foul-mouthed local man who rants about ANP in one of his videos. (Apparently, you hit a nerve by discussing people he golfs with.) Do you know this guy, Joe? I was hoping you’d fire back with a YouTube vid. of your own, but then again, I don’t know who any of the folks behind this campaign are.

        • Dear Merlin,
          I apologize for the subscription changes. Be advised that I have no plans to make any new changes to the current version.
          I have no desire to dignify libelous statements against me with a response. Any idiot who could believe that I would be capable of committing crimes and avoid prosecution would be someone not worth knowing.
          As for the YouTube person, I do not know him, but he is apparently close with a number of the allegedly corrupt individuals that I have authored articles on over the years. Again, I do not know him, thank God.
          Someone at ANP wanted me to fire back at the YouTube person; however, I am not interested in doing so. I am not afraid of Mr. Tosto; I am simply not interested in being involved with him. However, I might author one article on an issue relating to Mr. Tosto that I am aware of, which is unrelated to his defamatory rants about me. It is interesting to see that his video on me surpassed the number of viewers that his other pieces acquired by roughly 20-times in some cases.

          • Alouicious Rottenpecker

            Who is Tosto? When can we expect the next project to be published?

          • Greg Tosto appears to be a self-produced video personality via YouTube and facebook. I do not know him.
            Soon, I will have additional pieces published.

          • Alouicious Rottenpecker

            Here’s one I found earlier today. It says more him than you, IMHO.


          • Sorry I could not respond earlier, I was at a Lonely Hearts Club meeting. Yes, that is one of Mr. Tosto’s clips on me. So far, he has another one out there on YouTube.

          • Horsey F.


            Have you ever considered establishing a YouTube channel for ANP? Do you think ANP would benefit from that kind of thing?

          • ANP does have a YouTube channel; however, I have not done any video pieces. We considered doing video feeds a couple of years ago. Perhaps it is something that we will do.

          • Alouicious Rottenpecker

            Joe, what is the link between you and Tosto? 

            Who do you write about here that he is either friends or associates with? 

            (This is just a question. I am just curious.)

          • Dear Alo…,
            Tosto is acquainted with a number of the allegedly corrupt people that I target via ANP (and some that I have yet to target). To name a few: Ray Morelli, Bobby Hitz and the Daddono clan. The only thing that I could see Bobby Hitz having a gripe about (actually an artificial gripe to appease his boss Alex Dana) could be the comment from Magnafichi that I published about Alex and anal toys (it appeared in one of the ‘Behind The Scenes’ pieces with Michael Magnafichi). I am personally aware of Bobby Hitz’s genuine opinion of Alex Dana, which is why I referred to Hitz’s potential gripe as artificial (although, Bobby Hitz is a great actor and will play the role of being upset with me better than the best Hollywood actors could. Here is an example, one night (about 9-years ago), while hobnobbing, Bobby Hitz asked me to go along with a stunt that depicted me as a victim to a physical beating by him in a bathroom at a restaurant. I went along with it, allowing Bobby to follow me into the men’s room, we both made a lot of banging and screaming noise from inside and I later stumbled out, walked to my car, and drove a way. In reality, if Bobby Hits (a professional heavyweight boxer) were to beat me up, I would have left in an ambulance.

          • Merlin Tenderpony

            “Stick to the topic if you’re going to stick to the topic…” LOL.


          • Joe
          • Tosto is trying to tap my viewers, pretending to be giving me his few hundred viewers. He claims he states the truth, but he has called me the boss of the Chicago outfit in one of his videos. You decide.

          • Tosto is trying to tap my viewers, pretending to be giving me his few hundred viewers. He claims he states the truth, but he has called me the boss of the Chicago Outfit in one of his videos. You decide.

      • Horsey F.

        Joe, do you know who is behind the other site and who put this YouTuber up to launching attacks against you?

  • Logic

    Joe–obviously Andriacchi is in construction given his name.  Any insight on specific companies he owns or developments he has built?  Who is Joe’s go-to guy now?

    • Joe A used to build building, mostly residential. I am not sure if he is doing it anymore. He recently fought cancer and lost his wife. Apparently, he spends significant time visiting his daughter on the east coast. When in Chicago, Joe is usually seen with guys that once flocked around Joe Lombardo. John DiFronzo is not among the pertinent individuals.

  • Alouicious Rottenpecker

    This video titled, “I’m a Embarrassment to My Family,” frightened me:

    I wonder if he’s banned from YouTube. It’s been a while since he’s done anything new. He seemed to fight with other users in threads a lot, and I know YouTube bans for that kind of thing.

    • I would think YouTube would have deleted his current videos if he were banned.

  • MTP

     Joe, it’s killing me to watch you take all of this flak sitting down.

    • God, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.

      • Horsey F.

        I hope whatever very interesting thing you’re planning is right around the corner because it looks like they might be planning something over at the other site.

  • TNT FOSCO forever!


    I have decided not to believe TNT Tosto. You are not the boss of the Chicago Outfit, in my opinion.

    Joe, didn’t the old KTF site have over half a million view in 2-years? It would be interesting to see how TNT Tosto’s YouTube channel measures up to yours.

    I think he is getting angry because there has been some dissent in his threads.

    Joe, you should have a YouTube channel called “TNT FOSCO.”

    Take care.

    • We had over 1-million viewers back then and over 3-million have visited the by now. If you look at the number of viewers on Tosto’s YouTube pieces, you will see that I put him on the map (so to speak) and all he is trying to do is build up his viewership from ANP. It does not bother me. I hope it helps him. We could all use help.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      • Lou Rottenpecker


        Never fear the internet tough guys, my friend. 

      • Merlin Tenderpony

        It’s interesting that TNT Tosto has a mere 3 followers on Twitter, meanwhile  you have 270.

        • Well, 270 is nothing to be proud of, but I take your meaning. Thank you.

    • We had over 1-million viewers back then and over 3-million have visited the by now. If you look at the number of viewers on Tosto’s YouTube pieces, you will see that I put him on the map (so to speak) and all he is trying to do is build up his viewership from ANP. It does not bother me. I hope it helps him. We could all use help.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      • TNT FOSCO forever!

        Yes, I suppose it would be possible for TNT Tosto to build a YouTube career on the shoulders of 

  • Merlin Tenderpony

    Joe it’s funny that Tosto has accused you of spewing falsehoods because many of your stories have been picked up by major news outlets. For you to be lying it would require the mainstream media to be in cahoots with you. What an absolute laugh!

    • And, Tosto calls me the boss of the Outfit, which he expects everyone to accept as ‘true’.

      • The Don

        Tosto doesn’t expect anyone who knows anything about the Outfit to believe that you, Joe Fosco, are the Boss of Elmwood Park and the Top Boss of the Outfit. He was simply mocking you and making fun of you because of your articles. I personally thought it was hilarious. Tosto undermined his own credibility by jokingly declaring you the Top Boss of  The Oufit. As far as the other web site, the biggest fault of that sight is to continually make homosexual references about you and call you names. That behavior undermines any serious complaints or allegations they have against you. Some of the repeated commentors on that site sound like mentally deranged teenage bullies in High School.  

        • Dear The Don,
          I would have agreed with you that Tosto had undermined his credibility, but one must have credibility to undermine. I do not see a glimpse of credibility anywhere in his work. I would argue that Tosto is seriously intellectually challenged. It appears to me that he cannot read English, which is likely the reason he does YouTube stuff (based on his poor reading skills, I doubt he can write well). In his speech, he constantly repeats himself as if he almost has to convince himself that he makes sense, he relies on offensive slangs and other vulgarity to make his silly points. Look at the ridiculously inappropriate word that he used to describe an innocent baby, which is mentioned roughly one-minute and 15 seconds into the sad video of him raising his voice at children and forcing them to say things to churn a financial profit (

          • Lou Rottenpecker

            Who knows what he meant by that. Poorly, poorly chosen words. 

          • The Don

            Joe, I think part of Tosto’s appeal, at least to me, is that there is something wrong with him. However, he is too stupid to realize it. Calling you the Top Boss of the Outfit was hilarious because it was so stupid and far fetched that it made me laugh. He sounds like he got dropped on that stupid bald head of his one to many times. He is the complete opposite of a serious person trying to make a point. He sounds like an uneducated ignorant wanna be thug trying to entertain people. The funniest thing is when he looks into the camera and yells. He even mentioned one of my comments on his video. He actually quoted me. Did you see it? I STILL STAND by my comment that he quoted which was that Cancer was a bigger enemy to beat than the Outfit. I still believe that is true. 30 years ago I may not have thought it was true, but it is true right now in 2011. The Outfit has been diminished to the point where there are known informants walking around Chicagoland and the Outfit really can’t do a fucking thing about it. Do you think that would have been true 30 years ago?

          • Dear The Don,
            I saw the video of T quoting you.
            If this were 30-40 years ago, I would not dream of writing Chicago organized crime pieces for ANP (even if I had a hidden office on the moon). However, it is still a dangerous challenge today.

          • Horsey F@rt

            Don, thanks for weighing in on the other thread. I have a follow up, which I’ll post later.

            And good points here. The Outfit’s approach to informants in the 21st century seems to be just to avoid them. Now, I’m not saying anything about Michael Magnafichi, but I know that the Calabreses (father & son) were definitely worried about him. Senior warned his son to stay away from him, and Junior quoted Magnafichi as saying he could never do time, much to the disgust of Senior. 

            Into the 80’s, I suspect the Outfit would have dealt with someone like this very swiftly if they had even the slightest air of suspicion. Nowadays, a person like that can give interviews on a whistle blower’s website and walk around freely, without any concerns.

            After Family Secrets, I’m sure the mob sees the damage one solid informant can do. NC took down a good portion of their solid guys. I’m actually surprised that even though the Outfit is weaker these days, it still doesn’t make an effort to protect itself against informants. They can’t really believe that when they get swept up in Family Secrets II that the “I’m a legitimate businessman defense” is going to work.

      • Joe

        Joe your not the boss I said that in a video. That was a joke. Your too (YOUR COMMENT WAS CENSORED – messages sent by wire, with the intent to harass Joseph Fosco, will not be displayed. I wish to point out that this message came from IP address, which had recently been purported as Greg Tosto. Thank you, American News Post)

  • TNT FOSCO forever!

    In his latest video, TNT Tosto claims that he gets more views per day than ANP gets in one year. Maybe someone should break the news to him that ANP actually has had 3 million visits before he opens his mouth again.

    • Thank you for your kind words. However, 3-million in three years is nothing to be proud of, but it sure is better than Tosto’s numbers. Again, thanks.

      • Joe

        Joe when’s the last time you where (YOUR COMMENT WAS CENSORED – message sent by wire, with the intent to harass Joseph Fosco, will not be displayed. I wish to point out that this message came from IP address, which had recently been purported as Greg Tosto. Thank you, American News Post)

    • Joe

      Joe can’t wait to meet you love tosto

      • Attention Readers:

        The message above appears to be Tosto or someone directed by him to post messages. I have never planed to meet Tosto and currently have no plans to meet him at this time. I do not approve of his interactions with children; therefore, I would never agree to meet someone like him. The messenger above seems to think Tosto has plans to meet with me. In other words, it would look (in my opinion) as if the above message is another intimidation tactic by Tosto. The name ‘Joe’, which is assigned to the message above, is likely an “assumed” name. However, the I.P. address is

        I ponder the reason Tosto would be upset with me. An enemy of mine has likely influenced him against me, in addition, the fact that I publically exposed him as an offender who makes sexual advances toward children (as seen here could be another reason why Tosto is upset.

        Thank you,


        • Horsey F@rt

          I’m not defending this guy but allow me to make a point. 

          Granted, he said what I thought were some awful, hateful things about you on YouTube, and he doesn’t even know you. You did not provoke his attack. I would be enraged if it happened to me.
          I laughed hard at Theo’s article, and thought the guy had it coming. 

          However, I think you may be overreaching a little with the 4-second video clip. My personal interpretation of it was not that he was making an untoward advance against the child. 
          Is it stupid and asking for trouble for a person to use sexual connotation when he or she feels strongly about non-sexual things. –Absolutely. Do I think he is accurately characterized as an offender based on this video? –My personal feeling is no. I am not trying to start an argument. I’m just saying that, as an average non-offending male myself, I hope you are being at least partially facetious.


          • The 4-second video speaks for itself. The viewers will draw their own conclusions. I have talked to a number of people about it and their reactions are mixed. Some think he is a moron for using an inappropriate word while talking to a toddler, (we will not discuss him exploiting the matter on the internet) and others felt that he could be a disturbed person. I am offended by his words, especially the ones directed at the toddler. I have said all that I will say on the matter.

          • Joe

            Joe who made you the expert  on the Chicago Outfit, your a t(YOUR COMMENT WAS CENSORED – message sent by wire, with the intent to harass Joseph Fosco, will not be displayed. I wish to point out that this message came from IP address, which had recently been purported as Greg Tosto. Thank you, American News Post)

        • Joe

          Yeah thats (YOUR COMMENT WAS CENSORED – message sent by wire, with the intent to harass Joseph Fosco, will not be displayed. I wish to point out that this message came from IP address, which had recently been purported as Greg Tosto. Thank you, American News Post)

  • Joe

    Hi jJoe

    • Again, what a cute novelty. My neighbor would like one made of him
      for his grandchildren as a joke. How much do you charge? $10.00?

  • Special Quest Explorer
    Tosto or Dave Tv? Folks which do you preferr? They are both alone!!!!!!! SQE

  • Joe

    who the fu(YOUR COMMENT WAS CENSORED – message sent by wire, with the intent to harass Joseph Fosco, will not be displayed. I wish to point out that this message came from IP address, which had recently been purported as Greg Tosto. Thank you, American News Post)

  • Special Quest Explorer

    Oh, look it’s a weather balloon, no it’s Tosto..!

  • Apparently, Mr. Tosto is referring to this video clip, However, he does not offer a comment about this one,

  • Apparently, Mr. Tosto is referring to this video clip, However, he does not offer a comment about this one,

    • The Don

      Joe,  It’s obvious Tosto is really upset about the 4 second video that he says is his niece and is implying your presentation of it is out of context. However, his comment about the handicapped person is NOT out of context. Tosto started this whole thing when he began verbally attacking you a couple of months ago. Tosto has violated the one most important rule when you want to provoke an arguement or a physical fight. DON’T START SOMETHING YOU CAN’T WIN. Tosto made himself the self appointed Press agent for the Outfit. Unless he’s getting paid by someone, I see no purpose for him starting the fight with you.

      • Dear The Don,
        Thank you for your support. On the matter of whether I took his video with the child out of context, I find it debatable. I never falsely accused ‘people’ of being child molesters or pedophiles. In my opinion Tosto is an offender for using inappropriate language in a conversation with a child. I never specified in detail what he did that caused me to see him as an offender. Perhaps I could have been clearer if I would have graduated from collage (joke).
        In my opinion, Tosto defames me by falsely accusing me of being a slanderer and a liar. I find it marvelous that in the eyes of many decent people, he discredits himself almost every time he opens his foul mouth. I feel that no reasonable person would take him seriously. In my opinion, Tosto’s bizarre video makes him as ineffective as anonymous weirdoes, who discredit themselves by not owning their accusations.

        • The Don

          Yes, that is true. You actually never falsely accused him of any of those terrible things, only with his odd inappropriate language which as I said before, was not terrible but certainly odd. If you’ll also notice, he mentioned me again but didn’t say anything negative specifically about me, only the other two commentors. ( that doesn’t mean he won’t do it in the future)  He knows that I have first hand information about the Outfit that he says doesn’t exist. That’s what really makes me laugh. As Mr. Spock would say, I see no logic with him starting the fight with you unless he’s doing it for attention or because somebody is paying him to do it.  He also slandered you by saying you were the Top Boss of the Outfit. Then, he recanted. However, how could you be the Top Boss of the Outfit if the Outfit doesn’t exist anymore according to Tosto? P.S. He forgot to mention Black Angelo. LOL

  • Apparently, Mr. Tosto is referring to this video clip, However, he does not offer a comment about this one,

  • Apparently, Mr. Tosto is referring to this video clip, However, he does not offer a comment about this one,

  • Dom

    Man, he looks pissed. The part about Horsey Fart made me laugh.

    • Horsey F@rt

      Andy Warhol once said,  “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” That was my 15-minutes of fame, and I enjoyed it. I suppose I can retire the handle “Horsey F@rt” now since I achieved its objective: To get to someone to say it in a dead-serious manner without breaking a smile. 

  • Special Quest Explorer

    To Tosto, I saw that hand jesture, about my long fellow, and at lest I am more well endowed then you..! Here is my message to you! I know that it is the real reason that you are jealous of me. SQE

  • And now a word from Greg Tosto

    • Chitowndago

      “Man Boobs”

  • Joe

    (To: Purportedly Tosto,
    Your comment was censored. Please submit a comment without the use of vulgarity.
    Thank you. American News Post)

  • BoofedAtTheBiltmore

    Dear Mr. Fosco,

    I am unfortunately close to a rape experience. Could you please elaborate on your experience? It would be of tremendous service to your readers. The forum that you’ve created would be perfect for providing such assistance.

  • That is weak Mr. Tosto.

  • Read my civil Rico complaint. Its on the internet. The complaint will serve as the answer you are seeking. Thank you.

  • No, Mr. Tosto, I did not. This is getting very old, sir.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Furthermore, Mr. Tosto,
      My family and I made the decision to deal with the Outfits victimization of us in civil court instead of criminal court. With my grandmother being the principal victim, her cooperation with the U.S. Attorney’s would have had to be enormous. The fact that she was in her late 80s at the time, suffering from hypertension, made us grateful that the initial victimization of her did not kill her. We felt (including her) that we should not cause her further grief by putting her through examinations and cross-examinations while in her condition. The chances of a settlement in civil matters, sparing a trial, are usually much better. Unfortunately, for us, we were time barred because of the duress and the court was not interested in tolling the statute

  • Mr. Tosto, I post what I do for reasons that are well known to my readers. Some call it bullshit, others call it good news.

  • Sorry to disappoint you, but, my ass has never been pounded. I know that you love this topic, however, it only lives in your imagination.

    This article would shed a little light on your interest:

  • Mr. Tosto, I delete comments that have vulgarity in them. Again, sorry to ruin your fantasy, but, no, I was not pissed on in the Elmwood Park Circle. And, no, I am not a drunk. Mr. Tosto, I would appreciate questions that would be more of challenge to answer. Thank you.

  • The Don

    Joe,  With your permission, may I ask Tnttosto some questions?  Tosto, Have you ever filed for Bankruptcy?  Have you ever stolen money from your family? Has anyone ever pissed on you recently? What is your level of Education? At what age did you go bald? Are you an alchohlic? Since you’re obsessed with Homosexual activity, have you had more sexual experience with men over women? Are you being paid by someone to harass Joe Fosco? How many suits, ties & dress shirts do you own?  I will be expecting these answers to be under oath. You cannot plead the 5th. Thank You for your time, Sir.

    • Chitowndago

      Don, That’s good stuff!

    • LOL

      • The Don

        Joe,  I demand that all my questions be answered by Tosto.  I respectfully request that you do not let him on any thread or answer any of his questions until he answers my questions.  Those questions are completely above his level.

  • Teets

    Joe, (LOL) I just watched his new video. In it, he talks about how Walter Payton of the 1985 Championship Chigao Bears mentored the neighborhood kids of Arlington Heights, IL when he was a kid. I betcha the Payton Family is disappointed to notice the fact the tnttosto grew up to be a sewer-mouthed YouTube bully.

    Keep on keepin’ on (LOL)


    • Chitowndago

      He does not like me either. lol! The best part of it is that he knows who I am. Next time I see him out I’m going to tell him.

  • At this late date, I am starting to get some good info on Kaulentis.

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