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Goodbye Johnny DiFronzo, Hello Joe Fosco Show

Posted on 26. May, 2015 by in Current Events, Organized Crime, The Joe Fosco Show

Joseph Fosco and Johnny DiFronzo

In the past my work has mainly dealt with organized crime-related corruption in the Chicagoland area. I’ve long sought to move on to other topics, but it was not until an unexpected and momentous meeting that I was fully convinced that my time exclusively covering the Chicago Outfit should come to an end. Not long […]

Top Tier Of Chicago Outfit’s Recent Shift of Power And Respect

Posted on 20. Jul, 2014 by in Current Events, Organized Crime

Joseph Andriacchi

With the rapidly declining mental and physical health of one of the most respected Outfit bosses that Chicago has seen since the death of Joseph Aiuppa in 1997, Chicago Outfit overlord Johnny “No Nose” DiFronzo has been replaced with Joseph “The Builder” Andriacchi. This is not the first time Joe The Builder has occupied the […]

ANP’s Roundtable: A True Chicago Police Hero

Posted on 31. Jan, 2014 by in History, Organized Crime, Webcast

Michael ‘No Show’ Magnafichi

Today’s show features retired Chicago Police Official Don Herion, who penned two famous books on his crusade on Organized Crime in Chicago back in the day when the Chicago Outfit was at its deadliest stage. His books are titled Pay, Quit, or Die and The Chicago Way. I recently had contact with Michael Magnafichi who […]

RE: Elmwood Park Sgt. Wasilenko

Posted on 29. Dec, 2013 by in Announcements, Current Events

John Wasilenko

In order for my article to make sense to you, please click here to read some background information on the subject before proceeding. Thank you. I am in the process of collecting intelligence on matters regarding Elmwood Park, Illinois, Police Sergeant John Wasilenko and some other police personnel within the infamous Elmwood Park Police Department. […]

Magnafichi, Coconate & Paul Castellano

Posted on 22. Jul, 2013 by in Podcast, Sports

Paul Castellano

Hi everyone! This is Mike Mags with today’s ANP Sports Podcast. Golf and baseball are all we have going on. However, our Behind the Scenes piece is quite revealing today. Be sure to listen to me explain the Chicago Outfit’s position on New York’s now late Mafia Don (John Gotti) and his deplorable act against […]

Judge Bob Bastone, Is The Chicago Outfit Dead?

Posted on 07. Jul, 2013 by in Organized Crime, Politics

Joseph Aiuppa

With the recent imprisonment of Outfit Boss’ James “Little Jimmy” Marcello, Joey “the Clown” Lombardo and the now late Frank Calabrese Sr. (all thanks to the Family Secrets Case) in mind, Democratic State Central Committeeman Jim DeLeo famously claimed that “there is no Outfit.” Is he truly sincere? When it comes to talking about the […]

Outfit Stool Pigeons Want Their Cake And Eat It Too

Posted on 21. Apr, 2013 by in Analysis, Organized Crime


Some Chicagoans appear to be living a charmed life when it comes to federal prosecution. The men I have in mind are all involved in the Chicago Outfit, one of the most powerful and enduring organized crime families in the United States, yet they constantly seem to avoid the full wrath of the U.S. Justice […]

Police Chief Aids Mob Figures?

Posted on 23. Aug, 2012 by in Organized Crime, Politics

Police Chief Aids Mob Figures?

The news has recently been dominated by the name James Prandini, the former police chief of Des Plaines, Illinois, who has a 103k a year pension. He has been sucked into a suit that plumbs the nepotism and insider dealing that came to characterize the police department of that fine town during his time as chief. […]

Outfit Capo Lee Magnafichi

Posted on 18. Nov, 2011 by in History, Organized Crime

Outfit Capo Lee Magnafichi

Eligio Magnafichi became the proud father to his second son, Lee, on January 10th, 1927. The name Lee is the Americanized version of Eligio. Eligio’s son, Lee, grew up in the Galewood/Montclare area of Chicago near Harlem Avenue and Grand Avenue. Lee was the third child of four children, which included Evelyn (who I know […]

Outfit Boss John DiFronzo Is A Double Agent?

Posted on 16. Nov, 2011 by in Current Events, Organized Crime


According to my sources, rumors are swirling in the Cicero-based faction of the Chicago Outfit that the number of the defendants in the landmark Family Secrets case who strongly suspect that Chicago Outfit boss Johnny DiFronzo is a double agent is growing. During the Family Secrets trial federal witness Nick Calabrese testified that John DiFronzo […]