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Rampant In Chicago, Organized Crime Tightens Grip On 51st Ward

Posted on 07. Dec, 2009 by in Organized Crime, Politics

The Duff Family, who were dear friends and close union associates of my late relative Jack ‘Romie’ Nappi, are purported to be extremely close with Mayor Richard M. Daley. For those of you that do not know of the Duffs, they are the bosses of a labor union that represents the men and women of liquor distribution in the Chicago area. By occupying this particular corner of clout in Cook County, it is not hard to believe that the Duffs were familiar to the Daleys as well as the Chicago Outfit. The late Jack Duff was doggedly loyal to Anthony Accardo (aka, Joe B) and would bark on the late Chicago Outfit Boss’ command.

Evidence of Daley’s fondness for the Duff Family can be found in the Mayor’s public remarks about them when the indictment for minority contract fraud against Jimmy Duff came down several years ago. Mayor Daley defended the Duffs’ company by confirming the work they were paid for was done well. To most people this may seem unimportant. On the contrary, Daley usually cuts all ties with scandal-ridden friends when the negative publicity presents itself. Daley stood strong for the Duffs, which makes his actions on this matter quite significant.

The Duffs frequent the Loon Café in River Grove, Illinois, a known hangout for people like current Chicago Outfit Boss John DiFronzo. My pal Michael Magnafichi, son of late Outfit Capo Lee Magnafichi, is very close with the Duff Family and has been for many years, dating back to Michael’s childhood. It was explained to me by a source that Michael’s late father, Lee Magnafichi and John DiFronzo killed a man to eliminate competition in one of the Duffs’ many union elections several years ago.

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  • The Keeper

    Joe, you have to be crazy, the Duff’s and the Chicago Mob will come after you!

  • Yoda

    Interesting article Joe – I agree there is now a criminal organization in the White House – readers may also note that the previously well known for corruption 1st ward has now been renamed rebranded (a favorite Chicago Dem tactic) the 42nd ward. People niavely assume that irish politicians somehow “don’t know” or “don’t work” with the Outfit – also criminal behavior is a universal language – which explains why creepy foreign nationals like Rezko routinely appear on the Chicago political scene. The Tony Spilotro (the brother was bait) decision was inevitable because: how screwed up Vegas had become, screwing Lefty’s wife which had angered Auippa – there is FBI(FOIA)coverage of this, finally his pass for the Giancana murder was up (wasn’t Giancana gravely ill? – Nick Calabrese had info on Sam’s murder but that information was not released) Which may explain the chip on the Ant’s shoulder – he had felt he had cart blanche or a card to play with Auippa, Accardo – Cerone was the front man. People age or year of membership is somehow a factor at leadership level in Chicago Outfit – why the some informants have called it “unorganized” crime.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Mr. or Ms. Keeper,
    I have been exercising safety precautions for a number of years regarding the Chicago Outfit’s threat on my life. As for the Duff Family, Jack Sr is with the angels; Jimmy is tucked away for a while, leaving Jack Jr and Pat as the only two to concentrate on right now. From what I understand, Jack Jr and Pat are rough people. I think it was Pat that beat the hell out of Paulie Fosco (son of the late Angelo Fosco) at Chicago’s Gene & Georgetti’s Steak House a few years ago. I actually had a couple of run-ins with Pat over the years. The first time I ran into Pat Duff was at a restaurant in Schaumberg, Illinois, during lunch hour. A friend of mine that I was with (I will keep his name out of it), pointed him out to me, not telling me his name, suggesting that we play a joke on him. In the process, Pat and I discovered our mutual connection being Jack ‘Romie’ Nappi, which is when I learned of Pat’s identity. The second time we ran into each other was at Jimmy Duff’s going away party (one of several). I was not invited; however, I was at the Grand Avenue restaurant having dinner with some friends the night of Jimmy’s going away party. Because of mutual friends, Pat Duff and I came face to face. Pat appeared to be upset, citing our previous run-in in Schaumberg as a bad experience. Before I had a chance to discuss the matter with him, he left the party. Apparently, he was too mad to discuss things.
    Mr. or Ms. Keeper, if Pat or Jack Jr decides to come after me, I will deal with them legally and appropriately.
    Thanks for your concern.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Yoda,
    I read your opinion on why the Spilotro’s were murdered. I disagree with you. Everyone always says, “Tony Spilotro screwed up Vegas.” Vages is still going strong, if you are referring to the Chicago Outfit’s connection to Vages; Tony Spilotro had nothing to do with it. Aiuppa and Cerone went down because of someone keeping records in Kansas (not Spilotro). I believe the Spilotro’s were killed because Tony refused to listen to reason, on numerous occasions. If the bosses cannot control you, they get rid of you.

  • Yoda

    Joe name another Outfit murder that alledgely involved nearly a dozen murderers – yes the rouse was that the brother was to be “made” explaining why so many people were present – obviously Outfit leaders considered the risk of involving so many top earners in a crime and decided that he had to go now and the brother would be collateral damage. Refusing to “listen to reason” seems like an offense that the “solution” could be less risky less timely termination and without including brother.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Yoda,
    I cannot name what you are asking. I am not an expert on Mob killings. I am simply aware of limited intelligence that I captured over the last number of years.
    Do not start an argument with me over the ‘listen to reason’ theory. I am a reporter, not a Mob boss that enforces rules. If it were up to me, no one would have been murdered.
    On behalf of KTF Media Group, I thank you for your readership.

  • Yoda

    I guess we will find out at Family Secrets II!

  • Lola

    Mr. Fosco, I am very intrigued by this article, in fact, I took it upon myself to locate a link that proves consistency in your statements about the Duff’s and the Daley’s mutual bond.
    Please review the piece at this link: http://welcometodaleyland.blogspot.com/2009/07/wtd-presents-history-lesson-duff-family.html

  • Jack

    Mr. Fosco I have read some of your articles and it is evident that you have a great insight and knowledge into organized crime and political corruption in Chicago.

    And your plight with the Outfit reminds me of a quote from Cornelius Vanderbilt (a shipping and railroad magnate) in a letter to his competitors;

    “Gentlemen: You have undertaken to cheat me. I will not sue you, for the law takes too long. I will ruin you.”

    Articles exposing your enemies for what they are – may not bring you money but will erode the mystique of “Outfit” types and the political corruptocrats of Chicago.

    Best wishes and Merry Christmas Joe.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Jack (could this be Cerone or Duff – not),
    I love the Vanderbilt quote. If you are not being sarcastic, which I believe that you are not, I thank you for the nice email.
    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you.

  • Jack

    Not Cerone or Duff and not my real name but I am sincere.

  • Book Work

    Mr. Fosco,

    I know Jack Cerone is an attorney, but suspecting that either he or Jack Duff has the capacity for that degree of sarcasm is to credit them with far too much intelligence.

    Very best of luck sorting them out. Is your civil case still open?

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Book,
    As far as I can tell, my civil RICO case is open. The court usually informs all parties by email of its orders and other deadlines. So far, I have not received anything from the court indicating the case was dismissed. However, the court set its deadline for December 17, 2009, to grant or deny the motion to dismiss. The defense have done a good job convincing the court last time to dismiss based on time limitations. I am afraid the court will likely see it the same way again. The extortion against me took place from 2002 to 2006. The defense has argued that I had 4-years from the time the extortion began to file my suit. I am trying to argue that I should have 4-years from the time the extortion ended. I have tried relying on the duress that I was under to get more time, however, it appears to me the defense will succeed, again, as the court will most likely not change its mind. I might have a reasonable appellate argument. Furthermore, I intentionally filed a rather insufficient response to the defenses motion to dismiss, kind of caving in to some Chicago Outfit threats that I received about visiting the federal building recently. As a Pros Se litigant, I have to appear in court on certain dates. Unfortunately, I am in a vulnerable position because the Chicago Outfit members have prior knowledge of my court schedule, during the times I have to appear. In other words, part of me might want to lose the case so I have less to worry about as far as my physical safety goes. Now I look at it as though it’s in God’s hands. If God wants me to win and fight for my family, that is what I will do. If I lose, I will most likely walk away from the entire civil RICO matter. All I can say is that I gave it my best fight, with the tools that I had to use. I am lucky to be alive.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Book,
    Are you aware that you and your two supporters have finally convinced me to remove the George/Flens piece? Please do not attempt to persuade me to remove another article; otherwise, I will put the George/Flens piece back up.

  • Book Work

    Yes, I saw that, Mr. Fosco.

    And, as I said before, I have nothing more to say about it. It’s water under the bridge. You did the right thing by removing it, and I think the fact that you did reflects favorably upon you as writer and person.

    I know you have personal feelings and beliefs re: the Archdiocese of Chicago that are different than mine, and that is fine with me, truly. I also understand that you have your reasons, which is your business. It was the article itself and the way it was written that was the issue.

    (In many ways, your overall tone was a letdown, too, because in most of your other posts pertaining to Catholicism, you give the impression of being a kind of an old-school, bare-knuckle “fidei defensor.” Unfortunately, the tone of that article facilitated some juvenile, anti-Catholic commentary, which seemed to undermine the entire project of this publication.)

    But, now that it’s been addressed, it’s non-issue, as far as I’m concerned.

    If you recall, I also wrote of sympathizing with your problems and having an overall appreciation of the KFT M.G. and your C.C.O.C. I was sincere in saying that and hope you get through your current harrowing experience completely intact—emotionally, physically, and financially.

    As for dissuading you from posting other things, I’ll say this: You can write and publish whatever you want, Mr. Fosco. That’s the beauty of the Internet. But, as a person who obviously cares about the merit and perceived value of his online magazine, I trust that you’ll more closely adhere to your own, self-imposed rules with regard to publishing, as explicated in your comments to Sam Chapman back in October.

  • Book Work

    “All I can say is that I gave it my best fight, with the tools that I had to use. I am lucky to be alive.”

    Very well put.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Readers, the message below came in via email; however, I see no reason to hide my response.

    Message body:
    Have been following your site and noticed a post about a Bertuca and am wondering if Gov Quinns assistant Lou Bertuca is a relation to this Tony Bertuca. If so odd how “connected” government in this state is.

    This mail is sent via contact form on KTF Media Group http://www.ktfmediagroup.com/home

    Dear Anonymous:

    I have been aware of Lou’s closeness with Quinn for a long time; in addition, I am aware of Lou’s current political job. Personally, I think Lou is a nice kid. Unbelievably, it is not that connection that has me worried. Lou’s dad, Chicago Police Officer Anthony Bertuca, is exceptionally close to the infamous Duff family – I find this somewhat concerning.

    You may read the following article to learn about the Duff Family:


    I was having dinner with Officer Tony Bertuca the night that Pat Duff and I saw each other at a Grand Avenue restaurant (referenced in the article that I have linked above)

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Anonymous,
    I realize that I failed to answer your question about the relations of the Bertuca’s – I am sorry. Yes, Berwyn’s Bertuca and Lou Bertuca are definitely related – I know this. I believe that Berwyn’s Bertuca and Lou’s father (Chicago Cop) are cousins.

  • Joseph Fosco

    In fact, Chicago Police Officer Tony Bertuca (Lou’s dad) used to play football for the Miami Dolphins and perhaps another NFL team.

  • Elmwoodparkgirl

    I was a long time friend of Ralph.We lost touch in ’93.I was so saddened to hear of his death some years ago.Could you please contact me.

  • Joseph Fosco

    Dear Elmwood,

    If you wish to contact me directly, please email me at jfosco@ktfmediagroup.com. Thanks.

  • From my knowledge, which is not much, the Ant deserved to be clipped, no if, ands, or buts about it. He may have had a guardian angel, but after he became a coked out,drunken spectacle, it was time to cut all ties. He was a cocky lil punk from what I’ve been told, always wanting and willing to prove what he could do, I guess all of those years under Mad Sam gave him delusions of his own??

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Ugotz,
      What amazes me the most about Tony Spilotro is the loyalty that he commanded. Sure, you will find many people that do not like him. However, when I find someone that loves him – they love him! All these years later, there are people that appear to be as loyal to him now as they were 20-something years ago.
      Tony was never truly a boss of Nevada via the Chicago Outfit. He simply took his game out of town and was on his own, with his crew. Because of his previous associations and situations in Chicago, the FBI and many other ill-informed people, believed that Tony was some major boss that the Outfit stationed in Nevada to oversee their operations. NOT TRUE! One of the few people that I know that is aware of what I am saying is Tony’s brother Pat. Ask him, he will tell you the same thing I just said. Therefore, I contend that Aiuppa ordered Tony’s death (with Jack’s support). Because of Tony and the activates of his crew in Nevada, the Chicago Outfit received a great deal of heat – the very heat that eventually ignited the federal case against Aiuppa and Cerone (and Lombardo). Tony was killed for this reason, nothing else. Furthermore, Pat Spilotro contends that Joe Lombardo was somehow in the decision making process on the matter involving his brothers hit. According to Pat, he later learned that Joe Lombardo told (from prison) his brother Rocky to stay away from Tony shortly before he was murdered. Pat insists that that means Joe had prior knowledge of the hit. I beg to differ. In my opinion, I believe Joe warned his brother to stay away from Tony because he did not want people to consider the possibility that Joe was involved with Tony’s crew. I will further state that it is absolutely false that Joe took a role in Tony’s hit! Joe Lombardo would NEVER have taken a role in the Spilotro hit! In fact, when Joe was later released from that prison sentence, he expressed his deep disappointment in the German for taking a role in Tony’s hit. However, Joe knew that the German did not have many options. What is most interesting to me, Pat Spilotro turned in Joe Lombardo solely because he believed that Joe played a role in his brother’s death, which is completely false. Unlike me, Pat put a major Outfit operative in prison, I pray for him.
      P.S. for those of you that might argue that I am trying to prove that Joe Lombardo was not the kind of person that would take a role in a murder plot, please be happy to know that I firmly believe that Joe killed people and/or ordered the deaths of many people over the years – not the death of Tony Spilotro. Therefore, Joe Lombardo is probably feeling extremely betrayed by Pat. Again, I will pray for Pat.

  • Monty


    Further to your point, didn’t you say that it was likely that when the “hit” on Spilotro was approved, it had Lombardo’s name on it, as well, because he had always been one of Tony’s advocates and shared some degree of the responsibilities for his antics. As I recall, you said that had Lombardo not been in prison at the time, he would have been killed, too.

    Lombardo and Spilotro’s parents were friends, and I believe that they were from the same part of Italy.

    • Joseph Fosco

      Dear Monty,
      Thank you. I forgot an important part. Yes. The ‘hit’ would have likely included Lombardo if he were on the street. I heard this from a key source – it is not my imagination talking.

      • The Don

        Joe, I agree with everything you said about Tony Spilotro and Joey Lombardo. Spilotro’s son, Vincent, knows Lombardo had nothing to do with the Spilotro brothers murders. I would like to add that the only involvement Spilotro ever had with the Chicago Outfit in Las Vegas was that he was involved in some murders. That’s it. He was a made guy on his own with some soldiers working under him and would send some tribute money to Lombardo. He was not a Boss of any sort and had nothing to do with running the ‘skim’ from any of the Hotels in Las Vegas. Pure & simple, he was available to commit murder if neccessary. Lombardo didn’t even know what Tony was doing half the time. Vincent Spilotro is at odds over a few things with his Uncle Pat. Pat Spilotro should blaim Auippa & Cerone, The Boss & Underboss of the entire Outfit, for ordering Tony to be knocked down.

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